Why plus lenses are bad over contacts?

As i saw some of Jake videos many Endmyopians especially high myopes uses plus lenses over contacts to do active focus. Also i saw some of Jake videos and Jake doesn’t recommend plus lenses.
Could you please shed some light on this topic.
What is the difference between
Active focus using differentials after this we have to clear the double image.
Active focus using plus lenses after this we have also to clear the double image.

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They are completely different uses of plus lenses. The first is to create differentials when one is using contacts. The second is for people who are close to 20/20 and want to push the challenge a little further. The first case is perfectly valid, and quite a few people do this. The second is not really recommended, as it could create other problems. If you had done a bit more research on the blog and the forum, you would not have confused the two very different uses of plus lenses.

The other issue of the progression from blur to double vision to clarity is not one that I have experienced, so I cannot say anything about this. My double vision is definitely related to my astigmatism, which is a very different issue. Even with the big improvement in my right eye, I never experienced this pattern, and probably again because I still have a bit of double vision (ghosting) because of the remaining astigmatism.

It would help me understand your situation if you could confirm whether you have any double vision when you wear plus lenses over your contact lenses for screen distance. In plus lenses the quality of the lens and an incorrect pupillary distance might also cause some visual distortion. Are your plus glasses cheap ones that you can buy anywhere? It would be best to actually go to an optician and get yourself properly measured for plus lenses to wear over contacts for computer distance work.

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I tried plus lenses over contacts for active focusing. I never used to see a double image with my plano lenses. and after some days of trying plus lenses over contacts i see a double image with my plano lenses. i just want to know the reason why it is happening.

You have still not said whether the plus lenses over contacts gives you double vision or not.

I have absolutely no idea why your plano lenses are creating double vision after using plus lenses over contacts for a while. If this has not created double vision with contacts only, I see no reason why it would suddenly create double vision with your plano lenses over contacts. Maybe someone else can come up with a possible reason.
As you will have guessed, my advice is still to stop using plano lenses.

Yes they do. When i see a light source.

This might also be the result of the quality of the plus lenses.
Do your plus and plano lenses have anti-reflective coating? If not, this could cause issues when looking at light sources.

I use contacts and have plus lens as differentials for close work. I have had great success. However, I don’t try to active focus on items that are close up, I just use the differentials to prevent Ciliary Spasm and prevent eye strain. I do all my Active Focus activities at a distance.


This is probably a good way to go about it. I used + over my contacts and would active focus with them. After a few long days of work unplanned where I wore my contacts, the + lenses really did a number on my eyes and I am having to go back a bit. I definitely saw double vision at night when looking at lights, which I never had before.

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Back in 2001/2002, when I first started using what we call Differentials, I was wearing contacts a lot. I wanted to shift the relaxed-eye position to near the computer monitor to reduce eyestrain and the headaches I had suffered until I figured this trick out. So I started using plus glasses over contacts extensively.

I do not recall having any issues that couldn’t be attributed to the usual contact lens doubling and other artifacts that dry eyes and contacts gave me (part of why I gave up contacts back then).

The issue with Contacts is that the amount of moisture between them and the eye, and the fit/position of them can shift. We notice this most when we change something in our view (e.g. start using plus glasses). I know I did. But I learned quickly that it had nothing to do with the plus glasses and everything to do with my sudden awareness of what already often happened.

Now what you’re experiencing might not be this, it might be something else. Just pay attention to life when you’re not wearing the plus glasses (but are with the contacts), you might start seeing some of the same issues :slight_smile:

Could you please explain how you do active focus activities at a distance?

AF is not what most beginner’s believe it is.
AF means clearing blur 1 or 2 lines (maximum!) in the below picture.
So from 0 to 1. Or from 2 to 3 and maybe just maybe even to 4.

Newcomers are often full of enthusiasm, looking at AF as a huge challenge and try clearing from 0 to 4 and I’m afraid in 99% of the cases that won’t work…

Check this thread:

And this post:


I have a 22inch TV approx 18.5ft away from me with an Amazon TV stick plugged in and subtitles enabled. I can bring the TV closer or I can move closer if I need to. If my vision is pretty good, then I’ll watch an international show in a language I don’t understand with subtitles, otherwise in English with subtitles.

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