🤔 What New Courses & Guides Would You Like To See?

The site restructuring continues!

Looking to add more value. Mini courses, specialized courses, things hiding away in some of the 1,000+ posts on the site now, all boiled down into just must-have video sessions and guides.

What would those be, both for you and what you’d say would be useful for newbies? Want to make a list so we can sort out a a bit of a schedule to make these happen. Just think about, what is a thing you struggle with that you’d love to just be able to click a button and get a specific guide explaining all the ins and outs of?

This can be stuff like, astigmatism specific course. Low myopia. High myopia. Child myopia (for the larger categories).

It can be things as small as a ‘how to measure’ guide, including the printable measuring tapes (heyyy, I also actually had to pay to have those designed go figure), eye charts, some videos how to do it and why to do it, how to keep a log, how to gauge improvements. That’s an always repeating question, and even if it was five bucks, I’d probably be more inclined to make it people-friendly as far as a starter guide.

What else? I’m sure there’s dozens of topics. In Matt’s video for example (not yet released, here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pm1lhoJI4sU) I explain how to use very low plus to help stimulate focal plane change to get past the last diopter. Something I can’t remember having explained anywhere previous, but as with so many things, stuff we’ve done plenty of over the years. Bearing in mind that the site is just a collection of notes, and only one effort on my part to make a structured guide (BackTo20/20 is in place so far). There’s plenty more to talk about, from dealing kids to all this specific types of questions and cases.

Would love your input on what you’d like to see on that front.

Vaguely related, this post - https://community.endmyopia.org/t/le-podcast-your-input-please/9255 - yet another example reason why we need to monetize endmyopia a bit. Yikes every time I turn around, it’s another bill! :smiley:


Things I struggle with:

  1. CM measurement: maybe I just overthinking it, but somehow I can never get consistent results. Like I measure one eye, then the other, then measure the first again and there is a 2-3 cm difference? And many times I’m totally sure my vision is better, but the cm measurements does not reflect it.
  2. When to reduce. Is it soon, or do I just hinder my improvements by not reducing sooner?

I’m not struggling with, but I think would be useful:

  1. Implementing habits: it’s not neccessarily directly and Endmyopia topic, but a lot of things here need habits. Like use AF all the time, not using as much close-up, don’t lean forward in close-up, AF in close-up, etc. There are a lot of good guides on this topic from other sources, but maybe and Endmyopian version would be good.
  2. How to find AF: it’s still the most problematic part of the Endmyopia journey. Though I’m not sure much more can be told here than the already available material.

Somewhat related, but perhaps optimizing the search option on the general website? If it’d be possible to filter out progress reports, it’ll be much easier for people to find that valuable content that is hidden on your greatest EM treasure trove, the blog.

Just thinking aloud on this one, a EM lifestyle guide? We might summarize how some successful kittens go about their day and what they do during a typical day. That could be an inspiration for others starting or struggling to mimic?


+1. A lifestyle guide would be awesome, especially in the usual practical Endmyopia style. So not things like “never look close-up and have 16 hours of bright sunlight every day”, but what is feasable (like the at least 3 hours distance vision per day, regular breaks, etc.).


I think it would be good to have a section about what to expect when you start reducing ciliary and how your eyes may respond. I recall many people in the forum asking questions about the sensations they had. I myself had my own up and down concerns. Such as feeling my 1 eye get tight when trying to do close up things. Having sensitivity to the sun, and losing eyesight clarity when driving.
It would not be possible to include every issue but I feel that the beginners should get a few basic possible issues to be aware of. There seems to be a lot of anxiety in the forum about this.


