Vision with differentials not as good as expected

Continuing the discussion from a post I made in Confused about my eyesight:

Per my post above, I was wondering, could this situation be from going without glasses for many years, especially in closeup mode? My thoughts are, by holding things far too close, I’ve created tons of ciliary spasm, due to the extra accommodative convergence needed. Maybe this is where my suspected convergence insufficiency comes from as well…too much convergence, leading to the eyes to rebel against more (“buffer against over convergence” is the technical term).

I think this would explain all of my symptoms…every one of them! From headaches above my eyes to diminished vision, and more. Thanks @jakey for getting me think about this carefully!


Not much, how do you reverse such a problem. This is something that’s been build up for you in years of working on your eyesight, no you’ll have to deprogram it. Might be a long haul again…

I’m wondering if a middle ground correction between normalize and differentials could benefit you. Perhaps this way you can sit way back from a computer screen for instance, get a wireless keyboard and mouse and try to work that way? Just guessing here, but perhaps this could be key to letting your eyes know that the distance has to be increased and hopefully they’ll get use to it a bit faster.

If I’m correct you are slowly increasing your normalized, which means you should have an intermediate pair that you could give a whirl with this idea.

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I’m actually currently wearing such a pair as I work back up to a full nornalized. I call it semi normalized. It’s a 1-1.5 D undercorrection.

And I have the stand and wireless mouse, ready to go!

I think I’m going to have to work extremely hard to get myself used to working further away. Not easy, but it can be done.

The only thing is, do you think I can keep using this semi nornalized? Because that would be 3 focal planes, the very max number everyone recommends.

Let’s hope that this is what’s troubling you and that this approach will be (part of) the solution. Good luck Jim, if anyone can crack this nut it must be you. Your impressive knowledge about this being put into motion should be able to work this out eventually!


Thanks. I’m pretty sure your solution is the right one, and I should have done it a while back. I expect it to take about 6 months to resolve.

And what do you think about my other question? I edited the other post and stuck it in.

This one?:

Well, very plausible. You where putting yourself in a chronic ergonomic disposition, very unnatural for what your body and eyes where designed to handle. It could offset so many things that I’m thinking tackling this is your best bet for sure.

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@Laurens, thank you!!

@Laurens, more the question regarding the third focal plane…

Right, overlooked it, sorry.

Why wouldn’t you? It serves a purpose and as long as you can fulfill that purpose (being at good distance, giving your eyes the necessary small defocus challenge) you can keep using it. You will start reducing of course and this will have the be reduced alongside everything else. But yeah, it puts you in the correct position and your eyes have the challenge they need. Should work out, I really can’t think of a single reason why it wouldn’t. Even lighting isn’t an issue, if you have less good ambient lighting you can just move a little closer. It’s very adaptable and dynamic.

If this works it would just mean that you’ll only be utilizing these differentials instead of the normally suggested ones. But that’s fine, it’s different for everybody and it should suit you above all else.

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@Laurens, Thanks. I agree. I actually had my ophthalmologist prescribe a pair like that for me a long time ago as well. This time, it’s all DIY…no eye docs involved.

I would have to keep using regular normalized as well as diffs alongside it. It won’t be the first time I’ve used 3 pairs of glasses. I was just a bit concerned because of how much Jake has written about trying to keep it to two pairs.

But I think this may be the only real way out of my situation.

Thanks again!

Oh my gosh. This whole thread with all the words and fancy language has been a super complicated way of saying I have too much embedded closeup strain! Lol.