🎥 Video Magnificent-ifying Help? Make Jake Wear A Beard & Read A Script!

If I need to chip in some video editing software money, happy to do so!


I can only get these pulls with watermarks at this point, ran off all my trials and my usual software has serious limitations… unfortunately never got to play with Filmora it was incompatible with my system for some reason (probably cuz it’s massively outmoded :joy:). Hadn’t even tried to use handbrake for anything other than compressing files, I’ll have to check into that :thinking: Either way still intending to help, just got crazy busy here for the past week or so…


Same. Most of today will be a ride over the mountains (easier said than done with 8 horespower and two people plus gear). And tomorrow some flights and things that’ll eat up some of the next week.

Still happy to contribute whatever is needed.


@jakey Well your busy is adventure filled excitement… mine is just the busy kind lol… at least post many pics so I can do the vicarious thing


Okay, so @Merlin93 and @Reannon, looks like it is us 3 then, plus @jakey, but he will have his own special work for this project.

Might I suggest we divvy up pulling and trimming clips like so:

How does this look, folks?
I have grouped together clips from the same videos (as in @Sharada’s post, they were listed in sequence of the final vision, rather than by original video).
Please name the files starting with the number that I have associated with the clip - this will allow us to file them in sequence still. (for single digits, please remember to start with 0 - e.g. ‘04’, not ‘4’. I reckon you would have probably worked that out anyway, @Merlin93 ).Besides starting with the number, feel free to name files however makes sense to you. I only need to know the number.
@Sharada also included a number of editing instructions - like slowing down, speeding up, sound effects - I have not included them here, as they are not relevant to this step in the process.
Does this sound okay, team? Let me know if you have a different idea, otherwise… Allons-y!

I’ll send you a PM with the drop box link where you can put trimmed files. :wink:

EDIT: Finished mine. Took about 30 minutes all up. If anyone finds the process too long, feel free to delegate some of yours to me. :slight_smile:


Finished mine as well. Took maybe 15 minutes, so I can do more if needs be.


I just found this. Is there a finished product? Is there more to be done or is it abandoned?

I have Corel VideoStudio to create clips or compile clips or combine voiceover with video track. My editing has been mainly practical rather than artful, but I can take direction or provide clips for another post-production editor.

Please let me know if this project needs more life.

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I think it’s been … hibernating. :grimacing:

It’s not finished. I haven’t followed up and I was probably meant to, and my video to-do list is stuck on the latest animation I have to still get out there.

Of course would love your contribution!

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Merlin finished. (10 clips)
Gemily finished. (9 clips)
Reannon did not report back on this thread. (10 clips)
I assume the finished videos were uploaded to Gemily’s Dropbox to be delivered to Jake.

@Reannon did you finish some or all of the clips Gemily listed above for you (20-29)? I can pick up where you left off or start at the top, downloading videos and saving the clips.

I can upload them to Gemily’s Dropbox folder or send directly to Jake if that’s what you prefer.

I had thought someone had picked up my set since I had been mid process on the bot at the time…

Did you talk about it with someone specific? If not, I’ll take it from the top.

I just looked back through the PM Merlin picked up my bit confirmed Feb 4

Ah, well, how can I help then? The video clips are ready. Jake, if it would help, I can put them together in a video file with titles as place holders. That might help you to get inspired for the next step or let us know what else would help you.

Is there a script for transitions/intros to segments? Is David doing a voiceover with a script? If that is already done, I can put that in too.

Not sure. @Sharada this one was your brain child if memory serves,

Yes. @Reannon I’m unable to add @shaerah to the group chat.

Only @jakey 's shoot remains then, I guess.

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She should be able to see all this, no?

That would be helpful.

Do you have access to all the clips to stitch them together?


