What a difference 1.5 diopters make

As we all know, it can be frustrating to see actual gains with EM. A quarter diopter change, which can take months to achieve, looks almost like the original prescription, and can be hard as heck to accurately measure. Sometimes I need need a reminder of how far I have actually come.

Recently I spent a fair bit of effort to determine my actual baseline prescription (e.g. no active focus, no ciliary spasm). I’ve determined that I’ve improved about 1.5 diopters in a year and a half, about a third of the way to 20/20. Everything still looks very blurry! :slight_smile:

My daughter has a pair of +1.5 readers, which we use to ensure she never gets on the myopia train. Just for fun, I decided to try them on. It turns out, my current eyes with those glasses are approximately what my naked eyes were when I started.

Oh my gosh what a difference! When I alternate to wearing them/taking them off, it’s obvious how far I’ve come. The difference is dramatic and striking, especially looking outdoors. 1.5D is HUGE. Sure I still can’t see all that well naked eye down in the low 3’s, but what an improvement.

If you’ve gained over a diopter and have access to a pair of readers (e.g. +1D or more), give it a go. It’s pretty neat seeing how dramatic the improvement looks!


actually seeing the gains feels pretty good, strange that you’re frustrated by seeing actual gains :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:
(yeah yeah I know what you meant, but couldn’t resist)


Great work!

Yes I’ve improved by about 2 diopters and I cant believe that I used to wear those!

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Not to discourage you at all, but I started at 3 and it wasnt until recently that I am feeling like I see. I dont know how anyone could be ok with -1.5 or above and not use glasses. -1.25 might be do able not sure yet.[quote=“Hoofjr, post:1, topic:13596”]
It’s pretty neat seeing how dramatic the improvement looks!

I tried this some time ago but not recently I will give it a try. I recall making my daughter look in a +3 and of course she was like Your Blind! And I’m like Yay! I know! Emmetropes!
And congrats on the progress :star_struck:

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I’m at -1.50 recently, cut in half my myopia in 16 months. I agree with you about eyesight perception, slow improvement seems to be undetectable while improving.
Just a few days ago I put on my previous full prescription (os -3.75 od -3.25, which I had for 20 years) and I looked briefly trought those glasses for 1 second… it was unbelievable to perceive the high distortion of those diopters now with my new pair of eyes!!! Not healthy but I wish to understand that difference.

For me Jenn it’s not a problem. I feel that as a good way to improve as well (0 diopter reset concept/clear flashes/bates method) and life can be lived with -1.50/-2.00 of course avoiding dangerous situations (driving etc).
It’s a matter of perception of blur and acceptance of imperfect eyesight.

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Perhaps this is my problem lol

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