A guide for the point when ciliarry has released. It’s when I began to reduce too fast. It’s connected of course to “when to reduce” and David’s measruing cm question. That measuring guide would be usefull. So far, it sais: go measure your cm! Only later do you realize, how you’ve fooled yourself… :joy:
Some sort of " how to not fool yourself" guide.
I also like the lifestyle guide! A typical day in a kitteh’s life - meow :cat:

Then there’s those little practical things:

  • prescriptions explained (sph, cyl, prism, +, -…)
  • driving with EM
  • what can I do right now - the start now guide
  • make sceens more eye-friendly
  • how to reduce you smartphone use (and not become too much of a weirdo)
  • trouble shooting
  • how to find a nice opto
  • how to deal with stubborn family
  • I’m a teen but I really want to do this - please help! (just an idea, maybe there is a way, just give any advice that won’t bring you in legal trouble :wink: but it would be cool to support the young ones as well)
  • myopia science summed up (a summary of the studies you refer to, maybe links, summe up what you learned from it)
  • so what’s this biology anyways? (a guide to explain what we now about the eye. I’m vaguely interested but too lazey to dive into it, so I’d buy it)
  • EM for pros ( so you’ve improved those first 1- diopters, and now want to now more - maybe different guides for different pro topics)
  • EM with contact lenses
  • EM after lasik
  • EM with eye issues ( EM & presbyopia, EM & macula degeneration… EM & whatever there is)
  • EM in the office



Technical recap for newbies (people still start from norms for some reason)

What to do when your situation differs from the main guideline (like a radical diopter difference)

High myopia/equalizing at an earlier stage due to cyl removal? Is it better to add asymmetry. Is it another reason why progress slows down after the first diopter?

EM during dark days. Can you reduce or is it time for a break?

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Presbyopia and myopia… how do they interact; how to check you aren’t increasing prebyopia without realizing it when you are working on shorter eyeballs; at what point do you even need to think about it (full distance correction and really near tasks? or when trying to get active focus with reduced prescriptions)…what sort of cm range ‘should’ you have; not even sure what the questions are but it is at the back of my mind… (as a high myope a few years ago I was making sure I used full distance prescription to ‘force’ myself to read really close trying to ward off any signs of it… oh no!!!..now it just isn’t even an issue with reduced prescriptions… but are changes still happening? should I do anything?)… so maybe a topic for others too.

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And maybe a guide (or database?) indexed by the different diopter ranges of myopia (very low, low, high, etc.) that summarises the experiences and issues of people (perhaps who volunteer to be in the guide?) at different levels of the condition. Such a guide would not be diopter specific advice ,or telling people what to do, it would just be summarising what people had tried and what worked or didn’t; newcomers can look at the cases, where people started from and what they did etc…A bit like the ‘gains and updates’ but organized differently.


Awesome suggestions. (great there goes all my free time for the next few months) :smiley:

@Tii_Chen I’m so glad you’re not actually my boss in an office. :stuck_out_tongue: (awesome list, love it)

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Also please can you do a guide for those with low myopia that are close to needing glasses. There is not much out there at all on how to avoid glasses if you have been prescribed with low myopia. Thanks

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I think a log book (smth like a structured dairy/planner to put your own dates) would be handy so one could remember do things at proper time and length and easily tick them off throughout the day (turning into weeks and months). E.g. week 1: Morning - awareness, cm measurements. Day - put alarms for close up breaks every 20 mins, go outside, cm measurements, snellen chart - daylight. Evening - alarms for close up breaks, cm measurements, snellen chart - aftificial light. Week 2: keep whatever needs to be kept plus additional or changed length of activities. And so on. A person then would do their best to tick off as many tasks as often as possible slowly turning them into habits. A quick look at that book would remind few things we tend to forget - posture, keep distance from the screen etc. Also would be handy to add some pockets to include tape, optician notes or some written tips or printed out new info from the blog or forum to refer to, or anything else related but not included in the log book. If that will be just downloadable version than we could add those “pockets” ourselves by putting everything into a file or similar.
I personally am a bit overwhelmed and messy with keeping everything in one place. Cm measurements at the beginning of the notebook, websites to order glasses at the back, optician prescription in a middle, notes to what not to forget in front of the first page, tape is constantly misplaced by the youngest child and I 'm rereading lessons just to make sure I haven’t missed smth :upside_down_face:. Or maybe it’s just me?:roll_eyes:.
Call it smth like My Endmyopia Diary, First Year Into Improved Vision or similar.
It will also be a great proof file of the progress to look back to, all info in one place to analyse and see what’s done well or needs to be improved, corrected or more time spent on.