What a nice challenge!

Ciao a tutti.
This is Michele from Italy.
I start my story telling my 3 goals about vision improvement…
1st: get to low myopia (-2.00)
2nd: get to no glasses life for most of the time (-1.00 more or less!)
3rd: 20/20

Let’s go back to the beginning…
1985, 8 years old…
-0.25 OS only… eye doctor=glasses!
And my myopic “journey” began, of course!!!
Then the same old myopia story, like anyone else… more and more myopia till I reached the top of my myopia in 1997, -3.75 OS -3.25 OD.
20 years same, overprescribed, correction.
Then, magically, in 2017 prescription went down to -3.00 both eyes, -0.25 cyl left eye only.
I did nothing about myopia and I didn’t wonder why this reduction has happened. Still don’t know why.
End of the myopic story!

Now my reversing myopia story…
26th July 2019 starting date
-3.00 both eyes, -0.25 cyl OS
Bates method
5th September 2019
I embraced Endmyopia method!!! :slight_smile:
7th/8th September got AF
11th September optometrist check: -2.50 both, -0.25 cyl OS
22nd October optometrist check: -2.00 both, -0.25 cyl OS
1st goal achieved!!!

My considerations about this massive myopia reduction (1.00 diopter in 3 months):
First of all brand new way to see the world, learning a lot about eyes and planty of good habits. I really pay attention almost every minute to the way I use my eyes now.
Part of reduction due to overprescription, I think.
At work planty of distance vision time and just a couple of hours close-up work.
Healthy life in general + a lot of sport + meditation + many breathing technique all day long… all done effortless and with joy. Whenever I feel bored or tired doing one of these… I just stop doing it!
Jake’s video and other guy’s video help me a lot to stay motivated, really thank you all so much. (I don’t watch them I just listen to the video, thus I avoid useless close up work!!!)

I’m a sporty guy and I love to compete… but this is not a race for me! :slight_smile: Really enjoying the process indeed.
Honestly I can’t believe I’m reducing my myopia, I’m so happy and curious to see what’s next.

Ciao, alla prossima.


I made two video, one in English one in my language, to share my story. I wish to publish more in the future updating my journey.
I hope you’ll enjoy it.


That’s incredible progress!

Italy sounds great for stimulus, you guys have so much sunlight! :sun_with_face:


Very cool! Two great points, be mindful all the time, and think of all body health, not just the eyes. It all works together, I agree. Good habits good food, good rest exercise.

Good luck going forward!


Thanks! Many sunny days help a lot, expecially now in autumn, when light is great to gaze at the distance without straining the eyes. For me summer light is often too strong.


My second video, further details about my experience.

Many hours a day out in this environment is working good for me, with proper AF far away on the horizon and a good daylight spectrum intake. That’s what I meant in my video for “the place you live is important”. Hope the concept I try to explain is clear!

Endmyopia explained in Italian.


Adding some more info in italiano!


Great Video on Active Focus and also very interesting to hear about your daily routine, espescially the meditation and breathing exercises.
And congratulation to your progress!


I’ve got a second opinion, as Jake invites us!
New optometrist (no data about me) looking for a confirmation about my diopter reduction.

I give her my -1.75 normalized.
She checked my eyesight carefully and the result was…
You are undercorrected.
Your eyes are at -2.00!
I was euphoric!!!:grin:
This is amazing to me! Two optometrists confirmed my reduction (from -3.00 to -2.00)

And then she asked me why I needed to check my eyes.
30 mins explanation of my story and Endmyopia. She was very interested! We shared opinions, I tried differential at her pc (probably I need -0.50 differential, not using differential now and I risk to fall in blur adaptation…)

1h in the shop, price paid 0€!
Gonna buy glasses and check regularly with this optometrist.

Just to share with the group that some unbiased optometrist is out there!!! :sweat_smile:


When I started with Endmyopia my close-up AF was great without glasses (38-40cm distance to blur). Today is even better (45-48cm) when reading books or using smartphone without differential. But I spend a couple of hours at pc at work and 1 month ago I realized I was straining my eyes while working at my desk…


I made an experiment during Christmas holidays. Very simple one.
I followed two main Jake’s advices:
1 - stay outdoor
2 - no screen use

I did it from 27th Dec to 6th Jan. All sunny days (I was lucky)
From 4 to 6h in a row outdoor every single day, no close-up (except breef moments when mandatory), alternated normalized (-1.75) and no correction.
30 mins a day smartphone.
Any opportunity to AF was cought.

Better eyes relaxation in general, much less sunlight sensitivity, less blood vassels in the sclera.
2 to 3 cm gained (from 42-47 to 44-50 depending on many factors as we all know!)
Snellen 3m 20/20 with norm
Snellen 6m 20/25 with norm

Jake is perfectly right… we “just” need to spend time outdoor and get rid of screen addiction. It’s not easy at all honestly, but the reward is astonishing.
Now I just hope not losing this gain while back to work and to “normal” life!!!


Congrats on the results!
I presume you did not spent all waking hour outside. When you were inside what did you do? Did you have any close-up (like computer, reading a book, etc.)?
I’m asking because @Varakari did a similar experiment before, but with much less stellar result, and it would be interesting to see where were the differences.


I second those questions


@halmadavid @Lajos
Here more datails…
In this experiment I mainly went for bicycle rides (3 to 5h) and trail running/hiking (up to 6h). I’ve been practicing sport since I was a child (cycling, triathlon now) and I’m used to train 5h in a row even though it’s hard of course. This time I used those hours outside to train my eyes, sport training was in second place.
I had a couple of day of rest during which I spent the whole morning, or afternoon untill sunset, with family or friends in my birth place (outside in town center and few moments in a bar or shops) and one day I used car travel (4h) to look outside the window, my wife drove.

Main protocol during experiment was to alternate normalized and no correction for many hours. I’m a fan of zero diopter reset (0DR) and I decided to use this personal interpretation of mine during this period!
No glasses for 3h (longer I get strain) then 30 mins with norm (really close to 20/20 without AF) then no glasses again if strain has gone.

I never used smartphone while “training” (except to check my position while in the woods or to take a photo with phone at arm’s lenght 80cm).
I was really strict with looking at distance and use my vision in those hours (peripheral vision, “studing” how sunlight changes during time outside, paid attention to shapes of trees and horizon while without correction… “describe the blur” as Jake says, it helps; checking and AF signals and car plates while cycling; and many other stuff…)

Never used sunglasses.

Every single day was sunny.
In these shortest days of the year sunrise was at 7.00/8.00 (depending on position cos sometimes I started training before sunrise so I could live the massive light change from night to day), sunset at 16.22 from my house. Thus still planty of hours of light to enjoy!!! :slight_smile:

Sometimes I got 20/20 without glasses (CF) and I’m still trying to understand this phenomenon. Always amazing and it gives me goosebumps!

If needed I could add some pictures to better understand the environment or light spectrum I refer to in different time of the day.

While “not training”:
99% without glasses at home.
Not a single minute of tv, tablet and pc.
A few reading time (15 mins any other day more or less)
30 mins a day smartphone use, in the evening.
5 or 6 amazing sunsets sitting on my couch and enjoying them “playing” with my eyesight following the line of the horizon.
Nutrition was super bad, Xmas binges all the time. Got drunk a couple of time. It’s not the time of the year for food restriction to me.
Spent more time as usual laughing with friends and relax without the stress I face normally in daily life.
Everyday breathing exercises, stretching, yoga and meditation.
I often played a kids card game called Double in which you have to spot and match figures as fast as you can, without glasses I pushed a lot my AF having a lot of fun. It gave me a bit of strain but super good for eyes and brain matching.

Heretic stuff!!!:
I love sunning, probably useless but I do it cos I like to feel sun rays on my face in winter time.
I added some eye muscles exercises. New to this practice and I can’t give any significant consideration or result. I just felt to try it.

