What We're Working On: Endmyopia Directions

Just a quick heads up on priorities and things I’m working on here, and in case you have ideas or want to partake in anything happening:

1. The Shortsighted Podcast

It’s high time we get involved migrating ourselves a bit out of the old timey format of text-only, it more personal, more direct, more audio and video and content that gives the listener / viewer / reader a lot more context and insight into who we are and what we’re talking about.

Faces and people. Not just words on a screen.

I’m doing my vaguely best to get more darling participants on our podcast. A bit haltingly since I’m always side tracked, but … shooting for a goal of one episode a week, ideally.

Big with that also, so far I only manage to barely edit and upload these things, and that’s it.

Need to make more short episode snippets, transcriptions, highlights, things for everyone who doesn’t have a whole hour but still would benefit from ideas and little nuggets. That’s both finding those and then also creating edits and formats and uploading and all that.

What I can use help with: Everything. :smiley: There are outsourcing options like https://repurposehouse.com and https://repurpose.io/ and various others, though still leaves finding highlights and a fair bit of work with templates and uploading.

Open to suggestions and help there always!

2. Other Types Of Guests

This is still The Shortsighted Podcast, for which I’d also love to chat with experts whose work connects with eyesight. Not directly myopia necessarily but topics we’d find interesting and that tie back to why good vision is … a good idea.

What I can use help with: Finding interesting guests, and of course contacting, scheduling, having chats, etc.

3. Being On Podcasts

I do have a somewhat full-time assistant who is spending half days digging for podcasts for us to get on, and doing outreach and scheduling. Just started this again so fruits of labors, pending.

What I can use help with: Podcast suggestions and help with outreach.

4. iPhone App

Down to a few bug fixes, then hopefully release.

After that, focus on next must-have features. I’m thinking content recommendations based on results, but that’s open for discussion.

What I can use help with: Hang tight. Once it’s out, feedback.

Big Picture

We have a ton of resources. We want people to 1) find them more easily, be made aware of them, and then 2) make those resources easier to use.

That’s why, app to help you measure your eyes, and then help you make sense of what that means, and how you can positively affect it.

Having that easy rabbit hole entry point (soon hopefully), we need to spend a fair bit of ongoing time in introducing new people to fellow participant stories (le podcast), but then also casting a wide net by talking to other hosts about how eyeballs are fascinating and worth a discussion.

This replacing SEO and blogs and all that, heading straight to people talking to people, vs. trying to manipulate algorithms and writing more text stuff. Interactivity, community, “face to face”.

Today for instance, spent most of the morning researching podcast transcript tools, as well as best ways to make short content bits. And talking to the iOS developer and the podcast research minion.

The most effective time spent, IMHO, building a library of participant experiences, making that library as accessible as possible (short snippets, not forcing people to consume an hour of content), finding guests whose expertise connects well to our topic, and then also us being on more outlets where audiences will be interested in eyesight.

And of course I’m always scattered and never enough hours in the day. :smiley:


If there’s any podcasts you want to be on, we can also round up a few EM supporters and have us contact the podcast to see if that helps.

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Most people like a simple how-to instructions when they are getting into something. So, people would like diopter advices. There may be legal issues in giving a diopter advice, but one way to get around it is to provide a model. Like say 5 models:
a) last diopter (upto -1.00)
b) low myopia (-1.00 to -3.00)
c) moderate myopia (-3.00 to -6.00)
d) high myopia (-6.00 to -9.00)
e) very high myopia (more than -9.00)

(And separate category for children & adults. And similar categories for astigmatism).

Since Jake has already done podcasts with people in these various categories, they can be used as role model for others (newcomers) to follow in diopter preferences (if they want to) when they are just getting into endmyopia.

Having an easy place to start makes it much more accessible to many people. And easier to share it with others.


Discord server icon in website navbar for a library of live participant experiences for those who ask it? :smiley:

Or next to this button

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Yea saw your comment in the Tubes. Definitely going to do that!

Take the quiz on the main site, get taken to your ‘category’ - improvement reports from those diopters, mainly.

Not entirely elegant yet but part of the ongoing plot.