Where do you buy your glasses from if you live in the UK (April 2021)?

Hi everyone,

I have just tried to order my first differential glasses from Zenni USA, but unfortunately they do not ship to the United Kingdom. I am wondering where you guys, who live in the UK, buy your glasses from without a valid prescription from the optician?

I have just recently discovered Jake and his endmyopia.org website. I am so super excited to discover that the nearsightedness can be reversed!

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I just logged on to Zenni out of curiosity and indeed they simply removed UK from the list of countries. Interesting solution to overcome the difficulty of unknown shipping conditions created by Brexit…
There are quite a lot of companies offering cheap glasses in the UK - not sure if anyone tested them though.

Check the Facebook group. There’s a entire list of suggestions that are location specific to buy glasses from.

“Zenni USA”? I thought Zenni was a thorougly Chinese company.

I signed in and indeed it asks for a country when checking out and the UK is not listed.

The site I’m currently using is firmoo. Get [upto] 50% OFF using code:V4Z8A0 at checkout with firmoo.com. Glasses shipped from China, it’s much like Zenni, with low prices.

Thank you! I will definitely try firmoo.co.uk, they seem not only offering lower prices but a nice variety of frames too.

I have just ordered the glasses from www.goggles4u.co.uk without sending a copy of the prescription, they have just emailed saying that my order has been shipped.