What to do next, questioning improvements

Hi guys,

Ive scoured the resources on how to reduce next and am a bit stuck. My right eye is currently running about 0.25 diopters lower than my left on my current prescription.

Should I only reduce diff and normalized on my left prescription as my next move? I’m basing this on my assessment of individual eye prescriptions but both eyes work together to give me about 20/20 vision in good light with current normalised.

Assessing individually I get 20/40 ( maybe 20/30) in the right eye and 20/30 (maybe 20/25) in the left with current prescription. Are you meant to adjust according to each eye or how you see with both eyes together?

If I only reduce theleft eye on my next move I’ll need to change both diff and normalized prescription.

Don’t know what to do, I am considering whether ive made any gains at all, i have optometrist confirmation that ive dropped a diopter since I first started ( v.high myopia) but it’s been 2 years ive been on this journey now so wonder whether that was just overcorrection now.

I may just continue with current rx till I get 20/20 vision in each individual eye as that would give me confidence that the method is actually working for me.

Any feedback appreciated:)

I do recommend this. Here in fact: More on measuring - YouTube
This might help get your eyes more even: Tag-In Method - YouTube

:cry: I am sad you are struggling so, maybe it is time to trouble shoot, inventory your habits, your outdoor time, rather you are actively clearing blur etc. If need be you could use your previous normz from time to time to reset your clarity reference. Plateaus are frustrating but hang in there this journey is worth it.And I highly recommend subscribing to student channels, you might learn something helpful and even if you don’t, it makes for a great accountability buddy and source of encouragement. Best wishes.


I’m in the same position as you.
0.25 diopter difference, Well actually less its more like 0.15.

0.25 is a “natural” amount of difference between eyes so there is not much point equalising or waiting for the eyes to be the same.

I now adjust my lenses per eye. So if my left eye is ready to reduce I just swap one lense out.

I’m a bit lucky in the fact that I’ve got the same lense size/glasses frame in about 6 pairs of glasses.
This means i can swap and change lenses as I need.

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