Welcome, Darlings! [live stream replay link]

Well hello there! :slight_smile:

Glad you made it. Quick notes on goals for this private group:

Facebook proved to be a pretty big success as far as a community around endmyopia. Lots of great conversations, updates, helping each other out. Very nice.

A few things that are less awesome about Facebook is that it’s … Facebook. At any time they could change things, delete our group, do whatever they want. And I get a lot of e-mail from readers who aren’t on social media, don’t want get on that. Which I understand, I don’t use it in my personal life either.

It’s also a big general, and I feel the need to censor myself to some degree.

And the biggest thing missing there is that while I’d be happy to contribute more, I would like to do it in a bit more reciprocal way. Let’s all make the resource better, vs. it just being one guy who builds everything.

So that’s the goal here. A group we really have ownership of the platform for, no ads, no selling our data, no censorship. And more resources for you, in exchange for whatever you feel like contributing. I’ll post occasional things like the NYT-commenting challenge. Just sometimes, little things to help us with exposure.

The only rule for now for the group, besides being civil and common-sensical, is to be a contributing member. Partake in the challenges, or offer help otherwise. Nothing huge, we’re all busy, just be actively part of improving the resource.

One side note, a definite thing we need is more “links”, ie. posts on other sites and such. The search engine guy keeps saying that’s. by far the #1 thing for better Google ranks. So if you have a blog if you write for any outlet, otherwise are active in Internet-ey places, drop me a line.

To kick things off, here’s the (unlisted) replay of the one and only live stream / Q&A session I did on Youtube so far. (please don’t share the link outside of this group)

It was a bit rough with slow Internet connection, and the first bit is quite the origin story ramble. Thinking we can do more live stream Q&As in the future, more focused, just for among us here.

Feel free to comment, say hi in this thread.

Also pease stop over to the link below and add a quick introduction about yourself: https://community.endmyopia.org/c/introductions


Going to watch this when I have a quiet moment without the kids later. I think this is a great idea. I’m very happy to contribute in any way I can. My son is almost back to 20/20 and when he is I won’t stop until the world knows the truth. If even one parent listens and saves their child from having to go through this long road back to good sight.


Thanks for posting this, Jake. I think it is a great starting point for people. I like the casual feel to the video. It is sort of like people just talking over coffee. I like that. I’m not interested in posts and videos that are polished and scripted like a Hollywood movie, or worse, some infomercial. That’s not what improving eyesight is about. It is about doing what we know works to improve our eyesight, encouraging each other to keep working at it, and having a little fun while we do it. Those people who comment on your YouTube videos about the lighting or audio or whatever are just annoying. And so are the people on Facebook who can’t be bothered to actually learn the most basic information on how to improve their vision and want someone else to literally do it for them. It’ll be nice to leave them behind and have great conversations about what everyone is doing and how they are doing it without being distracted by irrelevant comments. Looking forward to all the fun!


I totally agree. I wouldn’t say it better. <-- this message was for Slsatrom, sorry. I’m a bit lost in community matters, hehe.

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Really enjoyed the video! I watched the first 10 minutes when you had it briefly linked in the Facebook group, and was disappointed when I went back and couldn’t re-find it.

I really wish I could share it because I love how it lays out the history of how you came to discover natural myopia control / improvement and a good introduction to it. But, I’ll respect that you want to keep it here. Thanks for sharing! :smiley:


I agree with Slsatrom the beauty of your videos is that they are unscripted and spontaneous and yet you’re able to stay on topic while interjecting your personality along the way. I don’t think at all that you spent too much time on your backstory. Makes the journey real. That was great!


I very much enjoyed hearing about your journey–the backstory behind endmyopia. It was a very interesting listen. You are truly amazing for sharing endmyopia.org with the world–you have literally changed so many people’s lives. I personally appreciate it so much. And I spread the word. You know how people are, though. Even the more open-minded folks I know haven’t fit it into their lives yet. I feel like once I’m back to 20/20, people might be more inclined to check out endmyopia when I tell them about it… I especially try to tell people with kids. My daughter is only 7 and already about 3 of her classmates are in glasses.

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I’ve been thinking of doing the live stream Q&A type thing more regularly.

Tough part is time zones and often laggy Internet and often I don’t really know where I’ll be. Some of my regular hangout is literally in the jungle with just solar and a well and definitely no Internet.

Also many podcast requests which are a bit in limbo for the same reason.

Spreading the word is great! Especially online where people might find it when googling for endmyopia. :nerd_face:


I finally found some time yesterday to copy the live chat to my iPhone and listen to it while doing my walks outside, and I enjoyed it a lot! Especially having a bit of the back story in it and the interaction with the questions makes it much more relaxed and “real”. Thanks for poting it here!

(BTW: I found it interesting to hear that you never went back from your -3 to something closer than your actual needs, that’s quite the demonstration of perseverance! :sunglasses: I know what it is like to walk around with a 2+ diopter gap, it’s no fun. You must have had a ton of double vision until reaching 3, correct?).

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It was all just massive blur from what I recall. Also didn’t know to make finer distinctions. We’ve come a long way from brute forcing things! :laughing:


Hi there I just got into this group recently yeyyyy and just watched the live stream now!!

Nice Jake! Love that you seem to be such a big traveler. I’m a bit addicted to that too :wink: but thank God I never went with very low prescription glasses :laughing: anways none of endmyopia would have happened if you wouldn’t have gone off the beaten path :ok_hand:


Great stuff Jake! I am excited to be one step closer to no longer needing a facebook! I am excited to get to know the members better here and start working as a team.


This is great! Thanks for posting it.

that is great - I wish this were here when I started (so spoiled I know). answered alot of questions that really plagued me for months when I was starting, but that is now review for me :wink:
great work. maybe another live stream down the line for those who have been at it for awhile…(gasp, pro-topic live stream??)
keep up the great work jake. you are so generous.


Have to keep new explorers plagued by questions, sometimes! :smiley:

I’m terrible. Improving your eyesight is a test of commitment though, so might as make finding the answers a little bit of a fun exploration as well.

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Thanks for this very enjoyable, very helpful live stream, Jake…I’m glad you saved it! Even now being familiar with the basic information, it’s always encouraging to hear it again in different words and a variety of formats. I liked the easy going, community feel of the live stream (even though I arrived here 2 months too late…) And I thoroughly enjoyed hearing your backstory - kudos for having an inquiring mind plus tenacity. You’ve really blazed a trail for us all.


Hello, I’m new here. I just recently about a week ago found out about endmyopia and active focusing. I’ve been trying to learn as much as I can to start my journey to fixing my myopia. However, I’m very afraid and suffer from severe anxiety and depression. I wish that I could figure out what my next step is in order to get started. I guess I’m just sort of overloaded on the information and have more questions than I know what to do with.

Jake’s 4-step intro video is a good starting point if you haven’t already and prefer listening about endmyopia instead of reading.


A lot of great stuff here… feel overwhelmed but I just have to take small steps… I’m getting it though… just have to be patient :wink: …thanks for the great details of the whole process!