🎥 Video Magnificent-ifying Help? Make Jake Wear A Beard & Read A Script!

@Sharada (who incidentally was a most fantastic guest on our Shortsighted Podcast), made a great script - for a bit of a video introduction on endmyopia. Exactly the sort of thing currently very much missing, and might be quite useful for brief introductions to endmyopia for various goals. Podcast hosts come to mind, for example.

The script mostly is made up various bits of existing videos. And looks quite promising. And Sharada put quite a bit of time into finding all the pieces. :grimacing:

This has been on my list t- o pull it all together and make the video. The list which is stretching well into February at the moment. Febru-april. :sob:


Wondering quietly here then if any of our favorite darling participants here might be up for a bit of a colab with Sharada on a video making project? I know … it’s bordering on asking for favors (or bordering on definitely having asked for favors). And of course everyone is likely busy enough making their own things, like @gemilymez and @NottNott and @Lloydmom and extended creative universe.

Still. If you read this and you feel like cutting some things together, and also getting producer powers that might empower you to force me to go buy a fake beard and record various additional bits … well then, this could be your momentary calling!

The possibilities, near endless. (as will be your producing powers over a wee feeble minded pretend guru)


I am game to help. Unsure of what is needed precisely though. My free editing software is pretty limited, fulltime moms don’t get all the shiny toys lol but certainly willing to collaborate.


Also super happy to help. :slight_smile:
What is required?
Has @Sharada found the clips and noted what videos they are in and at what times? Or has she got downloaded files?
Would we need to get files from her,
Or would we need to download @jakey’s videos and snip bits from them?
And then stitching them together, yeah?
With a potential beard filter? Haha.


Let me know if you want some bad foreign accent voice instead of yours :rofl:


I’ll let @Sharada hopefully chime in. Yes, all clips and time stamps are part of her proposed script. :slight_smile:

I’ll even order a real, proper, (fake) beard!


Hello! Trying to figure out how to use the reply feature …

Has @Sharada found the clips and noted what videos they are in and at what times? … Yes
Or has she got downloaded files? … No
Would we need to get files from her,
Or would we need to download @jakey’s videos and snip bits from them?
And then stitching them together, yeah? …download Jake’s videos and snip and stitch them together
With a potential beard filter? … No, no, no, noooo … Jake has graciously agreed to star a la Bearded- Bespectacled One for the video

If the synopsis and script could be emailed would it be better, Jake?

(Figuring out myopia and related stuff seemed like a cakewalk compared to understanding the buttons on this site. Please excuse this lemeow virgin :pray:. My visual cortex has yet to adapt to this stimulus)


I haven’t done any video production work in a long time and my own video-making abilities are still in the infant stages (I’m still trying to figure out what I need in terms of hardware & software), but I may be open to helping out if I knew more about what is being asked of us.

That said, I’m between jobs right now and I have some spare time when I’m not chasing my 5-year-old around or helping her stay focused on her online classes or head down in research for my academic interests. So I could be open to doing a little volunteer work here and there.


My skills are in still photography, nothing video. But if you can use them for something useful, I would be more than happy to help.


It seems you have willing hands, now they need direction :smiley:


True! This community is awesome! :smiley: :pray:

This is the list of shots to be snipped and shipped to Jake:

Joonas Reversing Myopia: -2.00 To -0.50 | Shortsighted Podcast | Jake Steiner - YouTube 4:22 – 4:31 (I asked the doctor why … why now? And where it’s coming from? And she said: it’s genetic … there’s nothing you can do about it!)
Al-Irfan: -4.25 To -2.25 | Shortsighted Podcast | Jake Steiner - YouTube 24:08 – 24:13 (how can the eyes grow longer or shorter? Is it a balloon?)
Rui’s Glasses Headaches GONE! -9.75 To -6.00 Diopter Progress | Shortsighted Podcast | Jake Steiner - YouTube 0:08 – 0:12 (there was very little hope and I didn’t really know … umm … what to do?)
Ade: -6.25 To -4.00 | Shortsighted Podcast | Jake Steiner - YouTube 11:43 – 11:49 (why am I coming back to get a stronger prescription? That’s not what I want … I want better eyes!)

Why You Need Glasses: A Lesson In Biology | Endmyopia | Jake Steiner - YouTube 1:38 – 1:43

Start Here: Improve Your Eyesight | Endmyopia® | Jake Steiner - YouTube 0:06 – 0:20 [My name is Jake Steiner …]
How to start RIGHT (RANT) - Quickies with NottNott (endmyopia) - YouTube 0:03 – 0:04 (*drag out/ slow down the ‘expression reaction’ to 2-3 seconds?) (*retail optometry/ public/ myopes? to be written below Andrew’s expression?) (*sound of crickets/ insects chirping to be inserted at Andrew’s deadpan, blank expression?)
Start Here: Improve Your Eyesight | Endmyopia® | Jake Steiner - YouTube 3:17 – 3:20 [pseudomyopia]
How to start RIGHT (RANT) - Quickies with NottNott (endmyopia) - YouTube 0:13 – 0:16 (Andrew squinting)
Start Here: Improve Your Eyesight | Endmyopia® | Jake Steiner - YouTube 6:47 – 6:51 [glasses cause progressive myopia]
glasses marathon - YouTube 0:01 – 0:07 (*maintain same speed) 0:08 – 0:18 (*in fast forward) (Andrew changing lens frames) OR 0:38 – 0:51 (Andrew wearing an eye patch) (*choose any 1)
Start Here: Improve Your Eyesight | Endmyopia® | Jake Steiner - YouTube 5:18 – 5:25 [NITM]
How to start RIGHT (RANT) - Quickies with NottNott (endmyopia) - YouTube 0:05 – 0:06 (*drag out/ slow down the ‘scream’ to 2-3 seconds)

ENDMYOPIA STUDENTS HAVE A MESSAGE FOR JAKE STEINER | What do his students really think of him? - YouTube
Reannon 0:01 – 0:09 (Jake, this one’s for you! We know that you are often under fire for your efforts with Endmyopia and we want you to know how much we appreciate you and what you do!)
Gemily 1:26 – 1:30 (I just wanna say thank you … for all this progress that I’ve made in reversing my myopia)
Natalie 4:27 – 4:31 (You have done something for us that no one else has!)
Sean S 6:53 – 6:56 (Thank you Jake for teaching us how to fix our eyesight!)
Khalid 2:23 – 2:26 (… Jake Steiner … Man, you are the true Eye Guru!)

Podcast clips
Heal Your Eyesight with Jake Steiner / Awesome Health Podcast - YouTube (Wade Lightheart)
2:01 – 2:07 (Wade, that was the single greatest introduction I’ve ever heard! … Thank you! We got something right!)
3:31 – 4:02 (Jake, can you tell us how did you discover this incredible thing that most eye ophthalmologists said is not possible, can’t happen, won’t happen … but you figured this out. What makes you different from all these millions of experts around the world? … Well, I’m no great expert! I want to tell the story; I wish I could tell the story of how I went to India and I found the mystical guru on top of a mountain but the actual story is …)
Your Eyes Aren’t Broken & You Can Fix Them: Ending Myopia Naturally W/ Jake Steiner #314 - YouTube (Luke Storey)
2:59 – 3:12 (… single guy with a, (if you are watching this you can already see the already questionable face … imagine this with tiny beady eyes on top of it so … it was just … you’re laughing but I’m serious … it’s just not … not any good …)
5:49 – 6:10 (I would ask optometrists what caused this and a common answer was it’s genetic and I’m like how is it … how is it that we didn’t need glasses 50 years ago or 100 years ago … I mean nobody was wearing glasses so were people stumbling around, running into rocks at the time? How can a genetic thing just have happened so very recently?)
40:56 – 41:07 (My issue is just now it’s 5-year olds, right! … the 5-year-old is not making a choice and nobody’s telling the parents that this is not a babysitter. The smartphone is not a babysitter!)
Ep32 Myopia and Eye Problems How to Resolve via Resolution of Root Causes - YouTube (Ivor Cummins)
50:13 – 50:32 (… But then the current system that is so simple and straightforward in comparison is created by 1000s of people, on their feedback and their ideas and now that we’re more internet focused just the last few years having this community come together and contribute these things is amazing to me!)
Jake Steiner - Get Over Yourself Podcast: Rethinking The Entire Premise Of Prescription Glasses! - YouTube (Brad Kearns)
39:51 – 40:05 (… Yeah! You get the strain awareness back! … The strain awareness?!! That’s the greatest sound bite. I love that! You gotta, you gotta trademark that man! How’s your strain awareness? I have no awareness of any strain. My glasses are awesome! … That’s terrible … What are you talking about? … I love it! I love it!
30:19 – 30:33 (The main thing I want is if you’re a parent with kids or you’re a young person or you’re just … you’re into sports right or you just … your lifestyle doesn’t fit wearing glasses that there is a place that you can find answers)
Episode 67: Jake Steiner - YouTube (Dr Shawn Baker)
1:05:17 – 1:05:27 (Anything else you want us to know about? No, I think that’s, that’s really the main thing is like if you don’t wanna buy glasses you’re not broken, your eyes aren’t broken. That’s really the main thing!)
Heal Your Eyesight with Jake Steiner / Awesome Health Podcast - YouTube (Wade Lightheart)
46:17 – 46:20 (Ladies and gentlemen! Jake Steiner! The man who has a plan …)

In retrospect, me now thinkith that @jakey should stitch up the whole thing… so that the final outcome remains a (relative?!) surprise.


I’m thinking it doesn’t need to be a surprise to the few of us here willing to help make it work. :joy: Being able to see the whole picture / story might be useful.

In part also being a bit extra hands off since I often feel that I’m too close to things. I lose a bit of perspective compared to how others may be looking at information and context.

