Where are our Italian friends

Not to exclude any other country here but I noticed I did not see any of our Italian friends. Also I hear things on topics around the world and I was wondering what is happening there. If anyone is perhaps lurking around in the background I would love to here how it is going in Italy. And how you are doing!
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Ciao Jenn.
I’m fine :wink:
Just seldom visiting the web, trying to remember lifestyle when I way young, without any technology :smile::smile:
Italy was great until September then slowly we felt into restriction and yesterday 4 regions are in lockdown again (not as strict as the March lockdown)
I had vision improvement during previous lockdown thus I hope to get more now.
Using -1.25 (normalized, with 0.50 undercorrection compared to my actual prescription) and AF & CF are easier with 0.50 gap, I experiwnced this lately.
Hope you and all guys in the community are fine.
Huge hugs from Italy, the most beautiful Country in the world! :smiley::smiley::sunglasses::laughing::wink:


Hi! Glad to hear from you… life with less technology is a great plan. But so many of the people I knew from Italy on here seemed to disappear at the same time I was wondering what was happening. Hope you can enjoy some of the good life.

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I learned today of the trouble in Italy and wondered if someone can explain what is happening? @Mickypenna
I prefer hearing news from people in the country

I’ll try to be impartial and moderate, this political crisis is the most absurd in all Italian political history!!!
For several reasons Matteo Renzi got out of actual government thus the prime minister (Giuseppe Conte) can’t continue in this situation to govern the Country.
Without entering any details (recovery fund, mes, political discrepancies…) about the reasons of this split between Conte and Renzi now we have different ways to face this problem in the next days.
Prime minister will meet Mattarella (the Italian President) and after this meeting Mattarella could give birth to a new Conte’s government, with different parties (the third in a row!!!); a new ‘technical’ government; no government and thus election is required… and others subtle solutions but mainly these are the options.

No need to say that in this pandemic situation Italy don’t need a government crisis to face!!!
This is the irresponsability of our politicians and people which rule this Country, but any population has got the politicians it deserves!!! :frowning:
We live a strange historical period anyway and Capitol Hill events are a bad example of the world general situation. I thing we’ll find a, more or less, good solution to these world’s issues but it’ll take time and now social and economical problems are rising drastically and dangerously.
I hope you guy in US and all over the world are fine. Kisses for Italy. Ciao.

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With everything that’s going on in the US I had no idea Italy was facing another government crisis, though I can’t say I’m surprised. Is it somehow fundamentally different to all the previous times?

No!!! :joy::joy::joy:
It’s always the same old story, except for the fact that we try to fight a world pandemic!
That’s why I consider this crisis really a shame and it’s going to destabilize even more this Country.

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I’ve been considering living in various European countries, even places like Montenegro or Bulgaria, but Italy was just never an option. I’ve heard too many horror stories from people living in Italy about the incompetence of government, let alone potential troubles with the Mafia. Such a shame, because it’s a beautiful country in so many ways. I hope they’ll figure something out for the benefit of the people.

Thank you for sharing. So many things are upside down. All I know is governments make many things for people to endure.

Interesting. And what are you basing your decision on?
As you know, the further east you go, the more corruption there is, but there is a big jump when you cross the old iron curtain :wink:

having said that, if you are a normal person with a stable income you can probably live happily in any eastern european country, they are mostly very safe compared to e.g. big american cities

haha Hungary, which I can speak of with some knowledge is the opposite - corrupt politicians are very resistant to getting removed from their posts. They have very thick skins - get caught stealing public funds? No problem, just refer to your predecessor doing it or the potential opposition party having people who already did it - no one is better than you, therefore you can stay in your post :stuck_out_tongue:

this makes the governments very stable - see Orban has already been in power for 10 years :smiley:

Honestly, I considered Montenegro and Bulgaria for low cost of living and low tax whilst setting up an online business. Not that I am generally against taxes, but in places like France it does feel like taxes of various kinds will cripple you left right and center before you even get off the ground.

Probably won’t go to Eastern Europe though, because it is quite scary and uncertain to go to a country where I don’t know the language and the (unwritten) rules. Also, moving for mainly financial reasons feels soulless, and I think I can figure it out in the country I’m living in.

