What are good active focus habits outside?

When walking outside I’m unsure what is the best habits.

Is it better to spend time looking at long distance objects such as the sky/moon or nearer objects that have higher contrast such as car number licenses?

Would it better to hold active focus for longer periods (30 seconds or more) or quickly change gaze to new object and then use active focus again?


If feasible, hold it as long as possible. You want that clarity to be the aim and if you provide it longer, your eyes and visual cortex will know in a stronger sense what to go for. It’s also true for pushing focus (print pushing), try to hold it as long as you reasonably can.


Try to active focus on signs as you come to it. Another tip is active focusing on cars passing you by.

Thank you for sharing this.
Do you perhaps know some other Best practices for AF?
Thank you.

Have a look at this post: