Wanted: Le Meow Moderators :3

Getting prepared here for another upcoming bit of challenge maintaining regular Internet time.

My latest hair brained idea of living in a jungle is about to get serious. In a week or so, definitive move to a place that has a now half-finished house, only solar power, and only phone Internet. It’s also raining season (lots of flooding) so the solar power is also pretty limited.

So … working out how to limit as many mandatory screen hours as possible. This new forum is one of those things that requires attention, especially since we’re just starting to add a fair amount of new members.

Long story short - if you’re regularly here, maybe used to regularly be on our Facebook group, are a bit of a veteran of endmyopia and want to casually contribute to moderating this group, let me know.

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Hi there Jake,

Since we are here to help one another. You can consider me for a position as moderator, if you’ll have me of course. If you are considering this I’d like to know what you’d expect of me and how much time goes into this. I’m probably not as busy as you, but I may come close ;).


So for reference, in the Facebook group (10.000 members) there’s four of us moderating. No specific schedule or time, just knowing there are a few pairs of eyes out there making sure things stay friendly and constructive.

The idea is mainly to weed out any posts that don’t belong or catch issues before they affect discussion quality.

I used to check in on that group once a day for 10-20 minutes just scrolling through new posts looking for any obvious issues. No specific or major time requirement. (though with FB the issue is a lot of newbies some of who clearly aren’t ready for the group)

For Facebook we have group rules. No diopter specific advice, doing the 7 day emails and basic reading before asking questions, generally things that come up repeatedly that are less fun for those hoping to use the community for discussion rather than a substitute for an FAQ.

No explicit rules here yet since I don’t like rules and will only make some when really necessary.

I think there’s not much need for moderating here, just keeping an occasional eye for things that may not belong in Le Meow. At this point very manageable, I’m just concerned that I may be offline completely some days in the coming weeks. Havoc could ensue! :laughing:


Thanks for the explanation. I’m down for it if you are, to help you get through those offline times you’ll get.

Let me know, but you can sign me up.

hi jake :grinning:
I am a big fan and it will be an Honor for me to stand beside you, helping you keeping everything “clean” here.
especially when i find myself being here every day.

i have my duties and work, but if it’s “scrolling through” as you said, I meet the demands.


I’m rarely on during weekends, but typically every day during the week. If that works, I’d be happy to help as a moderator as well.


Sure Jake…I can be another set of eyes in addition to the other volunteers if still needed. Your pre-requisites are a great screening process plus you indicated the platform will include off-topic and possibly offensive material to some (maybe Jakey-type rants…haha) and am guessing there’s a high threshold for tolerance. Cool group here and think we can all spot a troll. The only thing is I’m here a little bit too much so I’ve scaled back on which topics I read. I can be a spot-checker or ultra-casual moderator on the threads I read if that helps or however you divvy up the threads :blush:

On a side note you asked in FB for any feedback …only question is if it’s possible to reply to a comment and only send with Reply to Sender button if the person replying wishes to keep off-line if content is not necessarily applicable to the general membership…just curious. Thanks!


Awesome! @Mare, @WxClimb, @tal, @laurens, moderating powers bestowed!

Really appreciate it! Literally zero requirements other than if you spot something not ideal, moderate as you see fit. Don’t feel obligated to check in more than you would anyway, or to put in extra work.

I’m usually around but in case I disappear for a few days, I feel better knowing that you have access to forum tools.

(I’ll take care of adding pending members, I like to keep an eye on what all is newly arriving.)


Good luck on that Jungle Solar powered house, hopefully everything will go smoothly for you guys!


Me, Too! If you still need someone.