What are you doing for your eyes TODAY?

I dunno–thought this might be fun. What are you doing TODAY to help your eyes? Unfollowing people on Instagram? Bow-hunting? Changing a burnt-out lightbulb? Just trying to be in the moment!

As for me, instead of driving one minute down the road to the post office, I took a nice thirty minute stroll. It was good for my eyeballs AND lifted my spirits!

Also, I took some measurements. Jake’s newest YouTube video inspired me. Yeah, I’m not that into taking measurements…but I want to make progress and get to my next glasses asap!


One thing for me is always taking the long way to anywhere.

That’s either skipping the bus or getting off a couple stations early, or looking for coffee shops across town. On top of whatever outdoor hobby or habit, that over time really adds up.

In Hong Kong now, often eating at the same cheap chain restaurant. Instead of going to the one right next to my hotel, I go to the one way way way on the other end of town. Almost an hour 45 minutes of extra outdoor times every day, just to go eat. :smiley:

Also that seems a very guru-esque eye rule, seeing it written down. “Always take the long way.”


Weather not killing you in HK? I’m in Miami now (not the real one, but the sea city near Tarragona). It’s 7 in the morning and can’t sleep, I wasn’t born for such temperature and humidity. Today more beach and sun. The good point this year is no more contacts under the water glasses (sorry my english), but much time also without glasses where i can’t barely distinguish my children at the beach. Thanks this is no crowded beach and i see better under the water. Yesterday in shop i found water glasses ready for myopia. I took pic, i’ll try to show here. What an useless thing when with myopia you see better underwater than people with good eyesight!


Woah, I didn’t know such goggles existed! Crazy!

Well, yesterday I went to the river.

And TODAY, I started using a journal which is specifically for my vision journey. Before, I would just jot measurements down wherever.


Those nice clouds are asking for active focusing :wink:

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Sorry!! It’s not my photo, haha. Well, I’ve been accompanying my mom here, where lots of people walk, run, and bike. The road is shaped like an oval, so on the long sides (not the corners) the roads are very long and all of the horizon lines converge at a point (maybe not too visible in this picture). That’s certainly a very long distance, much more than what I can see on the balcony at home (buildings blocking the way). Also, too often the sky is waaay too bright and looking up at the clouds hurts. I need places like this, otherwise I’d be way over 1000 lux in this little country near the equator


Now that I’m on the EM bandwagon my habits have drastically changed,

  • I’ve intentionally done a lot more walking instead of taking public transit and I go for at least a 30 min walk every morning with AF. Instead of looking at my phone on my breaks I go outside for walks.

  • I’m taking computer breaks a lot more often as well. 10-15 min breaks every 30-40 minutes or so and looking outside at the details.

  • I’ve been wearing glasses instead of contacts 90% of the time.

  • I don’t read as often as I used to and when I do I take a lot of eye breaks.

I’ve become so much more aware of my eyesight and changed my habits to get back to 20/20.


vision therapy exercises for convergence insufficiency. EM led me to an optometrist who gave me a full scale functional visual evaluation and sent me to a vision therapy center to take care of the convergence insufficiency. I’ll prolly continue with various eye exercises on top of wearing reduced lenses and going outside more.


Today I deleted a mindless game from my phone and parked my car, took a waterbus and walked to my destination.


Playground with my toddlers. And when we’re stuck inside for a couple hours we hang out at the windows spotting birds and planes (two of my 1 year olds first words!) :heart_eyes:

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Absolutely agree with your way, the long way if not in a hurry:) I quit my habit of ordering takeouts during the weekend 3 weeks ago, instead, I started a new habit build of walking around a huge lake for 1 hr to get to a place where there are many restaurants and take another hour to go back to my apartment or just stay outside for the whole afternoon, and walk out for dinner again for a nightly distance vision experience. it feels good and my eyesight has been improving quickly than usual (0.75D in only 1.5 months in right and 0.5 D in left)

For me, taking the long way also means taking small roads I’ve never taken before. Could be a shortcut, more often than not it’s a longer way, mayhap with interesting discoveries along it (shops, parks or just quiet spots)

Today I’m stuck inside because of the rain, so I’m simply sitting far enough from the computer screen, using less my phone and looking away from time to time. Hopefully I’ll get a walk out of this day!

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Which city are you in China? I traveled from Nanchang to Nanjing today, both places are raining.

Let us avoid personal discussions in public sections, DM me and I’ll be glad to talk :wink: