Where do you keep your glasses at night (how close to you)?

  • Nearby (next to the bed or in the same part of the room)
  • Far away (in a different room or across the room, or in a closet, drawer, etc.
  • In the car
  • At other people’s homes
  • I accidentally sleep with them on (or contacts in)

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There needs to be another category
Where ever I last left them (maybe the bathroom, near the dresser, or I have no idea)


I can no longer edit it!

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Mine go in the case, and into my work satchel.

Well I try to keep them in the same place At least I have some old or future pairs in the same spot so I can look for them when all other usual places fail… but lately I can see better to find them with my own eyes:crazy_face:

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Yes I do keep them in the car!

I keep them in my bag that I bring when I go outside :slightly_smiling_face: . I rarely wear them inside the house (at least not yet, maybe :sweat_smile: ).