Why even …


Email admin has been out so I get to see all the brilliant emails.

The ratio of entitlement and questions easily answered by search and above quality insights … vs. worthwhile messages, not entirely confidence inspiring at all times.



I am confident this is Email Admin’s subtle way of letting us know of all the essential work they’ve been doing up until now :joy:

This reminds me of a nice facebook post I’ve once seen from a veterinarian, putting in a bit of perspective this type of abusive display of entitlement on the internet, specifically those made in the form of 1-star yelp reviews, and encouraging service providers to know their limits and take care of themselves, as the abuse has nothing to do with them and more to do with the “client’s” limited emotional intelligence.

My personal favourite part:


Imagine if they put that effort into trying to help themselves instead of using it all up demanding you do it all for them :thinking:


Don’t give them attention

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Haters will hate because they know that your method works :sunglasses:

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Hey Jake! Talking about your email admin, they gave me an appointment with you on zoom for a follow up chat but I waited in vain… I emailed again just to let them know that something must have gone wrong but no answer. So just so you know… you stood me up! No hard feeling but wtf? :joy:

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I’m sorry to admit that I’m not the best at praising when everyday I feel like praising. When the edges are clearer and the light seems brighter, I am so happy to have discovered you and your gifts to the world. Thank you every single day! Learn to ignore the critics, and remember to love on those administrators! Keep it going on! We are grateful…:slight_smile:


Sent you a PM. That’s quite strange!

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In the interest of balance, a lot more of the e-mails are positive than negative. Just perhaps our brains and focusing on the things that will come and eat us.


I double vision @jakey, you fix now!!!

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I wonder did you encourage him to engage with the community?

I think after that message, I … didn’t. :slight_smile: