🤩 Want To Make 💰 For Finding A Podcast?

Ok so this idea is going to either be a bit … weird, or maybe it’s just the answer to more outreach. Feels a bit like posting a sale ad in a church but then I can’t quite judge for sure so maybe you will share what your gut tells you.

Below is what I’m thinking about posting in our Facebook group. Please share your thoughts, some feedback - is it apropos? A sign of our times? Recognizing reality? Are we admitting that people will only pay attention if they’re getting paid? Or maybe is it not in the spirit of hippie sharing and caring and free stuffs?

Here’s the story:

:star_struck: Make Some Money Today? DOLLAHS FOR HOLLAHS!

Hello, my fellow favorite :yum: capitalist kittehz. Ole Crinkleface Jake Von MonopolyGuy is here with some private equity funding of … your pocket.

See FB post link at the bottom for context. It reminded me that we honestly need to do more outreach to get people aware about the reality of for profit optometry, and myopia being an optional burden. Podcasts seem like a well received medium for more awareness about myopia.

So we need to be on more of them. But that means finding them, and bugging them, and using wiley words to get them intrigued about them there eyeballs. I’ve tried PR firms (they suck), individual freelancers (suck), and doing a bit of outreach my-own-self (let’s not even talk about that).
And as I’ve learned from running this whole project for a while, 99.9999% of people don’t have the time, ambition, or motivation to do sh*t for free (which, entirely understandable).

But then too this group here seems like the best place to find motivated darlings to hit up some great podcasts, suggesting awesome new guests (like say, a Jake or so talking about myopia). Money seems kind of a … un-noble way to fuel motivation but since that’s one thing I haven’t tried with you kittehs yet, let’s give that a go.

One unorthodox idea I’d like to offer as a starting point, would be one shiny petrol dollar (or USD equivalent for our fancy global kittehs) for every review that a podcast has on iTunes. So say the podcast is something we like, and it has a thousand reviews, and we get on it to talk about myopia, Jake donates a thousand USD to your favorite charity (which let’s face it, is probably the charity of YOU). Tentatively willing to go as high as 3,000 reviews (since yikes, even I can only justify so much Jake-pockets funding for more myopia awareness).

Either way. I still feel weird about bringing money into what should just be a bunch of kind hearted hippies, but peoples got bills and I’ve got no judgments.

Drop me a PM if interested. Above finders-charity-reward-incentive-donation idea only applies if we’ve talked first and agreed that it’s a well conceived scenario!

Original podcast link comments: https://www.facebook.com/groups/endmyopia/permalink/1051109965082405/


I think this is a great initiative for getting more exposure on endmyopia.

I do have a moral stance on this, rooted in fairness and equality. Yeah, really abstract, let me elaborate:

You spend so much time literally helping thousands of people a week improve their eyesight and their lives for free. This does take up a lot of your time you could spent doing something else. But still, you do it, because you probably have that strong gut feeling telling you “it’s just the right thing to do”. So selflessly you do this day in and day out. Year in year out.

You do get thanks, certainly. But nowhere near the amount you should be receiving. Wouldn’t it be nice if people that actually got their eyesight improved help you out with this endeavor as a “quid pro quo” thing. You helped them (enormously) and in return they help you. If I were to find you a podcast (and this is hard to achieve) I would certainly donate the reward you are offering to charity. Because in my (not so humble opinion) you already rewarded so many people by making endmyopia freely available. Just my 2 €1/50 here. Excuse me for ranting a little.

B.t.w., I did do some outreach, I would love for some others in here to bug these guys as well so they hopefully pick it up and do an article on Endmyopia:

Healthline: Would you like to share a personal health story with us?
Please email our editorial team.

Dr. Mercola: https://shop.mercola.com/pages/ContactUs


Jake, have you tried hitting up The Art of Manliness podcast? The host is reasonable and open-minded there. I’ve listened to quite a bunch of this guy’s podcasts and I think your story would fit well with the going theme there.

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Art of Manliness is a good one with a wide variety of topics.

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I rhink that podcasts would be very useful.
The money… I do not know…
Certainly it would bring some attention, yet…
But I am not the one with PR experience…
I would try to have one without charge, but a very popular English podcast would be difficult to find from my country…
Let me ask some people…

I totally agree with Laurens on this point. I would do it for free too if I could find you a podcast, which is quite unlikely to happen firstly because of the language - I suppose you’re not ready to do it in French or German? :grin:- and secondly this podcast stuff is not that much developed in my country.

But I can understand that money might be a great motivation for some people who don’t really feel liable for all the ressource you made available for free…Sad to notice that nowadays money rules the world, but it is the reality. So, if money can help out in the outreach goal, why not.

And what about asking (local) radios? Some are likely to have guests speaking about various subjects, including health topics, and radios usually have a website where their program can be replayed. Hope that doesn’t sound too silly, I was just thinking it could be an other possibility of outreach to explore.

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@Sandra I speak both passable German and painful French, but most of the eyeball related vocabulary I only know in English. :wink:

@SickOfMyopia I haven’t. But that’s kind of the point, I’m looking to find others who can do so. It’s just not feasible for me in terms of time management, already tried.

