Way back from 2010: Medical Detectives Focus On Myopia

On searching for Kepler’s quote on the cause of myopia, came across this article from January 2010; caveat lector:-- some of the “research” cited might be of dubious quality:

Medical Detectives Focus On Myopia

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I like this little tit bit.

400 years of suspecting nearwork as a cause of myopia.

“Kepler wrote about it, about 400 years ago, that he thought his nearsightedness was due to his intense study of astronomical tables and so forth,” says Dr. Don Mutti, of the College of Optometry at the Ohio State University."

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No surprises here. Jake also mentions it often in interviews that back in the old days, the literate people were most likely to get myopia due to the combination of extended close up (much closer than arm’s length) and working indoors (copying codices in the monasteries) and bad lights (candles first, just rubbish electricity later)