That sounds a bit exaggerated! :sweat_smile:
Moving to Italy could be a problem with the job itself or salary/cost of life. Even though Mafia is a problem, you reported a very cliché thing. Especially related to foreigners which won’t have problem with Mafia generally.
Concerning politic issues you are definitely right.
I don’t know the reasons you are moving to a European Country but if you need some info about my Country you are welcome to ask :blush:
Living on Mediterranean seaside or a nice town on the Alps or an amazing historical city center could be a nice experience. I’m often very negative and critic about my Country but for sure it’s a beautiful place to stay for a while, it’s all about the reasons a person is moving to another place.

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:smiley: that;s like saying you won’t move to the US (any part of it) due to gang violence
as Micky says, that’s way exaggerated, every country has quite a lot of crime except for a select few but your chance of getting caught up in it in a typical european country is not really significant enough to warrant mentioning it as a reason not to move there

the above 2 quotes rather conflict with each other

if you’ve considered living in various countries I assume you’ve considered at least one where you don’t speak the language, unless you’ve only considered the UK, Ireland and Holland (where almost everyone speaks english)…

anyway, most capital cities you can just about get by with english and unwritten rules can nowadays be read about on the internet / expat forums etc. Most capital cities have an english-speaking expat community - so don’t let that stop you. But yeah of course you should only move to a place where in the longer term you can see yourself learning the language

Maybe horror stories is a bit strong. I’m generally a risk-averse person, grew up and live in a place where our doors were never locked, and nothing bad ever seemed to happen. Low crime rate (one of the select few), low corruption, solid social security system, good pensions etc. So from that viewpoint, living in Italy permanently seems a bit scary, but that a lot about my risk sensibilities as well. :slight_smile:

I agree, that’s generally the issue with pros and cons. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Montenegro and Bulgaria have a lot of positives, so does Italy, but on balance, I’ve decided they’re probably not for me right now, though I might revisit that decision if certain things change in my life.
Montenegro, Bulgaria and Italy all have more issues with corruption than any other Western European country. According to the corruption perception index they are ranked 66th, 74th and 51st respectively, all other western European countries rank above 30.


I suppose it depends on whether Greece is considered Western European - culturally I would say yes, geographically not. Their corruption perception index is at 60. Again, a beautiful country, but not one I would want to settle in with the current economical and political climate.

But then in Italy you don’t get the tax benefits that you get in the other two.

As I said, I wouldn’t want money to be my primary motivation, and if I’m not willing to put in the effort to learn the language and get into the local culture, then I don’t think it would be right to go. That’s just knowing how isolated I felt when I spent 6 months in China, despite being obsessed with the language and having a lot of expat and some local friends.

Anyway, where I’ll live is a complicated topic for me for many reasons that would completely derail this thread.

All I really wanted to say is that I’ve experienced Italy as a wonderful country, and I hope that things will improve there soon on the political level. :slight_smile:

I always thought Italy was a great country with food that is healthy and not corrupted with chemicals. A family oriented place with traditional values. Never heard of the Mafia in Italy just the ones in the US lol
I am always curious abot places I have never been. In fact a friend of mine went to Russia be ause her daughter was going to a University there and had the time of her life and felt very safe. So i dont assume I know any place.

??? wow, that is where the mafia comes from originally, that’s like saying you haven’t heard of ice in antarctica :smiley: sorry

on that front you are right (though I’ve only been a visitor there, on many occasions, but haven’t lived there, that is my impression)

to @Mickypenna and other Italians, the funniest thing I read online related to people not knowing Italy is some guy posting on tripadvisor I think it was saying “hey I have a layover in Italy en-route from the US to someplace, have 3 days time, is there anything in Italy worth seeing?”> LMAO, wow


Where is that, somewhere in Scandinavia?

Sending you a message, I’d rather not be too specific on a public forum. It’s true I do still have a profile picture of my face, because this was a rule when I joined while it was private, I might remove it soon.

Chipping in… when it comes to moving businesses for tax reasons (I don’t mean the tax avoidance for corporations, just tax considerations, e.g. for a freelancer or a small entrepreneur- assuming they are not bound by location for the services or products they sell) one also has to review how often these rules change in the given country. Every year (or even within the year?); with every government change; at reasonable intervals. And if the change is usually an update or a complete 180 turn.
These are difficult to follow in a foreign language, especially if the change is such that the locals are also struggling when trying to interpret their new rules…