@laurens (and everybody) I think so too but I’ve tried this many times. 99% of people won’t even take the one minute it would take to leave a review and believe me, I’ve asked - so many times, so many ways. Almost 12.000 FB group members and about 200 reviews. 14.000 Youtube Subs (and 4 million watch minutes), 200 reviews. 1.2 million regular site visits, 200 reviews.

Finding podcasts would take way longer than leaving a quick review, and honestly not being able to get people to do that without an incentive makes it just not realistic to appeal to their hippie-senses.

It’s one thing that discouraged me for quite a while, truly the very vast majority of people will take all they can and really not give even one single minute of their time in return.

I was going to shut it all down while I was wrestling with that reality. But then there’s the something less than 1% that make it all worth it, so … there we have it.

Not sure if money will help but maybe it will allow some people to allocate some of their “productive” time towards something that’s also nice for fellow humans. :smiley:


I’m a little confused by the premise. You mean posting reviews on podcasts we already like, while mentioning EndMyopia? e.g. “Hey, really love the podcast, maybe you should speak to Jake?” (but subtler, of course).

@jamesdeluk A bit more involved. Short version:

Podcast hosts are always looking for great guests. Great guests + great topics = more engagement and listeners, and that’s how they maintain and grow their audience. If you score a guest and topic that gets a ton of shares and listens, it’s a big win (and a lot of podcasts are kind of a yawn-fest).

We have a pretty strong premise with the eyeballs topic, something that hasn’t been discussed to death, and yet affects most of everybody’s audience. Nice.

On the flip side, the bigger the podcast, the more the riff-raff requests from peddlers of all-teh-thingz to be podcast guests. A lot more noise, a lot harder to get through, a lot smaller window for a perfectly formed pitch. Bigger podcasts get inquiries all day long to interview their yoga-paleo-keto-posture-workout-meditation-guru, and they tend to have admin staff that deletes a lot of those pretty fast.

So the trick (and why I guess it’s worth money) is the talent and skill to thread that particular needle and be able to engage with worthwhile podcasts and tempt them to talk about the eyeballs.


That makes more sense. Either way, I’ll reach out to some of the podcasters I listen to (for free, you’ve done enough).

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It’s such a sad state of affairs. I can relate to some smaller extend. I’m on the board of the local dentists community for 8 years already. During that time I did most of the heavy lifting. So many other members don’t do jack :poop:. It’s a communal effort, we do it together. But as always, most people take the path of the least resistance leaving others with all the work. I’m very discouraged by this and I think I’ll do one more term being on the board and if it burns down after that, fine by me. Nobody served for 10 years and did as much work for the group as I did. So if others don’t step in, it’ll be the end of it.

It’s nice to be able to surround yourself more and more with people who are in that (<)1% category. I have a study group of nice colleagues who do put their backs into everything they do. Over time you become more selective and people you don’t really get along with leave.

I’m just hoping that this very small group of your kittehs will be enough for you to keep at it.

Btw, @Sandra made a good point, I could also relay some of this to local radio stations and see if they are interested in doing a small piece on it. It would mean that I would have to speak on your behalf if they decide to interview me, would that be okay?



I get regular pod casts from Dr Chatterjee in UK, he does a great job researching and gathering information on new breakthroughs and concepts.

One attached here . perhaps you could connect with him and explore a podcast on endmyopia, it would be brilliant if it comes through.
A sample podcast …
How to Grow New Brain Cells with Dr Sandrine Thuret - Dr Rangan Chatterjee

Dt Chatterjee blog , he is Star of BBC One series Doctor in the house, and totally committed to bringing about a change in the medical industry and health. Some of his earlier podcasts …


His mission

My mission is to help 100 million people feel fantastic by restoring them to optimal health.


Kitteeehs, we need a podcast list/table!
Money or not, we need an excel sheet or something.

There are some, like shubha, who can suggest something, who know podcasts, but might not be the ones to go email them and talk them into it. Then there are others, like maybe me, who would, but don’t know the podcasts.

So, could create a topic here, including a sheet.

  • Column one: interesting podcasts (links, suggestions maybe a brief info on the podcast)
  • Column 2: Does the beard approve? only jake should comment here, if you like the podcast or have any objections. So you enter a go for it or not that one, please!
  • column 3: kittehs who have contacted them should write that there, like emailed them date or something

This way, everyone can contribute in the way that suits them.


Very true. @shubha and anyone else who is interested. We have a closed category for this in this forum and if you want to participate (even if it’s just providing us with something of interest). Send me a private message and I’ll included you in the group so we can keep that outreach centrally organized.

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See, that’s what I don’t understand: Why is that one closed?

Yes pl add me sgchar@yahoo.com

I want to be in, thanks Laurens

Guess that group wouldn’t have to be closed?

Yes, spreadsheet. Google doc or something like that which might be easy to share?

@laurens Yes, best thing I’ve found is focusing on that >1%. Met some great people because of endmyopia, and there’s the old adage, “show me your friends …”

@shubha The contacting and keeping track really isn’t something I can manage consistently. My goal is to solve the outreach challenge rather than patching it with adding hours to my day. :wink:

@jamesdeluk That’d be super awesome.

Please add me to that group, I have a couple hosts in mind.