What’s your biggest EM - *learning opportunity* (aka: mistake)? 👀

Hi all,

Inspired by this question here, I’d like to know what your biggest mistake in your whole end myopia but also eye improvement journey was?

One, some stories are probably a little funny :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Two, it’s good to see that others aren’t any better :wink:
Three, it’s mistakes that we learn from - maybe, just maybe, we don’t have to make all of them ourselves… :wink:

I’ll start: my biggest mistake during em was reducing too early. You know you’ve reduced too early, when you’re riding your bicycle and there’s a sudden unexpected bump… being the edge between street and bicycle lane that you just rode over… :joy: (please add yours!!)

Before em, I ran around 1 month undercorrected by -1sph -0.75 cyl. I’m happy about that today because it’s so great to see how I’m now doing much better with a lower normalized :heavy_heart_exclamation:
But… you know your waaaay too undercorrected, when you have to ask an 80 yo sitting closest to you in a cafè to read you the menu on the wall… :joy:

If you feel like it, share your story and biggest mistakes! :cat::+1::eyes:


That’s a good story. My biggest mistake was equalizing too early. Now I see 20/10 in one eye and about 20/60 in the other. My true prescription with different diopters is on its way and I can actually start the journey back to 20/20.




Biggest ever mistake: wearing near glasses (differentials) full-time (before endmyopia existed or at least before I found it). Still reversing over a decade of blur adaptation (and it’s been almost 6 months…not a quick thing to do).

Biggest current mistake: too much and improper screen time (cell phone, etc.) Working on it.


Flying down a busy road on my bike over 30 km/h without glasses before I found endmyopia. When I did and started measuring, I only saw 24cm clearly. Nothing happened, thankfully, but all it would have taken was one well-placed little rock on the road (which is how I’ve gone over previously…).


Oh wooow, I’m very impressed - I thought I was crazy with my undercorrection in city traffic, but you definitely won :+1::joy:


Whups :joy: glad the new ones are on the way!

On the bright side of this behaviour ; when you are dead you don’t need glasses anymore :wink:


Blinking instead of staring. Thats why I find active focus after a year since I learn about endmyopia. Just be strain aware and active focus appear itself while staring, and of course when you find it, you feel like you in control of your eyes. It is like nose wiggling, but with the eyes (not squinting) as Jake says.


:joy::joy::joy: Jake needs to add that option: ok so you can get out of glasses 0.75 p year. But we also have a quick option for the impatient, quicker than lasik… :joy::joy::joy::+1:

@Anatoly174 glad you found af now! :+1:


Basically I dropped over $1K (and spent a huge amount of time & effort) on 2 pairs of fancy over-prescribed RX glasses only to discover EM the next month. Useless now. But It’s a small price to pay to have my vision back to a large degree.


My biggest EM mistake? Not quitting my job. :grimacing: Well, if no bills to pay that would be an option.
So let me add another option as my biggest EM-mistake: Now that I know how that fancy business works and how people love frames, my biggest mistake is that I still haven’t opened my own optic shop :rofl:. I think I could combine the 2 answers and find a good solution for my living.

What? Still looking for the serious answer? Ok, let me try… then, my biggest mistake has been not taking into account when my eyes are crying for help, for a pause. They easily get into the SOS mode, so I need to be careful with them.


:joy::joy::joy: love it!! :heavy_heart_exclamation: that’s mine, too!
Ok, let’s open one - when and where?

Though optic shops will come to an end, you’ve got to open an online optic shop. Or do something special, like custom made frames. Maybe one real shop, so you can offer advise as well if you want, but focus on online.


I forgot one: fooling myself with my cm measurements!!! Don’t be tempted by ‘I will count that as clear…’ if it’s not!! Really only just note those centimeters that really are clear! Else, it’ll lead to too early reductions…
Opposed to what you want when fooling yourself, this will not speed up progress
, but instead slowing it down and make life suck.
So, don’t lie to yourself!! :joy::wink:


I think early on I didn’t super understand what cm measurements to go by so I just did up until I could barely recognize the characters anymore as my “edge of blur.” It led me to believe that 37cm was my true measurement when in fact that was just my brain guessing. By the way, my real measurement ended up being like OS 28.5 OD 27… I’ve found that distance to any aberration is a pretty solid measurement mainly because it forces me to deal with any double vision before moving on.

Another big one was reducing 0.50 diopters at a time, from -3.5 to -3.0. Everything was a blurry mess! And in the end I had to increase again to -3.25 for a good two weeks before lowering. I think that if I had just reduced 0.25 diopters at a time I would have a similar result with much less frustration. Also, I was lucky because there was still some overcorrection being accounted for… if I wasn’t overcorrected, I would have really messed up.

Last one was a brief period at the beginning where I thought I could “fill my active focus quota for the day” by looking at neon lights. Yes it helps with double vision somewhat, but it’s just so much more effective to go out when it’s light out.


Great thread and funny anecdotes! :joy:

My biggest error before finding EM was to read Bates and quit my, at that time, -2/-2.5 glasses cold turkey. I was living in a complete blurry world for 4 years and couldn’t reduce no more than 0.5D. Fortunately I was not high myopic, but there was still enough blur to become socially isolated. I was walking around with squinted eyes and still not recognizing my friends’ face from afar (quite embarrassing and you have to find an excuse: “Oh it’s you, sorry did not see you, I was hum…lost in my thoughts” That may not work twice!). The result was a withdrawal into myself, finding refuge in books and virtual life (gaming), not really eyesight friendly…:sweat_smile: Lesson learned, really no need to live in blur to improve successfully your eyesight. Glad I found Endmyopia!

The biggest EM mistake so far was to make a bifocal reduction too quickly after equalizing and even worse just before winter. Bad choice, as the progress seems to really slow down for a lot of people during that season. I should have waited until spring and enjoyed the great clarity I had with my previous normalized (with already equal prescription) :grin:


Hearing this makes me grateful to live in the valley of the sun.


Editing videos on my phone - hello to another diopter of blur. My Normz became less clear and had to revert to my previous pair.


I used my IPhone to measure eyesight. When I looked at the word focus it turns out that the page site can change (I used Chrome). So I can say my initial few weeks of eye measurement on the EM Calculator is unreliable :sob: . That brought me to get glasses that are too weak. After two weeks of too much blur I got a stronger pair of glasses using a Snellen Chart reading… So using my first glasses I checked how far I can read the snellen and then added that much power to the next glasses.

On the bright side, those first too weak glasses can still be used as ‘peak prescription’ and use it once a week on a good day to exercise my eye muscles a bit :innocent:

I say it’s better to accidentally get too weak glasses than too strong. A weaker pair will eventually be used someday when we reduce :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: .


I started off with no glasses for a month before endmyopia, then I ordered a couple pairs, but they were way under for norms and too high for diffs, and I was all jacked up for weeks.

I make much smaller moves now, but still “tweak” a lot more than I like.

No funny stories, though. Just discomfort with my choices 'til the next tweak arrives.