Video: doubts v. confidence

Here’s a video that I posted on my recent “point of no return thread.” I’m discussing my experiences of doubts about progress at times v. confidence and what made the difference: Sound quality has an issue or two, but I think it’s okay overall.


Perfect. Thanks Matt. I’m at least a year behind you. Probably more, and I really appreciate your talk. Parts of your experience resonate with my own.

I’m working with -1 right now. Again. I went down to -1 from -1.25 last fall but went back up to -1.25 a month or so later due to moving to a new house followed by an early and cold fall/winter. I just couldn’t get enough stimulus with the cold, dark weather and couldn’t get enough time to try anyway.

So I stayed at -1.25 till about 6 weeks ago. My vision had been pretty good most of the summer. But I don’t seem to improve past a certain point unless I have a fair amount of blur. I seem to need to work hard at active focus to make progress. :grinning:

At the beginning of September, I was dismayed to realize I was running out of good weather here in Minnesota in a big hurry. And I didn’t want to spend a second winter with those -1.25’s. So I switched to -1 and hoped I wasn’t rushing things again. I went for a 1 1/2 hour walk most days of the week just to try to get on top of things before the weather got cold and dark.

So today was sunny. First sunny day in at least a week. I went out for my walk. No glasses on the way out. With glasses on the way back. And when I put those things on, I had so much clarity, I was so surprised. I’m hoping that is a really good sign.

I really don’t like to wear glasses. Even though I have to struggle to focus without them. Especially in the nearly continuously cloudy weather we have been having the last couple of weeks. I just really don’t like the way the world looks through them. But I know Jake warns about blur adaptation. I appreciate that warning. And all the other things he says.

And I also appreciate your comments, too about being patient and being confident about my chosen diopters. I love how you talked about spending about a year at each of the last couple of reductions. That reassured me that my experience was legitimate. And that I wasn’t just being careless or lazy.

I always have my glasses with me too. That way I can put them on when I get fed up with the active focus struggle. But you know, I’m really enjoying the challenge. And now I’m also ok with keeping the ole -1’s for a year if necessary to help me continue on my journey.

One downside. They sure get dropped and scratched a lot more now than they did when they were always on my face. Good thing they cost less than $20 a pair at this point. Because I’ve had to replace them once already. The wind blew them off my head while I was walking and they bounced across the road. Chipped one of the lenses. Oh well. Maybe I won’t have to worry about it in a couple of years.

Thanks for the help. And keep on working toward clearer vision. Just like we all are.


Sounds like you’ve got a good approach!

I wish I knew a faster approach. I’d be delighted to have even a stable 20/40 in lower light right now. It fluctuates, but I’m in the mood to push / challenge myself. Sometimes, the acuity is great. When it’s not, I use the glasses for support. I’ve just found more and more recently that the intervals where I"m using the glasses have become very short.

Re" dropping the glasses: yeah, I’ve done that more than I’d care to admit! I’ve viewed that as continual motivation to keep striving until the time when I just set them aside for good. Bit by bit…


Yep. I agree about the fluctuating vision. I see much clearer on sunny days, obviously. Funny, though. I’m not doing as badly as I might expect on cloudy days. That’s why I’m excited to think I’m improving.

I used to really second guess myself a lot. I’d worry I was reducing too fast. But after 4-5 years of good vision habits and active focus, I’ve removed about 3 diopters of myopia. So I think I’m sort of relaxing.

I love that you said you had spent at least a year on each reduction from -1.25 and down. I needed an entire year at -1.25 before I felt I could reduce, too. I’m totally happy with that now that I know that was your experience and don’t feel like a lazy slacker! :grinning:

Like you, I don’t wear my glasses except when I feel I need decent clarity. So even though I haven’t gotten back to 20/20 yet, I still get to spend large parts of each day glasses-free. And that is so wonderful.

Keep up the good work, Matt. Everyone appreciates what you do!


Agree on all fronts!

When we talk about people who say you can’t get all the way out of glasses, I wonder if part of the problem is that it takes so long that very few people know someone in “real life” who’s gotten all the way back to emmetropia.

I appreciate your comments because if I were doing this alone, without EM to keep me focused on the finish line, I probably would have quit by now.

Because of EM, I know that there are people who have fully reversesed their myopia. I like putting myself out there because it keep me motivated to keep going and I know need that others need encouragement, too.

We have to hope that as there are more examples of people who have reached emmetropia, it will be psychologically easier for new people to start the journey.


Excellent point. And so true.

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Great, video! Like @Slsatrom, I find it reassuring to hear that others spend a long amount of time (a year) at a given correction. I’ve was wearing -0.50 from june-sept, then went back up to -0.75 and have been there since. The lack of significant progress can make you think that it’s never going to improve at all. But to hear of others that stay at a given correction for a year and still end up improving is reassuring and motivating :slight_smile: