Where to buy test lens kit offline?

where to buy test lens kit offline?
I want to buy it offline because I don’t have a credit card yet.

You can buy a visa prepaid card and use that to buy products online.

In the US, most suppliers of test kits limit them to liscenced people or people enrolled in optometry school.

I’ve read a forum post from @kem which says make sure to use a test lens kit made of glass instead of plastic. what is the problem if we use a plastic test lens kit? Is the diopter going to be inaccurate?

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I found the plastic to be much worse optical quality than glass.

I also found the plastic ones had a strange rim, and didn’t really fit any trial frame but the one it came with, which was awful in its own right.

Using those was like trying to use a Cap’n Crunch spyglass for birdwatching.

Glass from mid priced manufacturers isn’t even that great, but it’s way better than plastic.


There are many links to online stores where you can order test lens kits in this thread:

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If don’t need a full trial lens set, flippers are sometimes given to patients for vision therapy. Might be possible to get those from a specialist in vision therapy that’s sympathetic. Not saying it’s likely, but possible.

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Thanks for your explanation
so, i will buy a plastic test lens kit. but after -3D and above I get a half diopter increase. So, can I add a plus lens in front of the minus lense? for example if I want -4.25D then I add + 0.25D in front of the -4.5D lens

I also have astigmatism. So is it possible if I put the plus lens and the cyl lens in front of the minus lens?

Yes, but if you’re getting cheap plastic lenses with optical quality issues, better to stack minus over minus and have less total glass. -4 + -0.25 would be the better route.

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Ok, what optical quality problems do we get when using a plastic test lens kit? Is the diopter sharpness wrong? for example -4.25 on a plastic lens is equal to -4.0 on a glass lens?

Close enough on power, but if the optical clarity is low then visual acuity is low.