What do you think about the advice to read books for 4 hours with Active Focus to improve eyesight?


I am doing long walk of several hours to improve my eye sight and it is really working well. However, I remember seeing this talk 1 year ago or so which is on youtube which is about myopia reversal.

Myopia: A Modern Yet Reversible Disease — Todd Becker, M.S. (AHS14)

From the 18m00 timestamp and following, ( https://youtu.be/x5Efg42-Qn0?t=1080 ) Mister Becker puts a big emphasis on “Print Pushing”, which is using active focus on books (or computer) when you are in the “edge of blur” distance. He’s saying that it will improve your myopia and that you should read books 2-4 hours a day like that to improve.

What do you think of this method? To be honest, I am a little bit hesitant to read books because I spent long hours on a stroll outside to improve my eyesight and it works but if I introduce 4 hours of book reading, it’s closeup work and so even if you do active focus, I fear that it won’t work as well than just outside walking or that it will slow my progress because of closeup.

What are your thoughts? I try to think about it but I seem to have contradicting information. Because he doesn’t say that you could do that to prevent myopia progression but that it’s actually his main Technic (print pushing) to reverse myopia, while Jake Steiner’s advice mainly is going outside and use active focus to clear up the blur outside at the distance.

Thank you.


I do something similar. I work at a computer all day long, so 6 hours or more of “print pushing” using my PC’s screen, and glasses chosen to put the edge of blur at my view distance.

I can move my head back and forth to adjust for the blur horizon of the day (depending on how my eyes are doing), and when I have to be too far back, it’s time for a PC glasses reduction (always a good day when that happens!)

If your myopia is in the right range (about -5 to -2.5 or so), print pushing naked-eye with phones works well too, I am really good ad holding my phone at just the right distance for blur challenge. The reason for the diopter range is that higher than 5 diopters myopia, the phone has to be too close for (my) comfort (too cross-eyed). Below 2.5 diopters the phone is beyond 40m out from your eyes, which can be uncomfortable to use. But I have done hundreds of phone hours like this to help give me more time to push the blur boundaries with active focus. Works with books too.

Use whatever tools available to give yourself more active focus, IMO.


Its not preferred.
Print pushing is inferior to going outside and actually using your distance vision.


Convergence and accommodation are the “enemies” that you’re fighting when you want to improve myopia. The further away you can get your screen or your book from your face, the less convergence and accommodation you have to do. So I’d look at it like “harm reduction”.

For people who abuse drugs like heroin or alcohol, harm reduction tries to teach them to do those things (that they would be better off not doing at all) in safer ways. The alcoholic drunk driver can practice not driving his car after 7 drinks and learn to drive his car after only 3 drinks. The heroin addict can practice using safer injection techniques and clean needles and letting people know where he is so that he doesn’t overdose. The idea is to make the activity safer in the sense of being “less horrible”. It’s still not “good for them”, it’s just less awful. The two-pack-a-day smoker can learn how to smoke one pack a day.

If you have to spend time using screens (unavoidable for many people), print pushing is a much safer way to do that, and it should cause less eyestrain. But it’s still not “good for your eyes” anymore than smoking half a pack of cigarettes is good for your lungs. Print pushing is much better than looking at stuff a few inches from your face. Just like I wouldn’t recommend a non-smoker to start smoking half a pack a day (but that would be a huge improvement for someone who smokes two packs a day!), I don’t think you should go out of your way to add 4 hours a day of reading time to improve your eyesight.

If you have to use a screen or read a book or you’re addicted and can’t quit, its the right way to do it.

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You make me consider my life as an avid reader parallel to alcoholism or drug addiction for the first time, but I do see your point! :slight_smile:

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While I agree, I have to say if there’s no text or at least sharp edges in distance vision then it is more difficult to spot the blur and clear it. When looking at trees and clouds uncorrected I don’t see a lot of difference in details compared to wearing e.g. -0.75D. Some subtle details are a bit sharper, but no longer discovering any details that I could not see or identify without glasses already.

@TheReload I support the idea of reading to really sharpen the lines around texts. And I prefer reading a physical book to reading subtitles on the TV. Simply because the eyes take more in from the peripheral vision and also - even if you don’t notice - the eyes move more when reading a printed page compared to staring at screens.
But if you have a lot of screen time (i.e. a job with a screen) and can go outdoors and get distance vision time after work, then choose distance vision time, and just use the screen during work for sharpening texts.

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All you did was mention “harm reduction,” and The New York Times jumps in:

Helping Drug Users Survive, Not Abstain: ‘Harm Reduction’ Gains Federal Support


Hello everyone.

So I’ve read a little bit, a few hours, on nice paper/ink book and paper (No screens, no artificial lights !!!) and I’ve found this print pushing on nice printed books to be VERY helpful to increase significantly and immediately vision acuity after the exercice.

Indeed, I do seem to have a lot less Astigmatism after reading several hours on nice printed books (no artificial lights or screens, I don’t think it works, might even contribute to Astigmatism in my humble uneducated guess). Of course, I do hold the book far away were I can still have blur challenge for “classic” active focus for myopia-blur but when you do Active Focus, you see than the Astigmastism get’s less strong and your eyes and brain knows what it supposed to read because of the repetitve nature of ink letters on papers.

Please, do try this at home, not on screens, because artificial most likely contributes to Astigmatism in my speculative opinion and that if you do read a nice paper book with nice printed words in a well lit room, while doing AF, you would see a nice gain of clarity because your brain would have a nice “predictable reference-text” to reduce Astigmatism with the AF stimulus.

So try it and let me know if it helped you with your Astigmatism ! (Of course, you ought to go outside as well and do long distance but you can do both print pushing on paper books and going outside looking a mountains!)