😢 "Want to SEE my children grow up"

I understand some people here feel that them sharing isn’t worth the risk (or reward :man_shrugging:).

This though, is why I am doing endmyopia:


And hopefully part of your journey also, paying all of this forward, a little bit.

If WE don’t put this out into the world, then it’s not getting out there.

Let’s not count on “somebody else” taking the chance, speaking up, sharing, talking, making things happen. We have to be the change that we want to see (literally even) in the world. You’re here because somebody before you said something, shared something, did something somewhere.

There are enough of us to speak up and not let for-profit lens sales potentially rob us of seeing our children grow up.

Not saying to be some kind of activist or vigilante or cult member (or be, for sure, I do need a cult at some point). Either way just … don’t tell me about how this forum should forever be secret and private and we should never try to do more and take chances and have a collective voice that is howling at the proverbial moon and dogmas.


Default narrative is to make you dependent, helpless, blind even. This should not be acceptable to us as fellow darling humans. You don’t want to be the last one out there without glasses, surrounded by a bunch of screen-staring, blind zombie-humans. (I kid!)

Keep making all the 20/20 gains. Throw the occasional nudge out there. That’s all I’m actually saying here. :grimacing::+1:t2: