Video Series to introduce endmyopia

I didn’t post these on the facebook group or here, but I made a series that I posted on my own Facebook page to share / introduce endmyopia to friends and family. Since my glasses use has fallen off dramatically, and a few people have asked me about it, I know people are wondering why I’m not wearing my glasses as much. Not sure what to do with these beyond post them here, but if the moderators or Jake want to repost or use in any way, feel free.

Here are the topics:

  1. Matt, why aren’t you wearing your glasses?

  2. How I started improving my eyesight

  3. How to measure your eyesight

  4. How to choose glasses for close work

  5. Active Focus with Differential Glasses

  6. Reducing your Distance Glasses for the First Time


Awesome! Love videos. :slight_smile:


Thanks. I think that most people won’t jump on this bandwagon for awhile, but at least they’ve heard it and may come back to it later.

Perhaps if the beard fills out more fully my powers of persusasion will multiply…


I think the way you speak in your videos is very clear and informative. Thank you for sharing your experiences! It gives me hope!


I appreciate the feedback!


@MattE - I just finished watching your series here - it’s excellent. The structure was great, and you covered every topic in a logical way. It was so valuable to hear about your own experiences. Thank you for taking the time to make these videos. Good luck with the last stretch!


Thank you! Good luck to you in your journey as well. It’s a lot if fun, and each step brings new freedom.

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Really liked watching these thanks for doing them!

Thanks for the videos and especially the one quoted. Although you didn’t state it explicitly but it was implied; that the size of the text doesn’t matter. It’s not the text it’s about the blur.

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Just finished watching the video series, thanks Matt for the boost of motivation. As I am still trying to discover AF for the first time…


Glad it helped, thanks for commenting!