Want To Do A Podcast Episode? 😊

Got a few openings for a chat.

If you’ve been making good gains (or not making good gains and just otherwise have something you think may be interesting to chat about), drop me a line or comment here.

I’ve quite enjoyed the chats with fellow forum members as of recently and it’s fun to also introduce faces and voices and real conversations beyond just all of typing at the screen.

Also have a large list just from improvement reports, but also interested to prioritize those of us here part of regular conversations.

I have got various times available, and all that’s required is a device with a camera - can be your smartphone or laptop, we use Zoom for video chat which takes care of all the technical details by itself. :slight_smile:

Let me know!


What time zone are you in now? I was thinking at the one year mark I would like to do a podcast with you but I am nearly there. Perhaps in June which is the 11 month mark I can do a video chat. My job requires an early rise so if the times are late I would have to do it on my weekend.


GMT +7. Doing them Saturdays now usually 10AM my time. :slight_smile:

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So that’s about 3 AM :thinking: Doesn’t give a girl time to primp and wake up. Time zones are such a fickle thing. I will need to work that out. Not impossible but I am not awake at 3 AM lol Would June 27th work?


Yea we won’t do that! Sure we can figure out a time that’s semi human for both of us. :smiley:


So the June time frame I initially planned will need to switch to July. I did not find a calendar for July time will there be one? Or maybe I didnt undestrand how to use the Calendar you posted before.

I don’t have July spots open as of right now. Will depend on how this month goes. Keep me posted. :slight_smile:

Ok hopefully next month Plus i will have a one year review in July so that is something i am looking forward to.


It’s hard to believe it’s been a year.

One year ago I was in deep despair over the state of my eyesight. It made every day a drudge.

Now I’m hopefully looking forward to possibly passing the drivers eye exam and removing my restrictions within a year or so.


Hi :slight_smile: Don’t know if I qualify yet, but I would love to do one!

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I’ll message ya. :slight_smile:

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So I thought these podcasts were done with but if they are still on perhaps we can schedule 1.

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Done with?! Actually … I could see that, based on my podcast hosting skills and general levels of production of all the things.

Still though, definitely not done. Now on almost all major podcast platforms:


and the whole Youtube playlist, too:


Love the podcasts, keep them coming! I watch it on Youtube, and mostly listen to them than watch (because hey, my eyes).

Also, I’m nowhere near to being on them, but in the future, sure. :joy:

Just wanted to say that listening to the podcasts, and you ranting about phone addictions made me realize how similar it was to any other kind of addiction, so I made a very conscious effort to use my phone less, and my computer more, and also decided to look into this forum more. I noticed significant improvement, by 3 days, noticeably could see further distance. Cant imagine how much ciciliary spasm the phone was contributing to. So Thankyou for that.