List of scenes/ shots/ inserts:

  • = note to self
  1. We open to a blank black screen – we only hear voices (of EM students) TOTAL 24 secs (*can drop 1 to shorten the overall video length in edit)
    Joonas Reversing Myopia: -2.00 To -0.50 | Shortsighted Podcast | Jake Steiner - YouTube 4:22 – 4:31 (I asked the doctor why … why now? And where it’s coming from? And she said: it’s genetic … there’s nothing you can do about it!)
    Al-Irfan: -4.25 To -2.25 | Shortsighted Podcast | Jake Steiner - YouTube 24:08 – 24:13 (how can the eyes grow longer or shorter? Is it a balloon?)
    Rui’s Glasses Headaches GONE! -9.75 To -6.00 Diopter Progress | Shortsighted Podcast | Jake Steiner - YouTube 0:08 – 0:12 (there was very little hope and I didn’t really know … umm … what to do?)
    Ade: -6.25 To -4.00 | Shortsighted Podcast | Jake Steiner - YouTube 11:43 – 11:49 (why am I coming back to get a stronger prescription? That’s not what I want … I want better eyes!)

  2. Insert video and sound clip of clouds rumbling
    (*only rumbling/ sound of thunder to be heard … no lightning to be seen in the scene)

  3. On screen, we find “somewhere way south of the Himalayas, on a beach…” written. Camera pans to the Bearded Guru (with a long flowing fake beard/ long hair/ geeky glasses) sitting in lotus pose. His eyes are closed in meditation.

  4. Shot of early morning sun rising just above the horizon, on the sea
    (*some anticipatory music clip to be inserted)

  5. Shot of Bearded Guru opening his eyes, squinting against the Sun, then glasses flying off his face, his eyes widening, as if a realization is dawning

  6. Insert clip of ray of light falling exactly on the retina Why You Need Glasses: A Lesson In Biology | Endmyopia | Jake Steiner - YouTube 1:38 – 1:43
    (*Aha music sound clip, instead of the original sound clip)

  7. On blank black screen “the elusive Guru appears in public/ the Bearded Guru speaks/ the Bearded Guru has a message/ the Bearded Guru’s YouTube debut/ winning over myopes everywhere, well…” is flashed on the screen (choose any 1 or something similar to be written)

  8. Quick cuts

  • Start Here: Improve Your Eyesight | Endmyopia® | Jake Steiner - YouTube 0:06 – 0:20 [My name is Jake Steiner …]
  • How to start RIGHT (RANT) - Quickies with NottNott (endmyopia) - YouTube 0:03 – 0:04 (*drag out/ slow down the ‘expression reaction’ to 2-3 seconds?) (*retail optometry/ public/ myopes? to be written below Andrew’s expression?) (*sound of crickets/ insects chirping to be inserted at Andrew’s deadpan, blank expression?)
  • Start Here: Improve Your Eyesight | Endmyopia® | Jake Steiner - YouTube 3:17 – 3:20 [pseudomyopia]
  • How to start RIGHT (RANT) - Quickies with NottNott (endmyopia) - YouTube 0:13 – 0:16 (Andrew squinting)
  • Start Here: Improve Your Eyesight | Endmyopia® | Jake Steiner - YouTube 6:47 – 6:51 [glasses cause progressive myopia]
  • glasses marathon - YouTube 0:01 – 0:07 (*maintain same speed) 0:08 – 0:18 (*in fast forward) (Andrew changing lens frames) OR 0:38 – 0:51 (Andrew wearing an eye patch) (*choose any 1)
  • Start Here: Improve Your Eyesight | Endmyopia® | Jake Steiner - YouTube 5:18 – 5:25 [NITM]
  • How to start RIGHT (RANT) - Quickies with NottNott (endmyopia) - YouTube 0:05 – 0:06 (*drag out/ slow down the ‘scream’ to 2-3 seconds)
  1. Normal Jake (not the Bearded Guru :wink:, or should it be the Bearded Guru?): Well, some did watch the video (*insert “pls bro” clips here – like the one in Andrew’s rant video) … some did their research and … (*shrug one shoulder maybe? Gesture with hands?) [*dialogue can be edited … not more than 1 spoken sentence]

  2. ‘Thank you, Jake’ clips from Endmyopia students TOTAL 22 secs (*can drop 1-2 to shorten the overall video length in edit)
    ENDMYOPIA STUDENTS HAVE A MESSAGE FOR JAKE STEINER | What do his students really think of him? - YouTube
    Reannon 0:01 – 0:09 (Jake, this one’s for you! We know that you are often under fire for your efforts with Endmyopia and we want you to know how much we appreciate you and what you do!)
    Gemily 1:26 – 1:30 (I just wanna say thank you … for all this progress that I’ve made in reversing my myopia)
    Natalie 4:27 – 4:31 (You have done something for us that no one else has!)
    Sean S 6:53 – 6:56 (Thank you Jake for teaching us how to fix our eyesight!)
    Khalid 2:23 – 2:26 (… Jake Steiner … Man, you are the true Eye Guru!)

