🎥 Why I Don't Trust Optometrist Measurements

Uploaded einen new-en video for you darlings, jaaaa.
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Scary what can happen. But I totally believe this; all the crazy overprescriptions must come from somewhere after all.

I found it useful to just be assertive. While I don’t demand to be given the numbers while tested (there’s some merit in being “blind-tested”), I do ask for things like “please start your evaluation no stronger than -3.5 dpt spherical, despite my earlier prescription.” That worked fine.

They want to sell something and you are the customer. The medical shtick is to intimidate people, but they can’t actually force anyone, so it’s more of a bluff in the end.


Don’t even get me started on this topic. I’ve seen it happen to many people. It really takes a conscientious, vision-as-a-process type of optometrist to prevent it.

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The biggest problem in my opinion, is when they test in you dim light. For emmetropes, it isnt a big deal because they barerly have any blur circle, (almost zero), but as long as you have some degree of myopia, it affects your vision dramatically, Say, a person can barerly read 20/30 when the lighting is very good, its no surprise he’ll barerly hit 20/50 in a darkened room, or even less.
And then they give you -1D for night time, (20/20 night time) , which is probably 20/10 daytime. So yeah, you wear them in the day and you get axial elongation very easily

But I gotta tell you, there are good optometrists that always test in good lighting conditions, and giving you enough minus to just hit 20/20 and no more.

@espantoso I wouldn’t hold it against an optometrist to aim for 20/20 in medium lighting conditions for a full distance prescription. After all, you are supposed to drive with these, and that means they must work in some pretty harsh weather. If you can’t see 20/40 in fairly normal conditions and cause an accident, the opto might be liable for that. And actual, distant objects are further than the 6 m they test at.

When they ask you if you prefer a lens that’s actually more powerful, even though you could already read 20/16 with the one currently being tested, the sick part starts. Or if they fail to address NITM before measuring.

And of course, I hold it against every optometrist if they don’t warn me that distance glasses have not been shown safe for long near work. The lie that this has been studied, and distance glasses should thus be worn for near work, seems to have caused the majority of my myopia. So I’m quite angry about that.

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But I really believe that measuring 20/20 indoors with good lighting should be enough, you are almost guaranteed to pass the 20/40 line in a darkened room, if you pass 20/20 in good lighting

Also, a weird thing that needs to be addressed in my opinion is : passing the DMV requires having 20/40 vision in good indoor lighting, but there is no restriction to driving at night… sounds weird right? having 20/40 vision at night is pretty dam good

Anymore, they’re in cramped little offices, which means projectors bouncing the letters off a mirror and off to the other side of the room, all of which reduces the lux, and encourages an even dimmer setting on the overhead lights rheostat. :slightly_frowning_face:

I’ve noticed this, too…my license says “restrictions: corrective lenses,” or a code that is equivalent. But it doesn’t say what the correction needs to be. So…would my diffs work if I got pulled over? (I don’t get pulled over, these days). I think they would work just fine. :slight_smile:

I agree I dont blame them for the making glasses strong enough to see at night. It is needed, but think of the double racket they could come up with if they recommended 2 sets of glasses. 1 for day and 1 for night. And Yes if we were told as kids not to wear glasses when doing things close up we at least wouldn’t have progressing myopia.


I dont know if it matters when you get pulled over because they never know if you are wearing contacts. I have a cop friend I’ll ask if anyone has ever been arrested for not wearing glasses HA HA Ha


It’s probably an add-on, like not wearing your seat belt.

Yep for sure. I’ve been discovering that my measurement to blur has been consistently showing that I have been over corrected by OVER 2 Diopters. Crazy!!

But happy my vision isn’t as bad as I thought. Still highly myopic but I’m already found some relief in knowing I’m at least 2 diopitors less then corrected.

I’m still measuring, so I’ll see how it all shakes out soon.