🎥 Video Announcement: Astigmatism Reduction Strategies

Behind the scenes here, ole VonderJakenHausen working on updates to the astigmatism specific guides in current limbo of forever-testing (as well as low myopia).

Also been in a bit of a video-phobic space lately, time to dig out of that and update the catalog of endmyopia-supporter pro topic videos.

This latest one, a bit of a summary / primer on how to deal with cylinder reductions.

If you have any kind of course type access, this video is included in the pro topic playlist. Just head over to the Pro Topic Vimeo playlist, enter your member password, see the video.

No need to spend money though. Of course as always, all our most darling freeloaders ( :wink: ) are also supported by the many topics in the astigmatism section of endmyopia: https://endmyopia.org/category/astigmatism/

Courses: https://courses.endmyopia.org/mentored-courses/


For me the qualifiers and the wink don’t do enough to counter the connotations of freeloader. Why can’t we just be called DIYers?
Wading through the website and the forum is not exactly free of labour. :wink:

Generosity can be paid forward as well as back. But if you have a system whereby I can make a one-time donation instead of having to sign up for a course that I don’t need or want, or merchandise that I don’t want cluttering my house, I would be happy to do so. Maybe you do, so if I have missed something, let me know.

Edit: I did miss something - I can do so via the wiki. So this cheapskate has just bought you one measly cup of coffee. Don’t worry, more will be on the way - this was just a trial cup.


Maybe there should be some rewording here, at least I had to search a lot on Vimeo until I realized where to find these :slight_smile: I did the screenshots because maybe your interface as owner looks differently.

If I open the Vimeo site, I see the following options:
There is no playlist option there, and I thought the closest to that is “Channels”, so I opened that:
There are Pro topic videos, but there is no way to input passwords there and all of them are accessible without even logging in to Vimeo. And the video mentioned here is not there.

After some trial I realized that these are in the “Showcases” section:
Which really can only be accessed by input a password.

So maybe the only things needs to be changed is to rename “playlist” to “showcase” (which is a weird naming from Vimeo I think).

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guys, can you guys share the new video link? I have searched for it in vimeo but I haven’t found it either

Looks like that’s all fixed now. Had the privacy settings incorrect, so now there just isn’t a public endmyopia Vimeo channel. Also maybe you only had access to pro topics due to previous login, I think.

Thanks for checking on that!

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As mentioned in the original post, available to anyone who has course access. Otherwise not available publicly. If you have bought the pro topic videos course or BackTo20/20 and can’t find the password (it’s in your e-mail confirmation also), just send me a quick PM with your user name. :wink:

Now I cannot acces the site at all :slight_smile:

Should work from the direct link in the support page stickie. If not PM me.


Hi Jake,

You mention in the video there’s a study you’ll link…but Vimeo doesn’t seem to have the same kind of interface as the YouTubes. Any chance you have the link handy? I think it’s about the visual cortex using astigmatism for fast focus?



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@jakey - like the music industry switched to selling single MP3s - e.g. you don’t want to buy the whole album you can download 1 track for 1 euro - I’d do the same in your case in case people want to just watch one pro-topic video :slight_smile: may be hard to solve technically though, without a full generic payment system/shop system… cos sometimes people just want to pay to watch that one video

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Very true. I was actually thinking about this, the “per video cost” is just over one dollar at this point, and the number will keep going down as I add more.

The commerce part of endmyopia is not particularly well developed at this point.

I’m working on the low myopia course, and some presbyopia stuff along with some things for vision beyond 20/20. Slow going as always. A lot of that stuff as I look at it would lend itself to being somewhat modular. But here too, carts and horses, and time available.

Possible the smartphone app will solve some of the buying things bits. I think as time passes things will be much more “app centric” than Web pages and content strewn around various platforms.