Want To Meet Up At The Beach?

Here’s a weird and random one … what do you think about meetups?

My general life strategy is trying to find regular living-worthy entertainment throughout the year. For example today finally heading off to Vietnam, for a month or so of kitesurfing. I’ve randomly encountered participants on these trips (still very odd to be recognized by strangers), but never really pre-emptively said “I’ll be here on x dates”.

I wonder how many (if any) darlings would have the time and inclination to, for example, plan a trip to Vietnam to learn to kitesurf, and also chat about eyeballs. It’s mostly just idle curious musings right now!

In the spring it might be some pilot license lessons possibly in North America, summer Europe for a month or two, of course Burmese jungle time, and various other small excursions. I fully realize that my own lifestyle might be a bit spoiled and ridiculous, but who knows … maybe some other darling kittehs either live nearby, or have their own shareworthy adventure spots, or who knows what could come of it.

Could be a whole ‘experience’ kind of thing, combining actual eyeball journeys with conceptual eyeball journeys.

Last winter on the beach:


Sounds like an interesting idea!

How do you manage to live such a great life? Tell us a bit about your business/educational successes?

Where did you go to university? What did you study? etc.

Only if it’s not too personal :slight_smile:

My late father, who had a pilot’s license, treated me to a flight lesson when I was 21. It was terrifying but exhilarating too!

I’d definitely want to meet up if you’re in the area (Europe). I can’t leave my wife alone with the kids for too long, that’s not very nice. So a trip all the way to Asia is kinda hard for me to achieve. Not in the least bit because of my job and my patients.

However, if you are in Europe in the summer it would be kinda cool if we could make a small EM thing happen with some other European kittens. Too bad the UK is out by then :wink:


It was on my mind to open a meetup thread anyways :slight_smile:
Not only with the mighty beard, but kittehs in general.

Because - I just ike to meet people, love to have a reason to travel, and it’s cool to see there are other eyball-crazy-ones :slight_smile:


That’s a great idea for sure.

Hmmmmmm, sounds tempting! I’m interested! Not yet sure if I’d make it for a spontaneous Vietnam trip though. :thinking:

Clearly, the holy meeting place for Le Meow would be Tashirojima – the cat island! :smiley_cat::smirk_cat::joy_cat:

Actually, from what I gather here, a summer Europe meetup could be in the cards? It looks like we have quite a few Europeans on the board.


I’ve done a kite surfing course years ago in Germany - unfortunatley, there was no wind :frowning:
But the taste of it… loved it!

Vietnam: I’d have to plan and check the costs, so I’d need some time in advance, at least 6-12 months What’s the best time of the year? Would probably make a Holiday trip out of it and stay longer :slight_smile:

So Jake, do you have any dates in mind?

I’d also be in for Europe, and that’d be esier for me.

(but guuuys, kite surfing… is soooo tempting…)

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There are some great spots in Europe. Spain, Turkey, northern Germany even. Check some of the forums! :grimacing:

I mostly kite in Vietnam since I’m lazy to travel with gear and it’s close and convenient. Season is Dec to May or so, though most of the year seems to work at least a couple days a week.