What extra correction do you wear when night driving? 🚘

Hi all!

I rarely drive a car at night, but I had this experience the other dark rainy night…
I figured that -0,25 on top of my normalized is not enought when driving in the rainy dark. :wink:
So I’m wondering if -0,5 on top of normalized is enough, or if I should go for -0,75 on top of it.

I guess the answer will be different for everyone, as people might prefer different blur horizons at normalized, and I will just try, but still wonder what you wear on top?
Do you make a difference between day, cloudy, dark, dark and rainy?
I can drive with normalized only when the sun is shining.

So, please share! :slight_smile:

  • -0,25 is enogh for me at all times
  • -0,5 is my chioice for dark raniy nights in unknown areas
  • -0,75 is my chioice for dark raniy nights in unknown areas
  • -1,0 is my chioice for dark raniy nights in unknown areas
  • -1,25 is what I need in dark raniy nights in unknown areas
  • I need even more!

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I’ve found I need an extra -0.75 personally. All my higher corrections are my former normalised with gap 1.25, so I might need to buy some new more equalised glasses at higher levels soon.

But then again, I don’t go anywhere at night unless I’m driving home from work! :joy:

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I have equalised with my new pair (0.25 difference) of glasses and dropped 0.5 diopters (newbie mistake - won’t do that again) so I can’t wear my old ones at all without feeling. So on wet dark nights, I make my husband drive :grin:


I am currently using an extra -0.50 at night. I’m almost always driving in familiar areas, but those areas are often dark country roads with deer regularly wandering [or dashing] into the path of my car.

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I use my full prescription in night that is -4 and in a sunny day I use -3.75
In night I have to come back home like 8pm so the traffic plays with me the headlights of the car punches my eyes

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Thanks for your replies! Looking forward to more :slight_smile: (greedy kitteh… :cat: )

Yeees, exactly, these were the moments that made me think!

Yeees, that was the first part of my drive! Add unfamiliar, and you’re up for fun! :sunny:

:rofl: Beware, he might get used to driving… :wink:

I really wonder if needing an extra 0,75 is a sign of too low normalized - not hinting at you, just questoning myself. But then, I’m progressing…
Will get -0,5 and let you know onve I’ve tried them!


I need 0.50 on top of my -1 normalized.
I hate driving at night. It has always be a struggle even when i was with my full prescription before EM


I wear my old optician prescription, which is .25 and .5 above.

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I ordered -0,5, hope they arrive before my holiday trip and will see how that goes!

Usually, the -0,25 is a great help already, especially when I’m close to my next reduction, so I’ll keep those. I also now that 0,5 will help. And should I find that still not be enough, I’ll get -0,75.

Good thing is, I’m all set for low low myopia! :+1: already! :rofl:


Sooo, I received my -0,5 before my Holidays.
And in a long tunnel, I could very well compare -0,25 (which sucked! :smiley: ) and -0,5 (waaay better!).

I noticesd:
Wearing -0,5 as a passenger ist mostly nice. Some days, I cannot tolerate -0,5 at all. On dark mornings (my vision being worse in the morning,), even -0,5 was ok. But other days, -0,5 just hurt while driving.

The worst is driving in the dark in unknown areas - with lights shining back at me from the side mirrors. I might even need -0,75 then, but -0,5 ist already sooo much better than -0,25! :slight_smile:

At night I think I’d only wear my full correction. By day you can get away with less I know but I haven’t really tried it yet (new here)

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at night I’d wear -4 a little bit stronger than minimum required by law and I find that I can drive comfortably with that I can read all the signs.

otherwise it’s -2.65 normalized though sometimes I do closeup with no correction

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I use my full prescription, which is -4 for driving at night. However, if I’m at the passenger seat, I’m fine with my current normalized which is -3.25

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