Want To Help Endmyopia?

Quick post here in case you’re wondering how you could help with endmyopia.

In general anything that can be outsourced, I’d rather pay somebody for than do it myself. So I would’t ask you for anything I can just pay for since that’s the most effective use of time for everybody.

Some things though, require love and insights and perspective that’s not so easily acquired (I’ve tried).

And on that front the one thing that would be the single most important, is more exposure.

Meaning, connecting with other sites and media online. Not just general mainstream but specifically health, sports, the type of communities and outlets where people go that would likely be open to understanding myopia. That could be anything from Yoga to thyroid management, a huge range of communities are into understanding their bodies and treating them well!

Connecting with others, mutually sharing resources would of course do a lot in expanding the reach of endmyopia.

It would also really help with Google. We have an SEO guy and all he talks about is getting links and posts from other sites. Apparently that’s the big thing in getting more of the credibility that Google likes to see. And that in return means that anything we write about in the blog tends to get higher rankings, so more people find us while searching for related topics.

So what could you do?

If you are a regular reader of a site or participant in any community that would make sense to also cover myopia, let me know. If you can connect with them, suggest ideas for quality content for their readers, maybe some mutual sharing of information to benefit everyone.

I get a lot of requests for “guest posts” and I delete all of them. Back to something you just can’t buy, genuine desire for helping share ideas.

Also worthwhile is posting videos of your improvements. People love, love, love video. The stuff I put on Youtube is just rambling with bad audio and barely any point, and yet I get way more e-mail about videos than detailed, research blog posts. So if you’re up for experimenting with quick little selfie videos, well worth it!

And social media in general. If some blog post resonates with you, if you feel like it makes sense sharing, go for that. It’s a minute here and there, but it makes a difference. I’ve gotten countless e-mails from people finding endmyopia from some comment or post on Facebook. Also Google picks these things up and notices that people seem to care about that particular Website.

The little things add up. I spend just 1-2 hours a day on endmyopia, and it’s become a pretty large destination.

So even just 1-2 minutes on your part, adds up. No need to go overboard. Just like your vision improves via small habits, little consistent things you do, endmyopia can benefit from small activities.

Also if you haven’t yet, feel free to leave a quick review here https://www.trustpilot.com/review/endmyopia.org and on the Facebook review page https://www.facebook.com/endmyopia/reviews/.

Your contributions keep me motivated to give you more time in return, more guides and resources to make sure you get the most out of your myopia reversal journey!


Don’t worry, Jake. It’s just a question of time. I’m looking for some tangible results on myself (not just a 0.25 casual improvement) and then I’ll start to spread the message (after consulting with you always). I have some ideas in mind from long ago and sure they could reach milions of people that already have no mainstream mentality. Let’s go for easy targets first and later all will be more easy. I only have one doubt now: are you really prepared and sure to become someone that will make forget the name of Bates in next years? How will you deal with such fame?


Thanks for the suggestions, Jake. I can post on Facebook. (My Facebook friends will be shocked. I only have it for grandbaby pics!) And I might even be able to do a video on YouTube. Even the old people crowd (my demographic) should be interested in my vision improvement! I am excited to be able to help!


Jake - just sharing link. Natural Eye Care replied. The Healing Eye and Wellness Center Dr Kondrot did not.

I’m going to spring this on the yoga world very soon…


Nice! Any interest in introducing our mutual
Communities can help everyone get more exposure and insights for community members.

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Yes though take it easy on your FB friends. Don’t want people to think you lost your mind. :laughing::nerd_face:


Too late for that, I’m afraid… this isn’t my only ‘thing’ :joy:


Good ideas, I posted reviews on the sites. I’ll think about possible internet groups that might appreciate the message.

Much appreciated! :grimacing:

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I’ll be doing some more sharing. I’m currently coaching 2 people (a friend, and one of my brothers), on how to implement the endmyopia stuff into their lives.

I keep wondering if there is a way to create some sort of coach / teacher program, so we can have real live people to help newbies get this figured out.

Yet, there’s so many logistics and potential risks involved in doing that, I can’t imagine organizing something that would get it off the ground. For starters, anyone in the group around Virginia (specifically the Roanoke area, but anywhere) hit me up and we’ll meet up and talk eyesight improvement in real life.

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Matt…Excellent idea on Coach/Teacher program. This techno social media generation needs a grass roots campaign to save themselves from myopia and the negative effects associated with it that we all here have experienced. I want to understand endmyopia inside and out to explain to others.

I tell all the kids in our family the 20/20/20 rule that Savitha shared…every 20 minutes look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds. I’ve also asked them if they can imagine playing ‘pin the tail on the donkey’ and the party host never removing the blindfold the rest of their lives so they can imagine blindness. Some of us set time limits on electronics telling them it’s a deliberate attempt to save their eyes from glasses. Simple lifestyle changes within the family are needed.


Yes! We hard on our daughter about close up time, and now she’s telling me when I do too much. We’ll hope that it settles in. If she ever has issues with distance vision, I have an arsenal of strategies and tactics to put to use to help.

Regarding coaching / teaching, I am expecting, as I come out of glasses and start sharing more publicly that I’ve reversed my myopia (when I get to that point), that at least a few people will ask and the opportunity will show up. I’m not at all thinking that it’s a career path or side hustle, more of just a passion I want to share. The thing is, I tend to really like people who are open to the endmyopia ideas and I’m hoping, if nothing else, to make some like minded friends.


This is the last link I’ll share…it just shows the endless possibilities to share Endmyopia whenever there’s an off-topic post on eyes or eyeglasses. :hugs:

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Interesting. I use hot water and a microfiber towel. I am pleased and surprised to learn that is a good idea. I am using -1.25 now, although I have to work really hard at active focus, I get lazy if it is any easier! Now I keep taking them off and setting them down when I do things within a few feet from my face. I’m so excited my vision has improved so much. But because of this, they get some really rough use. Just sat on them for the second time in a week. Oh no! Good thing they are cheap. Really excited to think I may not even need glasses in another year or two!

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At work yesterday while talking with a young co worker, Lasik and vision came up. I was delighted to hear him say he didn’t think it was a viable approach due to too many possible complications. I had mentioned my own vision improvement about 6 months ago and he asked again. I gave him the address to the Endmyopia website. I also thoughtfully filled him in on some of those awesome complications and introduced him to the concept of the eye being a stimulus response system. He is very intelligent and understood what I was saying right away. We’ll see what happens.


Slsatrom… I’ve been using these durable beaded eyeglasses chains for 4 years now. They’re perfect for AF for low myopes and switching from closeup to distance. I’ve never lost or sat on my glasses :hugs:

I have been thinking for sometime now, of sticking a paper onto my car’s rear windshield with below ::

#NoGlasses #EndMyopia #NoLasik

Simple and easy steps @ http://ENDMYOPIA.ORG

It WORKS!! Annnnd… its FREE!!


Hope it’s fine with Jake .
Any suggestions are welcome :slight_smile:


Maybe this should be it’s own topic, but, how do you decide who to tell about endmyopia? When I first discovered the site, I brought it up to several people I thought would be interested. Those people were either too lazy, didn’t believe it, or not really excited about it as I was. This led me to basically stop bringing it up, but this is probably not the right approach.