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So, to clarify, you just need people to grab those videos, clip out a few seconds of video, and send along the snipped video files to Jake?

If that is all, I shouldn’t have any issues with doing a few of those. I’m already set up to do that since I do transcoding and editing to convert our family DVD/BluRay library to digital (Plex) format for my daughter.

How should we go about doing this to avoid overlap/duplication? Is there a target video resolution, bitrate, or encoding format we should be aiming for?

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**The synopsis/ story in brief:

We open to a black screen - “Helpless” voices sharing their woes - concerns about their eyes. As if in answer, the Universe gives a sign through rumbling clouds - a miracle is on the way!

Minding his own business, somewhere south of the Himalayas on a secluded beach, meditating away is the Bearded/ Bespectacled SomeOne. The rays of the rising Sun pierce through his intense concentration. Glasses fly off his face and a ray of light falls on his retina. All has been revealed to him and He is now The Bearded Guru!

The Bearded One takes the world by storm, with his answers to myopia reversal … well sort of! Andrew personifies the general attitude of the world to the presence of His Awesomeness, the Bearded Guru!

All is not lost as a few learn at the Haloed One’s feet and express their gratitude. The All-Seeing Guru is also a hit on podcasts.

As the undisputed Eye Guru, the Bearded One leaves his calling card so that other potential podcasters can find him, in this sea of humanity…

Basic outline above… @jakey will need to ‘shoot’ for a few more shots (if approved by majority). Do I copy paste the script in its entirety here?

Agreed! Me too! All suggestions/ changes/ tweaks/ deletions/ additions welcome

Divide up the chunks after the story gets feedback, maybe? I will rework the story in that case.

So are you picturing an animated style video with the audio clips from other videos?

Or snippets from the video stitched together?

Or snippets of the video stitched together, introduced by extra moments of animation or voice over to tell your compelling Eye Guru story?

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  • No animation required I feel (my viewpoint). @jakey may actually don a beard/ specs and shoot a few additional scenes in a guruesque way…

Original thought was of snippets of Endmyopia students (voice + video) and all things associated with Endmyopia (wiki/community mentions etc) to be stitched together.

I like your idea of voiceovers!..that way the transition shots can have a lovely accent reading out the words on the screen. @halmadavid had volunteered :slight_smile:

The video would be like a feeler/ invitation sent out to podcasters with whom collaborations can be had.


We still on this one?

What do we need next? I’m here for any Jake bits! :slight_smile:

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Well, the way I see it:
Step 1: Videos need to be divided up between those who have the ability/software to help
Step 2: People need to download their allocated videos from the interwebs using some beastly youtube video downloader.
Step 3: Trim the videos to just get the clip required - this will require some sort of software - preferably one you can export from without leaving a watermark.
Step 4: All trimmed clips need to be uploaded to a central place (I have a nice big dropbox space we could use - that’s how Reannon and I collected the clips for the Thank You Jake video :wink: )
Step 5: [OPTIONAL] Someone compile the clips in order and make dummy slides for where Jake’s clips will go.
Step 6: [OPTIONAL] Jake is sent the work in progress to get a good picture of what he needs to film and how it will fit in.
Step 7: Jake films his parts and adds them for the central file location.
Step 8: All clips compiled (video editing software required)
Step 9: Any decorations added - like title screen, back ground music, etc.
Step 10: Final file sent (dropboxed?) to Jake so he can add to to the official EM channel.

Any suggestions for changing this process?
If not, then we are up to the bit where we work out who is able to assist with the clip collecting and trimming.

So who:

  • is confident downloading youtube videos (or confident they can work it out)?

  • has video editing software to trim the videos down to just the sections we want (watermark-free would be preferable, but not absolutely necessary - could just be cropped out in the final edit, as long as the frame has space that can be cropped)?

  • Has the time to do this?

Once we know how many of us are able to work on this, we can divvy up the video load.

Obvs, I am in.


I download YT videos all the time. That isn’t a challenge. You can install a free browser extension to do it or use an open-source file downloader like youtube-dl (this is a shell app for Linux and MacOS, don’t know if they have a port for Windows).

Clipping out a section of video based on timestamps should be fairly simple. People can easily do that with Handbrake, which is a free open-source video transcoder (Linux, MacOS, and Windows).

However, putting them all back together could be more of a challenge. I don’t know any free software that can easily do that. It sounds like one of the folks who regularly posts videos should have that kind of software… particularly if you want fancy wipes or decorations added.

I can set aside some time to help out. At least, when it comes to downloading and splitting up videos based on timestamps. I could do a handful of those in an afternoon easy enough. Depends on the target quality and transcoding time. I can’t really do much with the rest. I have iMovie, which I’m sure can do some of the editing and splicing, but I have never used it.


I reckon iMovie can do a fair bit. But I do have Filmora, so I have the software too, and use it a lot, obviously, so I am happy to do that unless someone else is excited to have a go.

Good point about Handbrake!

We’ll see if we get a few more offers on the downloading trimming, and then we can work out how to divide it up. :slight_smile: