'What Can You See’ Game with contacts

It’s much easier for me to do all of these activities with contact lenses. Also, it is much easier to order normalized contact lenses - add -.75 glasses when I drive, and add +1.5 reading glasses for differentials. That way, the only thing that changes for me are the contact lenses - easy to order without a prescription too.

That said - the occasional 20 minute what can you see game outside is impossible with contact lenses. Anyone have a suggestion???

I’m not sure if you mean doing the first 20 minutes of the morning without glasses? or the breaks in close up time while working / studying?

If it is the morning it is meant to be completely without corrections, i.e. before you put your contacts in. If that is far too much blur and you cannot even move around the bedroom-bathroom-kitchen triangle or have your breakfast like that then I’d suggest trying with your driving glasses of -0.75D. (I would avoid doing it in differentials as that already involves contact lenses in your case and the point would be to go natural as much as possible for 20 minutes)

If it is the breaks during work / study, don’t worry too much about it, the most important is that you change focal planes. You can try looking outside with differentials (contact + reading glasses) or just the contacts and look at a real distance, e.g. if you are in an office building with several floors, look outside to the opposite building, down to the people and vehicles, etc. So preferably at minimum 20 to 50 metres.
I typically do it from the balcony while sipping my coffee.

If it is another game, you’ll have to give a bit more details to remind me…