What is your Endmyopia Budget?

Strange topic, but a curious one.

Have any of you pondered on the matter of your expenditure on your journey through Endmyopia?

Of course, this would vary in a plethora of degrees based on how expensive glasses are in your city, the degree of myopia and/or astigmatism you have, and how many mistakes you have made.

Luckily, I’ve been going to this cheap eyeglasses shop in which I am basically a dictator, lol. I can literally buy only the lenses and simply plop it into my old frames. That means I can basically stick to one frame for my ENTIRE journey of normalisations and likewise for my differentials.

I’m currently planning to buy six lenses ahead because I’ll be leaving for another country for university :flushed: And I’m afraid I would be shunned by the totalitarianism of the optometry industry and halt these gainzz. So that’s why I felt the need to calculate a few things.

I’ll convert everything to USD so that you may compare it to your expenses.

For context, my starting point was
OD: -3.00-1.00
OS: -2.75-1.00

As of now, I’ve spent money on

1 eye hospital check-up = $47
4 normalised pairs of lenses = $36
my differentials (frame + lens) = $32
1 mistake (a pair of lenses) = $10 (price increased :sleepy:)

If no more mistakes are to be made, there are

7 more normalised lenses to go to -1.00 in both eyes = 7 x $10 = $70
3 more differentials to compensate for my eyes getting better (yay) = 3 x $10 = $30

That means I’ll be spending about $225 for my entire journey of Endmyopia (if my frames don’t break and my eyes don’t suddenly explode).

I’m curious to see how this fares to your expenses!


I bought all the glasses I’ll ever need in advance online. You can see my starting point in my profile.

So, I bought 2 pairs of glasses before I really understood diopters for €15 each + €10 shipping costs, so €40 total. These glasses turned out to be too weak though at the time.

So, after I learned about diopters, distance to blur, etc., I ordered 3 more pairs for €15 each + €10 shipping = €55 total) to fill in the gaps.

A while later I ordered the rest of the glasses I’ll need for my journey because I found a nice sale at a different site, and at that point I was absolutely convinced that this is going to work. Those cost me about €15 a pair with free shipping… yay! :grin: So that’s €60 for 4 pairs.

So, in total I’ve spent €155. Not bad for 9 pairs of glasses! :grin: Admittedly, I’ve always bought the cheapest frames that were on sale at the time since I’ll only be using them for a short time anyway. But the lenses are good with anti-reflective and anti-scratch coating. So I’m quite happy with them.

In 1-3 months my first pair of differentials will become my 5th pair of normalized. And currently there’s just one pair of glasses (the weakest I’ve got, -0.50) that I haven’t used yet. But my wife is using those occasionally at the moment… :wink:


Like you, I ordered some of my glasses before I understood that I needed to reduce further than I at first thought. (I had trouble believing what my centimeter measurements told me: that I was massively over-prescribed.) So I have bought eleven pairs of glasses since November 2020, and if I follow Jake’s preference for not wearing lenses below -1.00, I have all I’ll ever need, as you say. But I already have three pairs at -1.00, since I like to try out various shapes and sizes.

All the glasses in that long series are cheapies, and one of the best investments I’ve ever made!



Oh yeah D:

I’ve circumvented the UK optometry dictatorship by buying online so far. Worst case I start importing glasses overseas, if I needed any more.

Done the same, like three times. I think I got 51 pairs of glasses in total. About £350 in total I’ve spent appoximately.

BUT BUT BUT. Let’s say it’s about £22 a month for contact lenses. I’ve been here since May 2019, and stopped wearing contacts the day I found out about EM. Starting from June 2019… 26 months? 26 * 20 = £520

And I would have probably seriously considered/gotten laser eye surgery by now too, so £2,250 let’s say

EM’s saving me money and I’m not gonna have to put in pain numbing eye drops in my eyes for the rest of my life.


:astonished: :exploding_head:

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Yeah, similar for me. I broke my first differentials, started with a given frame, then realized I like another frame better, then realized cr-39 lenses are better, then realized clear frames are better, and for the last I’ve realized I should not (yet) use equalized glasses.
I’ve not ordered everything all the time, but currently I’ve ordered 28 pair of glasses for $508.95 including shipping cost.
Btw. how was you able to spend only £350 for that amount of glasses? :smiley: I always ordered the cheapest frame, and almost always the cheapest lenses (no extra coating, maybe I’ve tried something extra once). Of course maybe you have less shipping cost, that’s $10 for me per order (usually I order 2 glasses at once).


Wow! I haven’t gone that far. I’ve only really got my second normalized but have already spent $212.85 on glasses, including 5 pairs that I could have done without. It has been a learning experience though.

EDIT: I forgot about tools. As it appears looking back at my short time, I could have done without even the test lens kit, but I would not have known that if I had not bought it. But I like tools. Total has been $404 with an expected additional $100 by the end.

Purchases done & planned
Glasses purchase history $212.85
Differentials with too much cylinder $35.85
Normalized with too much cyl, too little sphere + 2 clip-ons for glare & sun $45.75
One pair with lenses I could swap into diffs & norms $35.85
Normalized #1 that I actually wore $19.85
Differentials that were a bad choice $19.85
Normalized #2 $35.85
Normalized #2 that are comfortable in public $19.85
Tools 191
Test lens kit $137
Silk eye patch for glasses $10
Eye patch for use without glasses $7
Digital clock for astigmatism practice $17
Aluminum yard stick for measuring cm $20
Future purchases ~$100 more
Future cylinder reduction to -0.25 $20
Future cylinder reduction to -0.00 if possible.Haven’t decided if I’ll add -0.25 to sphere $20
Future sphere reduction left eye to -1.50 or -1.25 $20
Future sphere reduction left eye to -1.25 or -1.00 $20
Future sphere reduction to left eye to -1.00 $20
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I mean I might be out a bit, shipping cost, bought some pricier glasses here and there, but roughly sounds right. Maybe £400?

I’ve always worn contacts only.
This means my planned running cost was set to be around $14 / month until the end of time for contacts. Plus the liquid.
So for me it turned into a saving game :blush:

I didn’t purchased contacts in bulk in advance so no leftover.
I haven’t purchased any contacts for a year now.

I purchased 2 cheap pairs of reading glasses (+0.5 and +1.0) that I never used.
I also purchased 3 cheap pairs of distance glasses (1x -0.75D and 2x -0.5D with different PDs) that I never use.

Total saving: (final age - current age) * 12 * ( $14 + liquid )


In the $200 range myself. I also preordered all my reductions to save on shipping but only after dealing with correction complexity (once I got rid of the cylinder). If I had to deal with equalizing I would also have gotten equalized before ordering the rest of the set.
I had been in the habit of ordering a few pair of Zenni every year to every other year, so I don’t know that I saved any more or spent any more than I otherwise would have averaged over the journey. But long run when I no longer need correction I know I will be up for sure.

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Hmm I think I spent more than you guys

Let’s see,

  • I started off with a test lens kit for around €180
  • Then at the start I preferred using my own frames so was paying like on average €70 to get (fast) reglazing done. did that like 8 times so 8x70 = €560
  • spent about $120 at zenni, so I guess that’s around €100
  • after getting new floaters after starting EM and had some white thing travelling across my vision, got scared and spent €120 on an OCT scan
  • I won’t count contact lenses that I would have brought anyway, only difference is reduced prescription

so yeah I come to around €960 = $1130 , damn


Oh, yeah, I forgot about the test lens kit, and eye patch, and lens cover for patching.

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envy you guys without cyl. It makes ordering ahead almost impossible as you don’t know how you will cope with reducing cyl so you don’t know if you should reduce sph with x cyl or with y cyl some n glasses down the line


Yeah, that’s why I went against Jake’s advice and got rid of my cylinder correction right at the start and also equalized. Because I also like to spend time without any glasses, I figured all those different focal planes can only be confusing to the brain, so the faster I could get rid of the more unnatural things (cylinder and unequal correction) the better it would be. I didn’t miss the cylinder correction at all in my differentials and after doing a bit of math I realized I could get rid of the cylinder and equalize in one step for my first pair of normalized. So that’s what I did. After putting on these normalized for the first time, admittedly it felt very weird and I thought “oh my… what have I done?” But after about ½ hour of wearing them, my brain had already adjusted. It’s just amazing how fast that can happen! So I just stuck with them and since then it has just been simple 0.25 spherical reductions for me. Very easy and predictable without any complicating factors.
Of course people with higher cylinder corrections and/or a larger diopter gap can’t do it that way. So I guess I was lucky.


yeah but how high was your cylinder?

at -2.5 D in one eye -2.25 D cyl in the other, I cannot simply get rid of it. reduced to -2 for close-up. any less felt too weird after several days even

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Sure, with such a high cylinder correction that’s not an option. :frowning: I only had a cylinder of -1.00 in one eye. Like I said: I was lucky.

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Oh yes I do remember you telling me you have a gigantic bag full of glasses never to be used. XD

Holy moly! That is super pricey! Are you planning to consider going budget mode for your upcoming normalisations and differentials? I read a bit of your profile and it seems like you have quite a beast prescription to deal with!

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I wonder if anybody else has this experience that keeps happening to me: I note that I’m not wearing glasses and assume that I’m wearing my contacts (which have not touched my eyes since last November). This happens especially when I’m about to go to bed and think that I need to take them out.

In other news, when taking off a t-shirt, I automatically reach to take off my glasses. (That complicated trick of raising the shirt with one hand, taking of the glasses with the other, then shifting the glasses to the other hand and removing the shirt.) No more!

I too have had that “what have I done” sensation on the first day of new normalized. It’s all forgotten by the second day.

By the way, today I have gone swimming in the sea, gone shopping, prepared lunch for the first guests to my table since the shutdown, watched an episode of “Better Call Saul”—and still have not put on my glasses at 17:56. I’ll put them on if I need them, but so far I’m commando and haven’t much thought about it.

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@DirkVA That’s so cool! :+1:t2: I too go without my glasses when I’m just hanging around the house, preparing dinner, etc… The difference is, I know I’m not wearing them! For watching TV I definitely still need them. How strong are your current normalized? I guess you must be in your last diopter?