Vision 2020. thank you Dr.Jake!

hi everyone, my name is surya. i have started to follow the method described in just as a trail from May 2019, (since i have already decided for vision correction surgery by then) with an eye sight of -5.5 spherical, -1.00 cylindrical on right eye and -4.5 spherical,-0.75 cylindrical on left eye. i applaud my decision of not going for surgery because my eyesight right now is around -2.5 spherical left eye, -3.0 spherical on right eye (no cylindrical eye sight though) from a recent checkup at eye specialist(though i am currently using -2 on both eyes).

according to the estimated calculation, my eyesight for 20/20 vision should take 4 years, but i am glad that my improvement is lot better in year 2020 itself, which is just 8 months from the day i started (may be fake myopia is way high in my case, proper diet and suppliments or some underlying eye capability).
i just want to say thank you wholeheartedly to Dr.Jake Steiner who has almost brought my natural eyes back.
i didn’t do any magical things, or eye exercises or nothing. just followed Dr.Jake’s idea of using less prescription glasses and active focus now and then.


Super results there Surya. Well done. May it continue!

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