Vision Improvement Anxiety

Posted this, inspired from a recent anxiety post question in BackTo20/20.

Specific to your vision improvement journey here, even though it applies to lots of other things in life. Any emotional story you’re creating about something that is simply happening and unfolding, is the story, you. are. creating. :wink:

(if you’ve done Landmark, probably a familiar theme)


Thanks for posting this Jake, as I do live with quite bad anxiety so new things like EM do cause quite a shock to my system. I’ve been managing OK so far but it’s good to know I’m not the only one who might be feeling anxious about improving my vision, buying new glasses, active focus etc.


I’ve been nervous/anxious about starting to work on the method, since I currently have to drive long distances every couple of weeks. The simple explanation you make in the video, Jake, about dealing with close vision and continuing to wear glasses for distance has calmed a lot of my anxiety. I will try to make my limited math-deficient way through to step-by-step and let you know how it goes.

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Glad it’s useful. I felt a bit concerned making it, I guess I’m always a bit worried about straying from science based ideas when it comes to discussing myopia.

Anytime we get into topics that aren’t definitely quantifiable I worry about getting into unicorn farming territory. Really the main distinction between endmyopia and most other stuff out there is that you can verify most everything we discuss independently, and on your own with non-subjective data. Which to me is super important as the foundation of the method.

Separately I’ve got tons of ideas that don’t fall into above category, but mostly I shut up about those. Maybe we need two personas, the guru and … ze German, yaaaa? :nerd_face: vs :man_with_turban:t2:‍♂️


Aren’t we Germans normally the boring scientific ones? :wink:


Learning about differentials and edge of blur reduced my anxiety in a BIG JUMP just like it reduced the ciliary spasm. I did already mention several times that before knowing Endmyopia, I knew glasses were ruining my vision somehow. And I used to think I could only prevent it from getting worse, but that there was no way to get better unless I played Archery or something… Well at least I was still somewhat optimistic… but no way did I have the funds to play archery anytime soon plus I didn’t want to do something I didn’t really want to do just to improve my vision… Endmyopia provides so much information that you can literally tailor it to different kinds of lifestyles… there’s still a common denominator of course, which is being more mindful where you use your eyes, and being mindful is one great way to relieve anxiety!!!

Also the Holy Beard-Guru Meowness humor relieves anxiety.

Also, you’re right in the video. Just keep going with your learning curve and read/watch the new resources, re-read/re-watch the old ones. The more you know, the less anxiety because you expect things to happen a certain way already. (Such as expecting that the autorefractor is still probably going to be higher even if you reduced normalized, and then not feeling bad when that happens—something that helped me when I saw this month that autorefractor still measured my eyes at -5.00 though I wear -4.00, but I was still happy because last year it was -5.50!!)


Anxiety is scientific I think, it’s just that dealing with it is individual, so it’s hard to pinpoint. I’ve had mild anxiety for many years, and am currently getting fully adjusted by a corrective chiropractor and it’s sending my sympathetic nervous system into overdrive. I have to be careful with my vision as changes can make me feel worse. Hopefully things will settle down when the chiro has finished the treatment.

Oh I need this video! Thanks Jake. I do feel some anxiety before starting this programme. Will this work?? But after reading lots of testimony, I decided to take a leap of faith. :ok_hand:

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Change can easily produce anxiety. Our subconscious likes to maintain the status quo. After all, whatever we’ve been doing so far has been keeping us alive - so why change? :slight_smile: (some 70’s NLP ideas for you, there)


Yes definitely had this, mainly because it’s my child and as a parent you feel responsible and more protective for your child. I have had nerves,. Crying a lot, worrying, you name it since we found out about her one eye. I am better as I am becoming more aware and educated on here about things.

I really liked this video thank you!