What endmyopia think about eye drops

I knew it’s against endmyopia but I want the knew . Thier is homophthic medicine called cineria Martina eye drop without non alcoholic.

As we are mostly outside so dest effect our eyes. Use for contract, and vision improvement.
I want to knew what endmyopia think about it?


Here are my thoughts: avoid homeopathy - it’s pseudoscience.


This appears to be medicine for cataracts. Probably a good idea as a rule to avoid putting anything in your eye you aren’t sure should be there. Personally I only use medication when it is indicated to the point of unavoidable.
As to vision improvement the EM method has that covered, no exercises, vitamins or eye drops required.


I’d say the only exception may be to use some generally available non medical eye drops for dry eye if the dry eyes are so bad and if that relieves them.

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I don’t know anything about the particular medicine in the eye drops you’re talking about. I occasionally use zaditor (ketotifen). I love cats but I’m allergic to some of them, and once in a while it’s very helpful (I use it about 5 days out of the year). If you’re forced to take medication that dries your eyes out for some other health problem then eye drops might be useful or warranted. You don’t want to be running around with excessively dry eyes.

We think you need to ask what’s in it and what that’s supposed to do and why you think it’s effective. Because just “hey these eyedrops say they improve eyesight, what do you think” doesn’t give anybody any basis to form an opinion.

Asking us to basically figure that out for you is the “against endmyopia” bit, not eyedrops per se. :grimacing:

I’m with this, though generally not making that statement since I don’t want to force people to pick sides, just because they’re working on their eyesight. (unless it comes to homeopathy and reversing myopia - because that’s bunk either way)

Did someone say eye drops? lol

I think you mean “cineraria maritima”. There is some science that shows a benefit for cataracts or at least potential prevention of cataracts by using cineraria maritima drops. Here is one from my bookmarks https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3867162/ Search Google Scholar for more results.

The other bookmark I have is to buy them on Amazon. I have not tried them or any other cineraria maritima drop myself. https://www.amazon.com/Cineraria-Maritima-Drops-Homoeopathic-Medicine/dp/B00L173PBM/

I don’t buy into homeopathy either and they do in the Amazon listing call them homeopathic, but I guess every eye drop would qualify as that depending on your definition. They are almost all a small amount of an active ingredient and mostly water.

I have seen occasionally seen products that work advertised as “homeopathic” in the USA to skirt regulation. It would be illegal here to sell an unapproved medicine that treats hypertension, but it is legal to sell a “nutritional supplement” backed by numerous studies showing it lowers high blood-pressure (but not to treat any disease).

Homeopathic medicines in the US follow the same rules as supplements so they don’t have to go through FDA approval like drugs or medical devices.

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