🎥 Video Topics You'd Like To See Covered?

Trying to spend a bit more time on short eyeball topics videos for any topics in need of discussion.

Lugging around camera gear here on a three-country trip (also lots of interesting city bits and nature), and … you might have noticed that there’s really not much new video content on our Tubes. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEhYxefHylpSgoiXDWcBrlA/videos

(that was clearly excessive and not a carry-on smart purchase)

Oops. :thinking:

So. Really need to make use of all those kgs that are getting dragged around on all these trains and planes and busses. If you have any particular topics you’d like covered in video format, please do let me know!


High myopia and risk of change in eye geometry (by EM or else) for people with retinal issues and how to correctly handle this.

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This one sounds more like a giant disclaimer waiting to happen, in that I can in no way predict or comment on outlier scenarios and possible medical conditions. Realistically haven’t encountered any theme of issues with reducing high myopia but then again this is a bit of a frontier type of self-experiment. We rely on slowly accumulating data and self reporting for more insights.

Also various questions there. Like what would be worse odds - keeping the high myopia, or adapting better habits? And should we just tell people to not mess with high myopia, in case of risks?

I don’t know. :thinking:

No better habits are definitely a way forward. But in that there is a need to tell people with high myopia (or people with previous retinal issues or people with retinal issues in their family) to get proper checkups done to get present condition of the eye checked. Also there is a need to encourage constant checkups in those who are doing EM with retinal issues. There is also a possibility to mention reasons for floaters/flashes happening after doing better eye habits (there seems to be a common theme here although reasons are varied for various people) so that people ensure proper checkups with optho and not freak out.

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There is a high possibility that better eye habits and AF have no relation with such symptoms. There is also a possibility that better eye habits actually help with these symptoms. I would like to believe the above two to be true. But there is a distinct possibility that such symptoms can be worsened before they get better by following EM. For this eventuality disclaimer needs to be there to place the responsibility back on the high myop to get the needed checkups done.

I agree, issues with the retina/ retinal tear and detachment questions come up often in the forum; perhaps addressing these concerns and telling people to get checked, since seeing floaters in the eyes and other things can be worrysome. Although, it does seem like people do go to the optometrist every now and then to confirm their “prescription”
I would say more videos on choosing the right lens is important and not messing with diopters, until you have a good grasp from the blogs. For some high myope, adding extra lenses or messing with the wrong diopters can give uncomfortable effects in the eyes, giving the perception that something is wrong. There might be though, but in this case going to see a specialist is advisable
I experimented with a friend’s lower glasses to get a baseline of what lens I need for differentials given my closeup distance and after using them, I would see a lot of floaters, and get eye pain. Messing with diopters arent a joke, given astigmatism and all.
I’d like to see videos on habits especially when times get tough or when work seems to pile on, then habits tend to slip away.
Questions on astigmatism also comes up fairly a lot on the forum as well

While I am not in High myopia my brother is. He is around -10.25. I am trying to get him to read the blog and watch videos because I Know EM can help him. He is still skeptical though but agrees that he doesnt like how the optometrists is always increasing his Rx when he feels he doesnt need it. He is very intelligent so I’m hoping he will see the science in EM because he also has 4 kids that are the cutest (proud uncle here), but the older ones are getting glasses and it kills me to see them reading with their glasses on.
I think an interesting topic would be how to introduce endmyopia topics with those you love and care about.


I’m thinking a topic might be more test lens kit stuff. That one from the other day was gold.

Also, we got fall and winter coming up. How do we work in breaks when the weather is bad? How do we keep from occupying ourselves with close up activities and run the risk of more axial elongation (and no, moving to Vietnam to kite surf isn’t going to work for 99.9% of us).

That’s all I can think of off the top of my head.


Good ones. Test lens kits, definitely a fair bit to be said. Wish I had one with me!

And yes, winters. For a while I thought “what’s the big deal, quit crying” … then moved to Budapest one fall and that winter definitely put things in perspective. ROUGH. Got a few things there that could maybe be useful.




Maybe a case-study style video where you follow someone’s journey and talk about the reductions along the way and the process of decision making of what the next reduction should be.


Good one. Similar to my thought of doing one-on-one video chats with participants who made significant improvements. Talking through it, vs. just a paragraph of gains reports on Facebook. :wink:


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