  3. Jake: As Endmyopia grew, more people heard about us and you got to see this face on [*again, dialogue can be edited but no more than 1 spoken sentence] … CUT TO

  4. Podcast clips
    Heal Your Eyesight with Jake Steiner / Awesome Health Podcast - YouTube (Wade Lightheart)
    2:01 – 2:07 (Wade, that was the single greatest introduction I’ve ever heard! … Thank you! We got something right!)
    3:31 – 4:02 (Jake, can you tell us how did you discover this incredible thing that most eye ophthalmologists said is not possible, can’t happen, won’t happen … but you figured this out. What makes you different from all these millions of experts around the world? … Well, I’m no great expert! I want to tell the story; I wish I could tell the story of how I went to India and I found the mystical guru on top of a mountain but the actual story is …)
    Your Eyes Aren’t Broken & You Can Fix Them: Ending Myopia Naturally W/ Jake Steiner #314 - YouTube (Luke Storey)
    2:59 – 3:12 (… single guy with a, (if you are watching this you can already see the already questionable face … imagine this with tiny beady eyes on top of it so … it was just … you’re laughing but I’m serious … it’s just not … not any good …)
    5:49 – 6:10 (I would ask optometrists what caused this and a common answer was it’s genetic and I’m like how is it … how is it that we didn’t need glasses 50 years ago or 100 years ago … I mean nobody was wearing glasses so were people stumbling around, running into rocks at the time? How can a genetic thing just have happened so very recently?)
    40:56 – 41:07 (My issue is just now it’s 5-year olds, right! … the 5-year-old is not making a choice and nobody’s telling the parents that this is not a babysitter. The smartphone is not a babysitter!)
    Ep32 Myopia and Eye Problems How to Resolve via Resolution of Root Causes - YouTube (Ivor Cummins)
    50:13 – 50:32 (… But then the current system that is so simple and straightforward in comparison is created by 1000s of people, on their feedback and their ideas and now that we’re more internet focused just the last few years having this community come together and contribute these things is amazing to me!)
    Jake Steiner - Get Over Yourself Podcast: Rethinking The Entire Premise Of Prescription Glasses! - YouTube (Brad Kearns)
    39:51 – 40:05 (… Yeah! You get the strain awareness back! … The strain awareness?!! That’s the greatest sound bite. I love that! You gotta, you gotta trademark that man! How’s your strain awareness? I have no awareness of any strain. My glasses are awesome! … That’s terrible … What are you talking about? … I love it! I love it!
    30:19 – 30:33 (The main thing I want is if you’re a parent with kids or you’re a young person or you’re just … you’re into sports right or you just … your lifestyle doesn’t fit wearing glasses that there is a place that you can find answers)
    Episode 67: Jake Steiner - YouTube (Dr Shawn Baker)
    1:05:17 – 1:05:27 (Anything else you want us to know about? No, I think that’s, that’s really the main thing is like if you don’t wanna buy glasses you’re not broken, your eyes aren’t broken. That’s really the main thing!)
    Heal Your Eyesight with Jake Steiner / Awesome Health Podcast - YouTube (Wade Lightheart)
    46:17 – 46:20 (Ladies and gentlemen! Jake Steiner! The man who has a plan …)

  5. Jake’s message for potential podcast collaborators:
    Diabetes can be reversed! Sugar is the new villain! Keto and Carnivore are the buzz words on the internet! But myopia? What does that even mean? Do you know of anyone who has gotten rid of their glasses? And no, I’m not talking about dangerous elective surgery which cuts a permanent lens in your cornea and potentially damages it forever. I’m talking of a natural, science-backed system, based on hundreds of peer-reviewed clinical studies which you may not even be aware exists. Want to know more? Contact us at (add links here) (*or something to that effect)

  6. Closing: Endmyopia meow meow meow! With just the usual endmyopia.org flashing on the screen.


No I do not. If @gemilymez could share the folder with me I could download them. Else Jake has a folder of them? I could put together as much as possible so Jake has a clearer vision (if he needs it) and a feel for how much is yet to be done.