Vision Quality: Refractive Lenses VS Natural 20/20 vision

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Higher diopters make the world appear smaller, apparently they affect your ability to see colours, etc. I’m curious as to how people’s vision did/did not improve as they went down the diopters, and anything they noticed. How do contact lenses affect the quality of vision compared to glasses as well? Just want to get excited about what to expect, it’ll be nice to look forward to more immediate rewards than simply the -2, -1, 20/20 milestones :slight_smile:


As I have gone basically uncorrected for 30 years, I can only tell you what aspects of vision deteriorate with increasing strength of refractive lenses - size, distortion, colour, proprioception, and peripheral vision. No wonder I always took off my glasses the moment I stepped out of my car. With the improvement in my right eye, I no longer wear glasses to drive.
A small problem I have with contributing to these discussions is this: are you talking to my left eye, or to my right eye? They live in different visual worlds. :face_with_monocle:


I have a very strong prescription lens. My world is very small, I have to use large fonts on the computer and I don’t really enjoy reading books any more. I just got contacts for the first time in 25 years. I’m still adjusting to them, but it’s making a huge difference. Because the lens is so much closer to my eye, it’s almost 3D less in power, and because the contact follows the pupil as it wanders around I don’t have variations in power when my gaze drifts away from focal center of the lens.

Contours are tricky, seeing straight lines is mostly a matter of brain processing, not actual sight. The retina is curved after all. Changes in prescription can affect the way you interpret curves and straight lines. I blame my lack of hand-eye coordination on the frequent lens changes I had during development, my brain would just get the hang of spatial relationships and then the inputs would change… Going back down my brain also has to re-process those spatial relationships. Right now in the contact lenses all flat surfaces look dished out to me.

I’m getting dizzy when switching from the contacts back to the lenses. I’m not sure if that’s the change in prescription or the fact that they’re lenses and have all the distortion effects outside the optical centers that strong lenses do.


So, I’m probably not the best case to answer the question, but having gone from a spherical equivalent of -4.75/-4.25 down to -2.25 (and dropping, yessss), I have noticed a lot.

Even when things are “blurry,” they have a clarity they did not. It was not too many months ago I was looking about without lenses and wondering why everything looked so awful, now I am on the cusp of seeing very well.

I noticed over the last few years with a high use of blue blocking tint in my reading glasses that when I wore the clear lenses, green tints seemed much more obvious and distinct. I haven’t had blue tint since I started with EM and Zenni last summer/fall, but I still experience the vibrancy of the colors. I do note that when I look at the full moon, and some outdoor lamps, that the Zenni lenses have a green reflection artifact. Just the tiniest bit. (I’m currently in -1.75 sphere, -1.00 cylinder, bilaterally).

It’s easier for me to pick up on perspective orientation now.

I mentioned in a previous post that night vision seems to be improving. I often end my days by standing at the window or on my balcony and looking out; I believe I’m seeing into the dark spaces much more clearly, and I can see the graduations as light falls on objects further from its source much better. That was one thing I noticed when I was at my peak worst vision: when I was a kid with perfect vision, I could see light from oncoming vehicles before the vehicle was in sight. I lost that ability completely at my peak worst vision; it seems to be coming back.

Our apartment complexes are designed with a rock garden in the center courtyard of each building. I can see two of these across the parking lot from my balcony. A few weeks ago, I noticed that I can now tell, without glasses, the difference between the concrete paving and the gravel/stones, although they are almost the same color.

It’s always a shock when you realize you can see something now that you couldn’t see before under whatever conditions–no glasses, diffs, or even norms. I noticed the subway tile in my kitchen a few months ago. I can now pretty much read the clock on my Sirius home radio now without glasses, when it’s off (the font is much smaller when it’s on).

More to come.

Best of luck! Keep up those good habits.



at this point I’m not noticing any major differences comparing between my old -5.5 contact lenses vs -2.25 normalized glasses but this is probably a contacts vs glasses thing. I use the contact lens image as reference as to maximum or near maximum possible outdoor daytime acuity.

Those are the magical times when one is thoroughly convinced that it is working. Toffee, my cat, has an impressive set of whiskers and I can now count them from a distance where they were a vague blur before.

I am in the -2 -1.5 range so I get to look back and forth through my old view and new view. Left eye is still behind and although I am working on closing the gap it is closer to where my right eye began. And although there is better clarity overall the experience of my vision has been very vivid color and I dont attribute it to the lenses.
There have been days that i just couldn’t get clarity in color. It was as if i rubbed oil over my eyes and they became clouded. I could still see the same distances for the most part but the color was dark muted and murky. Like going back to VHS from DVD. For those who remember or had VHS. My theory is that this change is the eye getting lazy again or possibly dietary but i think stress affects the strain in the eye more than anything.
I cant see a change in size of anything but color is very much improved. Still haven’t been able to get the moon to clear up very well as @kem has but if it is out when the sun is coming up I can see blue on light blue.

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I get the moon with active focus…and less, but some multiple copies due to the astigmatism.

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I need to add: this one is specific to computer use.

If I go to around the EOB with correction I get a mild amount of double vision for quite some range. Within the EOB I get this sharpness around the edges of text. I don’t get either of those when on without correction. uncorrected the screen is a gentler clear when I’m within the diopter bubble and eob really is edge of blur and not beginning of double vision.

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