Wearing -4 contacts, or -5 contacts and +1 glasses?

Hello! I am a high myope (-9) and really enjoy plus lenses for some unknown reason. I usually put them on when I wear contacts and for close up, but even if I don’t and just put them on without any contacts, I feel way more relaxed and as if my eyes wish I had worn them all along. It’s like seeing the world through a magnifying glass that I enjoy.

Because of this, I was wondering if it would be a good idea to wear them constantly. Would it be ok to wear higher contacts like -5 f.e. and additionally put on +1 glasses? Is it technically the same as just wearing, let’s say, -4 contacts? Or is there something else to consider? Thank you!

I guess to answer your question, we’d want to ask why wear them constantly? I am a soon to be moderately high myope and I wear contacts most of the day but will put on +1.25 glasses for my close-up to act as differentials. This way I get a blur horizon at a reading distance using my laptop or phone, otherwise I’ll just wear my normalized contacts for distance.

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Like I said, I somehow want to wear them constantly because for some reason it feels better than if I just wore the normalized contacts. Everything appears a bit bigger, I think. I don’t know why it feels better though? And if technically it’s really the same as wearing normalized contacts?

If that works for you then yay! I wore full prescription contacts and used +1.5 diopter plus glasses (I think, might have been +1) for PC work in the early ‘00s. That was primarily for comfort/eyestrain control.

Very comfortable and yes, the world is slightly magnified with plus glasses :slight_smile:

I think the main “concern” that some have with plus glasses is when you’re in the last diopter and use too-strong plus glasses to “speed things up”. Jake has mentioned some people got temporary visual issues.

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My high myope friends - even if refusing to engage with EM - all find it more relaxing to wear one of their previous pairs of glasses when at home. The full correction gives them good vision for driving and they find that for activities at arm’s length or closer, it feels a lot better and more relaxing to have a few diopters less.

Minus diopters make things smaller. With every 0.25D improvement I also felt that objects “jumped closer” and got bigger.

I’d say so.

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There is a conversation on Facebook currently between people having difficultly using the plus over contacts for distance. If your are in the facebook group I recommend you check their experiences @Baguira.
Either way I think you will be most comfortable not stacking plus over your contacts full time but instead having the appropriate normalized correction for distance, but that is just one person’s opinion.

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