Vivienne goes to "optometrist", gets +0.25 diopter "prescription"

I usually only post these e-mails (see below) in the FB group.

They aren’t much besides ongoing reminders of how retail optometry is a farce, joke, money grab, source of endless rants for uncle Jakey. I think people need a lot of these to start realizing that it’s really EVERYWHERE and that these so called professionals are just sales people.

Vivienne goes to “optometrist”, gets +0.25 diopter “prescription”.

Now knowing what you know about diopters, focal planes, refractive states, & acceptable margin of error in lens manufacturing … tell me how that’s ANYTHING besides selling lenses, no matter how entirely unnecessary.

(also note the sneaky cylinder correction, that’ll turn into lens induced astigmatism before she knows it)



Primed, social pressure (mom in this case) and if she caves she’s hooked. Terrible prescription, “Take these glasses. You’ll love them and soon you won’t be able to do/go without them…”.

There’s a word for people like that, I’ll refrain from using it to keep things civil here :zipper_mouth_face:


Yeah, that could be potential nearsightedness waiting to happen if the person adopts the glasses, even though the spherical is plus.

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How stupid and outrageous! :rage:

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Hey, this is my 1st post and I also posted it on one of Jake’s YouTube videos but wanted to also add my rant here for anyone who doubts how many optometrists are sales reps with a doctorate, often obtaining an attitude with the education!

Here’s my rant:

8/28/2019: Hey, literally 30 minutes ago my optometrist told me not to ever come back. LOL! Here’s the story: 3-4 weeks ago I went to my optometrist to get my 2nd pair of glasses (As Jake said, get TWO, one for close-up). Well, after getting my glasses from Costco (which my optometrist didn’t appreciate because I didn’t buy them from her …. why would I? The lowest price she had in the entire store was $298. Highest price I found was over $600!! I bought mine from Costco for $140 including the blue-screen tint. But I wasn’t happy because when I first put them on my computer screen looked tilted. Yeah, my eyes got use to it after a couple weeks but in the mean time, I made another appointment with my optometrist to get the prescription changed (the astigmatism part) to be the same as my contacts. To make a very long story short, after she asked me why I wanted my prescription changed and found out I was on a quest to continue improving my vision, she asked me to take my business elsewhere. I almost laughed. In another year I probably won’t even need glasses! But the point of the story is to say from my personal experience, I believe Jake is right! Oh, to add another funny part of the story is that she went into a long dialog to explain why our vision cannot be improved by any means. It is what is what it is. No matter what you do, your eyes cannot be helped or hurt with less or more correction than needed. Really? (She’s either clueless or can lie with a straight face) She even quoted me some study to prove her point. Oh well, I expected as much since I’ve been following Jake for awhile. Take responsibility for your own eyes! Yeah, you may get booted out the door for it, but OD’s are a dime a dozen!


That’s the biggest joke here. So essentially you say that you will buy way more glasses (or at least lenses) than normal people do and they say “no, go elsewhere”? Even if they think you are insane why would they throw away all of your money? It’s unbelievable for me.


Hah, just wanted to post that is very similar to my first prescription as a kid : + lenses sph but like +1.5 (yeah, as we know most kids are born hyperopic) and with -1 something cyl. In a few years the sph turned negative then a lot more negativ :-\

It is rather sad but in a way even more motivating to go back to 20/20 and then back to her with all your different prescriptions and lenses with a “Remember me? You refused to help last year? too bad! Big mistake!”
Sorry I saw pretty woman way too many times lol

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One thing I do always say, is … make sure to compensate them fairly for the exams either way (buying glasses or stating up front that you’re just buying an exam).

Other than that, yea. We have to thank them though since endmyopia wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for the professional arrogance. So many times I’d thought “well this resource is complete enough” and put endmyopia aside - and then one of these characters would go on a long rant about how myopia is irreversible and we shouldn’t be allowed to talk. Those things fueled many months of creating content and working on all of this.

Everything has its place. :slight_smile:

(also, let’s not forget that the optometrist’s wholesale lens costs are ridiculously cheap)


I had a conversation with my brother about my endmyopia experience and I was telling him how I had started the basic principal in 2017 and actually improved my right and the optometrist didnt like that I told him I was working on improving my sight. Unbeknownst to me my brother who never wores distance glasses had been to the optometrist because he was having trouble seeing at night. He said the assistant told him he had great eyesight and didnt need glasses, but because he had insurance the doctor gave him prescription glasses. Little did I know I would be telling my brother why he didnt want to start wearing those glasses and that his recent employment was the reason he was seeing less clear. It’s a job installing wire and a lot of looking up close.