What if Sniper Stare?

I just learned this word from recent posts and there is not much on this as it is on the Backto20/20 Guide. The process of sniper stare is to deeply stare at something without blinking till it clears up. Has anyone done this and gotten improvements?

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I do/did it often but I don’t know if it caused the improvement or something else did, because the effect is not immediate.

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Thank you for the reply! I can probably say the same thing, that i do this because this is what I believed AF was.

How about if this caused stagnation or negative effects on your eye improvement?

Unlikely. I’ve been doing it regularly starting last spring and that’s when my improvements started being reliable.
In fact it is one of few things that seems to clear up even my astigmatic blur, which is why I consider it intuitively a good enough stimulus.

I do experience a slight drop in vision acuity in the days right after I do it a bit too much, to be completely honest. But then I also experience good days right after days of heavy screen use. It might be something linked to the phenomenon described here: An Unintuitive Theory + Experiment: Negative Short-Term Response?


That’s a relief!! This is actually my distant AF practice as going and walking outside is not easily done here. My now AF practice is doing the sniper snare at Snellen chart and my vision seems to improve while also changes largely throughout the day.

I notice that texts get clearer when doing the sniper snare. If I glance at random things, my eyes would get a large drop in acuity. My vision varies from line 4 when I feel my eyes are tired, to line 7 when I sniper stare. At rare times I can reach to line 8 (20/20) doing the sniper snare. I practice distant AF with a 3mSnellen chart at 4m distance. Although almost late of August, I could only reach 20/40, the large fluctuations in my vision makes me doubtful of the improvement.

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