What a nice challenge!

I’m at -1.50 both eyes.(started at -3.00)
As many of you guys know I’m not 100% Endmyopian, but I share progress, ups and downs with all of you.
Lately I’m more and more sure about the greatest advice I get from Jake (AF apart of course).
The 0 diopter reset technique.
I’ve always been a great fan of this concept, which I apply daily, not only when reducing normalized. This is my personal interpretation of it which is giving me good result and I enjoy so much.


Is that moustache real? Impressive, and it makes a change from beards.

It’s good to hear you are still improving.

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Yes mustache is real!!! Despite my grey hair my mustache is total black!!! I know it’s a wierd old fashion thing but it’s for a good reason :wink:
Please check this if courious… https://movember.com/

My improvement is not that fast but pretty steady and I’m really happy with this.
Hope you’re fine Hannie.


Looked at your link - a good cause indeed. :smile:

I am doing fine, recovered from my fall and will be weightlifting again soon. I have not yet encountered the virus, in spite of its rapid spread in France. I am doing all I can to keep my immune system virus-ready. My lifestyle also puts me in touch with very few people indeed.

Eyes-wise, I am also improving slowly, after rapid initial gains, but as I can function fully without glasses, I can let things take their natural course. Thanks for asking. :heart:


I’m so sorry to hear about that, happy you recovered.
Be safe and enjoy the time alone, if possible! I find that this new period of semi lockdown we are living in Lombardia is a good opportunity to focus on things that I usually don’t have time to do.
Thanks for your nice messages.

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I had a visit to my ophthalmologist today.
It was more of a chat than a visit, asking him a lot of info and opinions about my process of reversing myopia.
I’m really glad to share with him my ideas and get answers about doubts.
He was supportive and he said that things I’ve been doing since 2 years are coherent with a process of myopia reduction.
In this video I try to synthesize our 30 mins chat.
Even if my myopia is still at the same point of 1 year ago (-1.75), unfortunately, he gave me motivation and medical evidences that what I’m doing makes sense and it could lead to a better vision.
In the description of the video you find the mail I sent him asking for a visit in order to talk about my process… could be an idea to copy and send to your ophthalmologist!
I hope you enjoy it!


Hey Micky good to hear about your journey. This under -2 seems to be a bit of a stumble for a lot of us recently. Look forward to the video I will watch later.


The more open-minded doctors probably discover early in their careers that most patients don’t want want to learn how things work or learn how to make any lifestyle changes in order to see better, so the doctors probably get cynical fast.

Telling people to go easy on their smart phones probably isn’t going to be well received most of the time.

It sounds like you found a good doctor!


I totally agree with your thoughts.
Some doctor probably wish to help people, especially kids, to stop or even prevent myopia, but they should fight against people mentality and lack of willpower.
My doctor strictly don’t allow his kids to play with smartphone (you should have seen his face saying this!:blush:) but I think that I’m probably the only one he told about this thing.
Unfortunately not all ophthalmologists are that open minded (I visited 2 eye doctors previously without finding support) but when we find the good one it’s great for motivation and support.

He was honest, he told me that I can reverse myopia with a lot of consistency and effort, but he can’t tell me where I can get with my process, whether I can get to 20/20 or just a little bit better than my actual correction.
We’ll see…


Lately I thought a lot about things really important for improvement.
Thus I decided to make this video.
A lot of you here are super experienced and very well informed, I wish to have your opinion about the best things for myopia revertion.
Ok ok… Active Focus I know!!! (Which is the first thing for me as well)… and then!!! :relaxed:


Ok, so you did ask…
I think it is risky business to use plus lenses as much as you mentioned, also I am not convinced it eliminates convergence concerns as much as implied either. I think if eye exercises make you happy to do them then do them but I don’t think they are necessary for improvement, I am not sure they help at all to be honest… So overall, enjoyed your take on things, but tend to disagree on all but the first point.
That squared as far as what I think is most important to vision improvement; I have not shifted from my position stated in this video: The Pillars of EndMyopia - YouTube

  1. Habits: good close up habits, proper breaks and good balance with distance vision, distance is your friend.
  2. Light: often missed the natural light is 100% make or break in vision improvement IMO
  3. Stimulus/ AF: If you are not clearing blur consistently you are not improving, and using your full visual range is essential, peripherals as well as full range of accommodation.
  4. Patience and Community: keep on keepin on, the community is a great way to stay encouraged, help keep perspective and help keep your eyes on the prize of that next reduction.

Yes sure, I always like opinions.
I do not agree with some of your statement but info exchange is always great.
I understand your point about plus lenses and honestly it is strange to me that this great method of Endmyopia do not spend a bit more time to evaluate plus in low myopia.
I understand concerns about wrong use of plus and telling to uninformed people to use plus could be a mess, but plus lens is such a scientific based way that could be incorporated in Endmyopia.
Through plus I practice AF, AF remains for me the main tool, but in low myopia AF while close up is impossible while naked eyes.
We spend too muh time close up in our life and plus reduce this accomodative stress. It makes a great sense to me.
Writing this message with plus is fine and I can even AF, without I need to unconfortably stretch my arms and barely see text due to font size of my phone.
This could be just a brief example why I think plus lens is good to improve, in low myopia of course.

As per my ophthalmologist and what I read, plus lens reduce (not eliminate) convergence.

Converning exercises, I feel I need them.
Anyone is different and develope myopia in slightly different ways (accomodation stress remains the main cause, as Jake perfectly says in all his videos!).
Eye muscles must be retrained, for me at least!

I reported these 3 things in the video because they always give me better eye sight and now I need to be even more consistent to slowly continue to improve.

Thanks for your thoughts, really appreciated.


We don’t have to agree on everything here that is a beautiful fact of the community.


I’m a huge fan of plus lenses too, especially with added base-in prism to eliminate convergence as well as accommodation.

Eye exercises for muscles strength, fusion, stretching

I think it’s good to do some accommodation too, I like accommodation drills. You want to get fast at accommodation for when you need it, and improve your accommodation range, but you don’t want to be accommodating all the time. Vision therapy exercises. Brock string, stereograms, tranaglyphs. Maybe these things aren’t required for myopia reversal, but if you have any binocular vision issues, they’re hugely helpful.

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But it does. @jakey experience is clear with plus lenses: they can be useful, but they cause problems when overused. There are several blogposts about them:

(check the first result for the most useful informations: Plus Lens Therapy: READ THIS BEFORE TRYING - Endmyopia® - Improve Eyesight Naturally )


I think community is a double edged sword. I mean what you write is true. But the dark side of engaging with the community is that you are always reminded that you should deal with Endmyopia and you should improve. The more you engage, the less chance that you are able to do what @jakey writes here:

And then … weeks and months and long periods of being on other things. But the reductions are in front of my eyes, the challenge isn’t really optional. I’m not focused on it though so I don’t really have a chance to get frustrated or second guess myself too much.

You are also bombarded with improvement reports, people having success and so on. Which can be motivating, but can be demotivating too, especially when you are not improving for whatever reason.

I’m 100% sure that there are people who does better with community engagement. But I’m also sure that there are some who would do better without it.

Edit: And also community is great at spreading misunderstandings. Like how we have the rough guide, which in some sense was my idea initially (though it manifested differently in style and volume than how I imagined it). But ultimately it leaded to that people think that the 20/20/20 rule is a part and a need of the Endmyopia method. Is the rough guide great? Of course. Is community effort a double-edged sword? It is.


You have solid points, there is no thing that is all good for sure. But I do love the community, the sense of the fact that we have this one thing that unites us even though we come from all different backgrounds. Most of us don’t have people in our daily lives that can relate to this journey, but the community is full of them. Additionally I don’t think everyone can improve by just going the long periods of time without giving it much thought, I know it works for some especially those who are into activities with high visual requirements, but others would just become habituated to the blur and go no where. There is a middle ground for success between push hard and don’t push at all that most people fall into I think.
I agree there is a double edge to it at times, in addition to your points it can be exhausting to try to help the new members each and every day. But over all I think the community is a huge tool in the process.


I know, but it seems a bit controvertial part of the method. Jake seems to be a bit “scared” to raccomend plus lenses. I understand his reasons anyway, especially when this kind of advice is given to newbies. Plus lenses require a lot of understanding of phisiology and to be pretty careful when using them.

About community I totally agree with you @halmadavid and @Reannon. A place where you can share your ideas and experiences is priceless.
I got huge inspiration from stories and thoughts in this community. I never say thank you enough.
My story is a sort of contribute to all the people trying to reduce myopia. I share here my ideas even if I’m not 100% Endmyopian!!!

Exactly @nycmao
Plus is great to reduce the huge amount of time we spend up close.
I get a better and more reactive distant vision after plus lenses use.
I train and check my accomodation skills as well and my near vision is perfect so far.


2 years update.
Some thought about visus and the quality of eye sight, not only related to visual acuity.

Briefly, I went from -3.00 to -1.75 in two years.
In the last year I didn’t gain any diopter but I gained much more eye sight ‘skills’ and awareness of vision behaviour.

During the day with -1.25 I have a 20/20 vision, in dim light I need -1.75.

I’m very happy about my journey and I keep on this process with enthusiasm.


Good to hear of your improvements in eyesight and quality of life.