What is your Endmyopia Budget?

Ouch! Yes that would be a whole lot of complex to sort… silver lining with a 2 to 1 ration you can try cashing some in for spherical and see if you can get some of it shaved that way. Some people even get away with swapping as much as .75 cylinder for .25 added spherical…

Fortunately you were in a good position to work that out so well, not everyone is so fortunate, however tend to agree the sooner the noise from the complexity is kicked the better… Though Jake encourages caution with good reason too… beautiful thing is one can always back pedal if needed.

Such a practical means of storage :joy: Gets me every time!

Wondering the same… It is really most cost effective to just order complete glasses online. It may not be your favorite frames but at least there is no remorse moving on either… Also if one needs to backpedal it is much easier to pull out the previous correction than to have to reassemble it…


I know that feeling very well.
I used to wear contacts and took them out immediately when arrived back home. An hour later I rushed back to the bathroom thinking I still had them in because everything was just too sharp indoors after the good distance vision time.
Now I don’t wear contacts outdoors either but after arriving home I still start the move to take contacts out right after washing my hands.


About 500 Euro for 17 “vision improvement glasses”,
2x first glasses mistakes (red)
2x other glasses mistakes
6x experimental glasses (blue)
5x for successful vision improvement (green)
2x will be helpful as 20/20 glasses (pink)

I made the mistake of finding out quite late, that the cheapest glasses
incl. shipping and AR-coating are under 20 Euro on selectspecs

Before that I thought charlie-temple has the cheapest glasses.

+some contact lenses for very rare use
+2 test lens kits
+3 expensive “life” glasses and frames (each 270 Euro, definitely worth it)
+backto2020 program

I regret nothing.
I would have paid 10000 Euro to get my natural vision back.
Jake is an angel for me.

If you crush your car, it is all about health, not money.
But of course, I will continue hating eye doctors and lens sellers,
who still screw up vision of children. I mean NOW they can be considered guilty.



High myope here.
The last time I bought glasses from the opto (cannot wear contacts - allergic to anything I put in my eyes) I spent $550 for one pair of glasses (partially covered by insurance( and one pair of lenses (I had a frame for those - nothing covered by insurance). :scream: :shushing_face: That has been the case every 1-2 years, only more expensive each year.

Now I am spending around $20 to $25 per pair, Cylinder out of equations, I buy them in increments of .25 once a year, or whenever Zenni has 25% off sale - usually on black Friday. Works pretty well for my pocket.


Yeah it’s pricier than you’d think as they force you to get high refractive index lenses above - 4D. 1.5index lenses would only be like 17 euros

For differentials which are a bit thinner plus only worn at the desk I’ll go the cheap route sure. For normalised I’ll have to see

-1.00, but I’m still early on in that diopter.

Welp, both of my frames got destroyed so that’s another 2 x $25 = $50 spent.

Luckily, the eyeglasses shop had the exact same model for my differentials so I didn’t have to buy another pair of lenses. And very luckily, my father had foreseen this since my old normalised frames have cracked before, so he begged me to have my future normalised lenses be cut into the brand new frames, lest my old normalised break. Well, it did. So I had to buy a new pair of lenses which is another $10.

So I guess that’ll be $285 :’)

But hey, that’s still nothing compared to LASIK or any silly myopia control lenses or Ortho-K or whatever fancy medical term to try absolutely in vain to stop this mysterious genetic eye disease.


This is what I’m doing. I was lucky enough to be in China where I bought all my lenses in bulk. China they are dirt cheap about $3 USD per lens. I think in total I’ll spend well under $500 USD coming down from a -10


I’m one of the lucky ones with almost equally strong eyes and negligible cylinder to begin with, which I dropped immediately. On the way from -3.0 to -1.75 I’ve spent $33.75 on two pairs at Zenni and $27 on four pairs from AliExpress, for a total of $60, including a couple of pairs in advance. I probably need another two pairs to get me back to 20/20, so I’m expecting to do the whole thing for less than $100.


I am getting $6.95 Zenni glasses with the $4.95 anti-reflective coating. Now that I’ve gotten my first pair of close-ups (differentials), I’ll be buying my glasses two at a time to save on shipping. So it will be $23.80 + $4.95 shipping and about $2.50 California tax. In short, $31.21 for two pairs of glasses. So if I make 4 sets of orders per year, that’s about $125/year before any discounts, assuming full steam ahead at 8 glasses per year. I got 10% off the glasses this time, for a discount of $2.38, and I think I can probably schedule around promotions, which could save me like $10+/year.

My partner is trying to get blanks and have them cut because we found a sweet pair of frames for him in a free pile, but since that ironically costs more, they may be milestone glasses that he gets to wear once in a while for a few months at a special diopter measurement. Once my partner gets into the swing of things, maybe we can get 4 pairs of glasses at a time (one differential and one normalized per person) and save a few more dollars on shipping.

Wasted 62.54 on 3 glasses that I ended up not using because the PD was off. and did not feel good about the .25 cyl correction

I started at -3.75, I did buy a pair of -3.75 that I didn’t really use. Skipped -3.5 and -3.25.
Had 5 separate shipping orders in total.
That totals to $203.08

With the 62.54 I wasted earlier + 60 I spent to get my eye exam for my initial prescription.
$325.62 + $60 if I plan to get another eye exam when I’m 20/20