Wiki resources could include student videos?

I was wondering what do we think of an update to wiki that adds a category in the resources section for student videos. My thought are that it would say student videos on the home page, and when you click through; it would have links to everyone’s channels (rather than trying to keep updating with every video release). Of course these would be under my oft repeated encouragement to add to youtube statistics by liking and subscribing to increase EM visibility and ensure others can find and benefit from EM too. It would be nice to just point all the “can you all describe your vision journey and daily habits” newbies to, but also wasn’t sure how others would feel in the scope of it being an appropriate add to the wiki.


The page is linked to on the main page. Is there a different change you were suggesting?


Oh I didn’t see that! But I do now under community… Guess I’ll hafta take my own advice and dig a little before asking. :sweat_smile: I was looking in the wrong place. I guess that takes care of it then. Thanks


Would I be overstepping to add some variation my blurb to this page?

You mean editing the wiki page? Do it!



(until Elon gets his Neural Link right, we gotta stay with the times, and Internet lingo)

I did. I feel weird messing with it though… like stickin my fingers in someone else’s soup. I know it’s a group effort. but there’s this back of my mind thing that wants to make sure any changes I make have a consensus. Then again if anyone doesn’t like my edits they can always change then back. So I’ll keep practicing at not over thinking it :sweat_smile: