Want To Invite Someone From Our Facebook Group?

Hello Le Meow! :slight_smile:

It looks like things are semi functional here, glad you made it in, been reading your posts and enjoying some non-riff-raff conversation!

I’ve had some requests to save various friends from the confines of Facebook group. Which of course is a fair request. So …

You are welcome to invite up to two friends from our Facebook group. They have to not be newbies (guideline ~ a year of participation in the group), and have participated in the group to where we can reasonably expect that they won’t just lurk here in Le Meow.

You can send them to this link: https://community.endmyopia.org (please don’t share the link publicly otherwise)

New applicants to the group end up in my admin queue so ideally drop me a quick note here or PM in the FB group to let me know they’re your invitees. :slight_smile: