Why go to an optometrist?

I see a lot of posts about people going to an optometrist and arguing with them to get a reduced prescription or whatever the scenario may be. I’m new (few months in) but I am trying to avoid going to an optometrist. Is that wrong of me? I only have my first pair of differentials, will be ready for first pair of normalized in a couple weeks probably.
My plan is to just take the numbers I have gathered from the process to date and order online. Should I go to an eye doc and argue with them to get me scrip? I’m not the biggest fan of confrontation…
I would like to go back though down the road when my eyes have significantly improved :wink: Not sure if I will though.


I’m 100% with you. I only go to get an eye test to ‘confirm’ results for other people really. I’ve never ever bothered with getting a reduced prescription from them, as I can imagine it’s an absolute joke in the UK. Why would you anyway, when it’s cheaper and easier online? :thinking:

I can imagine in certain countries it is genuinely more convenient though.


My plan (once I discovered Zenni) was to do exactly that, don’t bother with Opto. Except for the following:

  • If an eye issue comes up, and periodically (yearly?) to check the eyes to make sure the myopia reversal isn’t causing undesired side effects
  • Once I’m “there” (20/15 or so), to see their reaction :slight_smile:

For the first, I had a pseudo-blind spot appear a few weeks ago that turned out to be a cotton-wool spot. Thus the opto visit was justified (as is the one in 6 months to follow up on this). My eyes weren’t checked for prescription.

For the second, I have an opto I saw for decades before moving to my new location. Assuming he’s still doing the opto thing, I am looking forward to an appointment in a few years when I come in seeing the 20/15 line in a dark room with no aids :slight_smile: That conversation should be fun!


Myopic people are at higher risk for some diseases the opto screens for. So it can be worth going just to get your eye pressure measured and your retina inspected. If you’re doing contacts they also need to check for corneal thinning. The sphere/cylinder measurements are things you can do at home with a test kit, or approximate pretty closely with cm measurement and astigmatism wheel. You can just ask for a paper copy of the script and leave, you don’t have to argue over it.

I’m in a bit of a conundrum about my next visit, because I want to be fitted with a different brand of contacts. My (differential) contacts are -12, which puts me in the range of a few more brands, and he wasn’t happy with the fit on my left eye in the two brands available in -14. I’ll have to argue with him to get this.

I do the same as @NottNott :love_you_gesture:t3:. I go to optometrist to just make sure that I’m definitely improving.
I always order my glasses online ,my prescription my wish, but only once i had to go to a store to buy my glasses at that time I just photoshopped my original prescription :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: and changed the diopter values , printed it and got my glasses . :v:t3: CHILL!!!


Love it! This is what we’ll all have to do if they ever make 'prescriptions ’ compulsory. Might keep a copy of my scripts for photoshopping purposes.:wink: