Will it be the right time to check my eyes?

It has been more than 45 days since i started using my differentials.

It feels that my eyes are adapted to the differentials, as i have no blurriness even when i use it for distance vision.

Whenever I wear my full prescription, a slight irritation or an uncomfortable feeling arises.

  • My centimetre measurements improved from 36 cm average to 46 cm average.
  • I checked my centimetre even under different lighting conditions, but there was very slight variation.

Should I check my eyes ? for the next reduction, or continue active focus.

Please suggest

You should be measuring your eyes regularly. It does sound like you are ready for normalized, but I do wonder if you have checked your diffs on the Snellen? It is not impossible that between ciliary release and over correction, your first pair of diffs can become your normz very quickly. At the very least it can help you better gauge what normz you need. Overall your post concerns me that you have not spent the past 45 days learning what you need to know to answer this for yourself.


My snellen results with my differentials are consistent at 20/25 for 34 days. Previously 20/30 was clear but 20/25 was blur. Now, 20/20 is blur.

Without my differentials, snellen results were that I could 20/50 clearly , but now, there is clarity in 20/40. Only that it is slightly blur.

If I understand your post correctly, it sounds like your eyes have improved and you should be ready to reduce.

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If you mean opto check: no, there’s no need for an opto check after 45 days. Self measurement should be OK.

You should not have 20/25 with the differentials on the Snellen. Those should be measurement results with your normalised glasses. If your uncorrected eyes can read 20/40 on the Snellen, you don’t need differentials in my opinion.


I would consider this correction your normalized, it seems you maybe didn’t understand differentials. As you still have blur challenge I would keep working with these for distance, then reduce when you are consistently seeing 20/20.

Agreed. Remove your correction for near work.