Sometimes I felt strain in my eyes especially without glasses, maybe due to cold air in my eyes for hours and strain to see throught the blur. Even during the card game!
A couple of time I really forced myself to get up early (6.00) to go outside for this training, it’s not always easy even though I love to practice sport and stay into the nature.
In few occasions I felt I was missing the beauty of places cos I was without glasses but I kept staying without to force the 0DR.
I found myself nervous and tired in few moments, but I’m not sure I can relate this to my training.
I find hard to avoid using my smartphone and I needed too much willpower, I succeded but this is bad cos it means I’m pretty addicted to it and in normal life condition this addiction will rise again.

I read @Varakari experiment months ago, I don’t remember datails and his prescription. Maybe at my -2.00 the 0DR I used could have helped.

I know all this experiment may seem a sort of extreme thing or crazy somehow, but I enjoyed it and I learnt a bit more about my eyes and I get good result. As said I hope this gain is going to last when I’ll be back to daily life.

Last thought:
While running on top of a mountain with the smile on my face and enjoying a 360° view under the winter sun I said to myself:“If I could spend one whole year this way I’m definitely sure I’ll get to 20/20!!!” :blush:


3 weeks since I’m back to work and ‘normal’ life after Christmas holidays experiment.
I can definitily say that I lost most of the gains I had. Less cm (at least 2cm) and worse acuity than during my experiment. I’m struggling a lot with double vision now. Pretty demoralizing.
During the weekends I try to replicate those habits (5h in a row sport outside/low screen time) and it seems to gain a bit of clarity.
On Jan 5th I felt almost about to reduce to -1.75, now I doubt to be back at -2.25!
Still consistent and confident on this process but it’s harder when you realize that you lost gains.

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I can relate to the experience you had but in even less time. I had a full week of sun and less stress where I had the chance to just look with and without glasses. I love to see how much I can make out with my own eyes and compare to what I see with glasses on. There was so much clarity just missing detail. I came home yesterday and went back out to the store and I lost it felt like .25 of my vision was out the door. I didnt really experience that the whole week and was confused to why it happened.
My only conclusion is stress, not the kind that you feel but the day to day tasks to focus on. The familiar setting that causes you to forgot all the habits that you so easily were doing when that’s the only thing you have to so. Because I was able to stop and look at things and really try to get the relaxed feeling I had and clear things up But I had to consciously do it.
I dont know if this is your situation but maybe related. One thing I have always done through this process is be aware of the stars. I know that my reduction is really working when the stars clear up on a consistent basis. I cant clear up anything without my lenses but it is hard to mistake seeing the stars.


@Mickypenna hi I’m at -.75 down from -2. I had real quick gains during the summer, and right now I’m taking it slow, because my eyes need me to.

I just wanted to pipe in and possibly give some encouraging words. You said in your last post you possibly went back up to -2.25. I want you to know that while I have sat in my -.75’s for the last 4 months. My eyes have roller coastered like CRAZY, sometimes measuring at 77cm, other times measuring at 107cm, but at the beginning of the 4th month to about now the measurements have stabilized and are holding. I’m still waiting for a little bit, because I’m going to deal with some astigmatism, and I’m still waiting for one eye to catch up. but, I kind of think this is part of the process, and that it is possible you may have to be more patient for lasting change now. Low diopters are different because there is a lot more double vision which can throw off your measurements, and clearing it isn’t done with active focus, but with staring.

But keep your -2’s and give it a few months continuing with the good habits. Your eyes will stabilize, and then it would be a good time to reduce. Good luck. And from here on out,expect a tiny but more of up and downs. Stick with it though. You’ll get there.


Consideration about lack of improvement in last 4 months and what I’m doing to get rid of DV and to get AF in a gentle and smooth way.
(Warning… I talk about Bates too!!! :smile::sweat_smile:)


Thank you for this video. I really like the fact that you are not reluctant to choose from several methods those strategies that suit you best. I agree fully on mindfulness - mine has gone out the window with my concentration on learning about this pandemic - and on breathing practices.
I will start using some of the ‘Bates’ exercises again as well. They have done me no harm in the past.

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