Why I Send Out "How's It Going" E-Mails

There are these improvement updates (below) every so often where details really would be sweet.

Also note the title, that’s me sending a quick “checking in” 6 months to 1 year after the 7 day guide. 90% or more of improvement reports in e-mails are from these. If I don’t ask, we’d get very, very few updates so the checkin e-mail turns out to be quite crucial to a lot of feedback.

Please do share your improvements, perhaps consider them as ‘donation’ for all the free resources. They make a huge difference to newbies, fellow participants, and even the haters and mainstream adherents. Improvement reports are the lifeblood of endmyopia!


Great strategy, I remembered getting it from you last year. I actually thought that it was because I hadn’t logged into the 2020 program for two weeks being on holidays.

It does give people the feeling that you really care (which is true) and in return you get some well earned feedback. Smart move :+1:!


Jake does not call me anymore… No emails, no encouragements…
I feel sad, (and neglected?)

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Perhaps a progress update in the backto2020 forum? He’ll respond for sure.

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Okay, that was a joke… Apparently, not a very good one…
I hope when my 1st year comes with Endmyopia (which is beginning of June) , I would be able to provide a nice improvement…

By the way, having contact with Jake or other fellow Endmyopians is really motivating…


It just sounded (however that might be applicable in a written forum) too serious :wink:

But yeah, being in this together is really cool and inspiring!

I have actually been thinking of having something like a monthly live video stream with Q&A for BackTo20/20 members.

Especially now that most of the whirlwind of moving the program to the new platform is starting to settle down (still some bugs but getting there and at least it’s live now).

Keep an eye out for a possible announcement in the support forum there, once I come up with some kind of a testable scenario. No promises but really want to keep adding to the interactions especially for members who support endmyopia!


Great! I am really looking forward
Thanks Jake

I knew of the how’s it going mails because you quote so many on the blog, so I was looking forward to it :slight_smile:
I think it’s really nice, not only for you getting feedback, but because I’ve read a lot of introductions here that go:
‘Yeah I found EM some time ago but at first i didn’t start because … then I started again, now I’m in seriously.’
I think part of it might be these how’s it going mails, even if people donÄt start immediatley, they are reminded of the blog.
Why don’t add a how’s it going mail after 2 years as well?

Yea I probably should.