Variations of the Normal Blind Spot... (and normal blind spot dimensions)

“Results are recorded and tabulated according to area and position. The areas varied from 6.8 sq. cm. to 17.5 sq. cm., the average being 11.4 sq. cm. at 33 cm. from the eye, using a one degree test object. The average size was found to increase somewhat with age.”

Therefore, average blind spot in normal retinas at 33 cm field of vision occupies a circle or oval of about 2.6x2.6 cm to 4.2x4.2 cm and averaging at 3.4x3.4 cm (when compared to squares).

Wikipedia says the size of blind spot is 7.5 degrees of height and 5.5 of width.


33 * pi / 180 * 7.5 = 4.3 cm
33 * pi / 180 * 5.5 = 3.1 cm

4.3 * 3.1 = 13.3 cm2

According to Wikipedia, normal blind spot has dimensions of 13.3 cm2 at 33 cm.
That means it has an oval appearance of 4.3x3.1 cm when compared to rectangle.
You can manage to get this yellow-orange AJO logo to fully disappear when viewing it with this page scaled 110% by one eye from 33 cm, tried from 96 DPI screen.

Octopus’ retinas don’t have blind spot!

I thought my blind spot was enlarged.
But it seems to be even better than average.
An other notability is objects have distorted shape when looking through blind spot, and sometimes have a yellow or black tint.