Violeta's Updates From -4

It’s been a bit over six months of my endmyopia journey now. I’ve had two video updates on YouTube so far ( and in the last one I’ve mentioned the eye check-up that I would have today, so I thought I would share the results.
When I started at the end of April this year I had OD -4 Cyl -1.25, OS -3.5 Cyl -1, and today I did the eye test with my current normalized of OD -3 Cyl -0.75, OS -2.5 Cyl -0.75 and received the acuity results of 20/32 right and 20/25 left :smiley: This means I’m officially around OD -3.5 and OS -2.75, but my centimeter measurements are around 32cm for the right eye and between 37 and 40cm in the left. It feels amazing to have the official confirmation though and it seems I’ll be making a new reduction/equalization this weekend. It’s been a while since I started, but it still feels amazing taking my eyesight in my own hands.


Congrats! :wink: Did you lower your sph and cyl at the same time?

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Thanks! Yeah, I equalized the cylinder for my first pair of normalized and differentials to -1 and then did a simultaneous reduction of -0.25 with the reduction in spherical. Worked alright since the first glasses that I tried for a month before getting real normalized had only -0.5 cyl and it didn’t bother me at all, but now I’m going more slowly with it. I’m planning to do an equalization by 0.25 in the spherical and then for a regular reduction drop cylinders at the same time by 0.25 again :slight_smile:


I’ve been wearing my first equalized differentials and normalized for about a week now. In the first couple of days the differentials felt really weird and I got a headache, but distance vision was alright from the start. Now I got used to the equalization (it’s been by only 0.25 in the right eye) and it feels I’m on the right track again.

On the weather note, it’s been alright so far, but as the winter time is approaching, I’m getting slightly anxious about the potential gains stagnation or even loss, hearing from others’ experiences. In August when I was on a ten-day seaside vacation, spending every day almost entirely without any close-up, it was the first time when I reached the 40s in cm measurements. Now I’m usually under that, but I’m also not getting as much distance vision during the 30 minutes walks twice a day, one of which is usually when it’s gotten dark already. However, I’m really curious to see how the winter will turn out.


Enjoyed watching your videos! Looking forward to more as you keep making progress!


It’s almost been two and a half months since my equalization by -0.25. Yesterday I measured 43cm distance to blur in my left and 35cm in my right eye and it’s not even summer :slight_smile: Both eyes together reached 46cm and on the 3m chart I could read 25/20 line. The fact that in the past month I haven’t had as much computer work, I would say at least 60% less than usual, most likely contributed to these great gains. I’ll be keeping track of my cm measurements more closely, to make sure they are not fluctuating a lot and then probably switch to regularly reduced differentials of -1.25 OS, Cyl -0.75 and -1.5 OD Cyl -0.75. It was so amazing to read the line below 20/20 with these normalized (OS -2.5 Cyl -0.75, OD -2.75 Cyl -0.75) and even more so that my non-dominant eye is catching up even though it will probably take some time for these measurements to stabilize.


I’ve measured 40cm in both eyes in the weekend, maybe due to AF in the non-dominant eye while measuring, but my dominant eye was getting almost no stimulus after equalization for the past three months, so I thought it would be a good time to make a binocular reduction in the differentials today and see how it goes.


It’s been a week with my new differentials after the first equalization by 0.25 and it doesn’t feel so great. It’s like my non-dominant eye didn’t stably catch up and now it’s just another reduction for it in addition, whereas the dominant eye could still be reduced by 0.25 to notice a difference. I’m now thinking of going back to my previous differentials for another month until I’m completely sure that the weaker eye has improved. I will mostly likely be going to an ophthalmologist tomorrow to get some benchmark for the current diopter gap. This is the first time in almost a year of my endmyopia efforts that I’m feeling a bit stuck, but I hope going back to previous differentials will be helpful. In addition, I must also take into account that my outdoor time is much under 2 hours a day of active focus, so I expect to be back on track in spring if not earlier.

Do you see roughly the same in both eyes using your differentials and normalised? For me, I’ve realised this is crucial in my differentials otherwise the better-seeing eye just does all the work


That’s a good point and exactly the reason I would go back to my previous differentials, the better-seeing eye is almost completely clear whereas the other one needs around 10 seconds for active focus to kick in. However, I don’t see a way around this while trying to equalize, otherwise the diopter gap would only become higher.

You think so? This is not immediately logical to me… If you provide the same blur challenge to both eyes (with different lenses) would they not both improve roughly the same (keeping the diopter difference the same)? Sure the RATIO would change as the same difference at a lower diopter is a higher ratio but the DIFFERENCE in D would not change

I mean, when trying to equalize, you’re supposed to only reduce the non-dominant eye’s diopter by 0.25 and leave the other one the same. So the blur in the non-dominant is automatically greater than for the dominant eye. So now if I’d just reduce the dominant eye’s diopter as well, I would not be any closer to equalization (having same diopters for both eyes), right?

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OK if equalisation is the main goal - but Jake says do that at the end. I meant for the normal reduction case…

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Yes, I guess I thought it wouldn’t be too hard, since it’s just 0.5 difference, but I will consider postponing it for a later stage. Thank you for your input!

Not sure how long you have been at the reductions, but although I did not use differentials much my reductions take about 3 weeks of very up and down results. When I began to equalize I thought that 3 week phase was over. That is until I reduced in both eyes again and I realized my right eye had been pulling all the weight.
Perhaps you will need to use the new differentials for a couple weeks to know if that is working for you.


Equalizing sucks, no doubt.

Stick with it. It’s easier to change both norm and diff. And be prepared for lots of discomfort. Use a lot of patching and obscuring the better eye.

Try to take extra time for AF through the day. Stop, close eyes, and open them trying to see with both. It will make you tear up, but it definitely sends the system a strong message. Two weeks is about how long I have the strong discomfort, probably less.

There’s no way out I’ve found, only through.

It does make you feel better to order “emergency glasses,” but they arrive after the crisis. It’s best to skip that step.



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I’ve been back to my previous differentials, the first ones towards the equalization, for a month now, so almost four and a half months in total. For the last month and a half I’ve been patching daily for at least 15 minutes and saw 2 cm gains in the non-dominant eye, now my measurements are between 34 and 35.5cm, so I’ve decided to give the next differentials’ reduction another go. I think I’ll introduce them slowly, for some portions of my close-up at the time for a week before I switch to them completely, but it feels good to continue the reductions supported by the cm measurements and get back on track :slight_smile:


Today is my one year endmyopia anniversary :partying_face: In the weekend I have been able to read 20/20 outdoors with my left eye and with the right one 20/25, so I plan to finally make a reduction in normalized to OS -2.25 and OD -2.5 after half a year and hopefully soon there will also be a new video update from me.


Happy anniversary!!! That’s excellent! :star_struck: :partying_face: :clap: :tada: :fireworks:


Here’s my one year progress update video :slight_smile: